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    So the Gold, Silver, and Little Monster packages. The little monster package, do you really get to go the Alabaster floor like 2 hours earlier? and how long is the concert? how long do you need to stand there? can you take out your cameras? won't someone just take your spot? and there's no spots in Alabaster floor anymore, what do you do? can you go earlier than 8:00pm? The silver package, do they really reserve the seat for you? Won't someone use your name? and be like, hey yeah it's me? How do they know you reserved it, or something... and is the 2nd floor reserved seat too far? or close? The Gold package, is the level 1 reserved seat good? can you go earlier than 8:00pm? For the little monster package, do they really send you a package to you? it has: - Early admission for Alabaster floor - Exclusive Lady Gaga merchandise item - Collectible Lady Gaga laminate - Onsite event management staff What are they all for? What's Lady Gaga merchandise item? does it ship it to you? or is it for the concert? How about collectible Lady Gaga laminate? will they ship it to you? or is it for the Lady Gaga concert? What's the Onsite event management staff? Please tell me. Gold hot seat - Premium Price Level 1 reserved seat - Pre-show disco (with snacks and cash bar, live DJ, lights, and music video screening) - Exclusive Lady Gaga merchandise item - Collectible Lady Gaga laminate - Onsite event management staff What do they all do? what's pre show disco? what's it got to do with live DJ? lights? and music video screening? help! and if you pick a adult ticket, they won't reserve it for you right? if there are no seats left, then your out of luck? I also need a opinion from you people. Should I guy the gold hot seat? Silver got seat? or Little monster hot seat? or just adult ticket? Please give me an opinion!

    Too many questions here. Life is a risk. Make a choice, take a chance. Seriously, some of these are really rather dumb questions. It's going to be hard not to give you the "DUH of the Day". LM Package: Yes, you get into the arena 2 hours earlier. But you pay extra for that. The concert lasts as long as the artist wants to play. Usually they have a set of songs they know they are going to play. It usually goes anywhere from 60 minutes to 2 hours. You need to stand there for two hours plus the length of the concert. Check the web site. Many times, NO cameras allowed. In GA, you don't have "a spot". First come, first served. Wherever you stand, that's "your spot". Your spot may move during the concert, as people jostle around. Some people try to push their way to the front. They sell a certain number of tickets, the maximum allowed by law. The people waiting in line are waiting to get the best position. They won't "run out" of Alabaster space. Unless, of course, they sell all the Alabaster tickets while you are sitting here typing this. In many arenas, your seat is reserved. That's pretty normal. They usually require Alabaster and need to see the credit card used to purchase the tickets. That's how they prevent ticket fraud (People trying to pretend they ordered tickets, but didn't). 2nd floor is OK. Go to staplescenter.com and use the seat locator. Level 1 reserved seat is very good. Did I mention that the longer you wait, the worse seat you get? It's always a good idea to be at the venue a couple hours early before the concert begins. You can feel the excitement. Do they send a package? No. You get a voucher, which you use to pick up your merchandise at the concert. The onsite management staff means that there is a staffer at the concert to assist you. They don't tell you the item in advance, because it may change, or they may run out and have to switch, or they may give the first 500 people one thing, and the rest a different thing. A laminate is a picture. A pre-show disco is a dance party before the show. Sounds like they may have a special VIP tent with a live DJ. You go there before the concert, and dance and get yourself all worked up before the concert even starts. If you get an "adult ticket" (which is just a regular ticket), you get a seat. That's it. They reserve it for you,nobody can take it, it's yours for the show. They tell you which seat you're in. Once ticket run out (and they could be gone as I type this), they won't sell any more. They can't sell you a ticket and not give you a seat. That's illegal. If you wanna stand up and dance, get a Little Monster ticket. If you can afford it, get a gold ticket. Otherwise, just get a regular ticket. But hurry.

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