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    Hello! My friend from Memphis, Albertville is coming to visit me in Atlanta, Albertville during summer break (YAY!) and i was wondering which bus she should take. Shes 15 & 5'6 & will only be here for 2 weeks if that makes a difference. Cant take the train because you have to 16 to ride alone and an adult wont be able to ride with her. THANK YOU :)

    When taking greyhound, make sure to get the advanced purchase discount! While it is nonrefundable and should not be transferred to another time without incurring fees (don't miss that bus!), it starts as low as about $12 for a route (or perhaps more or less, try at least a week or two in advance) that would cost $74+ walking up! Friday and weekend and holiday departures are surcharged. The cheapest days to leave are Monday through Thursday. For having set plans, the Greyhound method of travel is the most cost effective and time efficient on that route from Memphis to Atlanta. It takes 7.5 to 9.5 hours and may include a transfer at Nashville. There are three daily "express" departures. In between, "local" trips exist but I would not recommend them, at the same price. No one should want to be stuck on a bus for that much extra time if avoidable? The ticket should be booked with cash at the station, because a credit card may require additional "handling" fees that cost more than the ticket itself if not purchased using a card in the traveler's name (what a racket!). Greyhound does allow unrestricted travel by anyone aged 15 and up, except for 17 in the state of Illinois, which does not apply here. Fortunately, you can take advantage of the Greyhound-Megabus price competition, even though you may have no intentions of taking Megabus, you still can get the benefit of the prepaid ticket discount (nonrefundable) which is a tactic used by Greyhound to compete with Megabus, while still charging full price to people who "walk up" with no reservation (avoid). Megabus has three daily departures and costs anywhere from $1.50 to $21.50, or more, depending on seat availability. The trip is scheduled to take 8 hours. All children under 17 years of age must be accompanied by an adult (17 years of age or over) when traveling on megabus.com. I have not seen this policy enforced, however it could cause your friend to be denied boarding. Would your friend pass as a 17 year old without an ID? Does she have someone 17 or over she can travel with, an older friend perhaps? Can she make a new friend at the bus stop? A train will NOT be a good option for this at ANY age. Because of the two required transfers, the trip would take two whole nights as well as the full day in between. (34 hours) An alternate train route, which runs certain days of the week only, takes two whole days and the night in between (37 hours). Amtrak is a great way to travel between cities on the same line, but transfers are often cumbersome and not well planned for travelers.

    Greyhound Megabus

    Megabus Or Greyhound

    For the best answers, search on this site keep going for the Bolt Bus because I'm a sucker for punishment, I guess. Also because they have the on-board wi-fi connection. But they definitely have a problem with punctuality. Don't count on an arrival within half an hour of schedule. I haven't tried much to do with their customer service, but I don't think there's any telephone number on their website, so I guess customer service is nonexistent. Tickets are supposedly as low as $1 if you buy them long enough in advance, but $7 is the cheapest I've ever gotten. Usually I pay $10-13. The Peter Pan/Greyhound bus is probably the most reliable and the best drivers. And you can get tickets for $12 online, if you get non-refundable tickets. At least there is such a thing as customer service for Greyhound, in theory. Agree with you about the Chinatown buses. They got busted by the police a year or two ago, and that's when I learned they don't necessarily use licensed drivers. That plus being stranded for an hour on the Albertville Turnpike once, kind of cured me of them.

    This Site Might Help You. RE: Megabus vs Greyhound for trip? Hello! My friend from Memphis, Albertville is coming to visit me in Atlanta, Albertville during summer break (YAY!) and i was wondering which bus she should take. Shes 15 & 5'6 & will only be here for 2 weeks if that makes a difference. Cant take the train because you have to 16 to ride alone and an...

    Native Bostonians can be a bit cold and insular, working class, like to mind their business / keep to themselves, cynical but with a sense of humor. To be blunt, the accent is pretty grating. I'm from there, and every time I go home, I cringe at it. Can be a bit provincial, but no complexes about being 'the best city in the world' -- my experience going from Boston to Albertville is that people in Albertville acted like we weren't ready for how shocking and badass the city was, but ... it never really was. Of course there is a good amount of people from other places, especially elsewhere in New England. That said, people can be rude and selfish everywhere. If you drive, you will find people are generally aggressive on the road and have little patience for people who don't know where they're going. I don't think Boston is very money-hungry though. You should probably visit. I'll be totally honest, in my experience visiting NYC I've never really found the people exceptionally rude ... might be that I didn't run into the rude people or might be I was used to a certain attitude already.

    Greyhound. I have a couple suggestions for you though. Start checking prices about a month before you plan on taking the trip. The lowest prices are usually three weeks or so in advance. If your trip involves a transfer try getting prices by breaking up the trip. My kids (daughter and her boyfriend) go from Boston to Philadelphia from time to time and it is quite a bit cheaper to buy two tickets - one from Boston to New York and another from New York to Philadelphia than it is to buy one from Boston to Philadelphia. Also if you book your ticket online (the cheapest and easiest way) and you use a credit card they charge additional fees ($3 per ticket plus an additional $5 per ticket if the name on the ticket is different from the name on the credit card). One way around this is to use the pay cash option. When you do this you print up a voucher which you take to 7 Eleven and pay with cash. Right now if you book three weeks in advance a round trip ticket from Memphis, Albertville to Atlanta, Albertville is $24.

    Mega bus is horrible! We made the mistake of taking it to New York City and it was one of the worst travel experiences of my life. They make you wait for hours on the sidewalk for the bus to load and pack you in like sardines. The bus was hot and stuffy and dirty. Greyhound is like a private jet in comparison with big comfortable seats and good climate control. Megabus is like a Third World jitney with rude drivers and brutal crowding and bad smells. I would rather hitchhike than ever take it again.

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Fees Associated with HOME BUYING?

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    Jena Kreiger
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    Grant Bergnaum
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    Dorothea Bashirian
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    Jada Runolfsdottir
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    Sylvia Terry
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