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    Hello everyone. This Feb. I got engaged to my boyfriend of over 2 years. I am only 23 and am in college, he is also getting back in school, he is 25. we bother work ok jobs at the local casino, i make 11 dollars and hour and he makes 15. I always had dreams of an elaborate wedding, but reality is I just can't afford a huge, extravagent one. We live in southern Oklahoma and wish to have the wedding in October of next year (2009). I was just wondering in anyone could give me some tips or pointers to have a nice wedding, but keep the budget down. I would love to hear any personal experiences you all have had. Thanks in advance for all your help! have a great night!!

    Congrats to you and your fiancee!!! YAY!!! :) Well the main thing is to do what you can yourself... invites, flowers, favors, decorations, etc... those little things can add mucho dollars when you have someone else do it! I have a budget myself of about $5000 (give/take a couple hundred bucks!) and I'm having about 125-150 guests. The biggest expense is the meal/bar bill, which is usually about half of your budget. Having a buffet might be a little cheaper than having dinner per plate, I think mine's gonna be about $10-12 per guest for dinner. As for the bar bill... I'm going to pay for soda, get a keg (or perhaps a half keg? I'm not certain yet lol) of beer and if anyone wants mixed drinks they will have to pay for them. (Some people may think it's tacky, but I am actually putting on the invites -- in small print at the bottom -- that a cash bar will be available all night, so they come prepared, cuz I know a lot of people won't bring money with them if they think *everything* is complimentary.) Mixed drinks are what really hikes up your bar bill! You can get a lot of ideas just watching those bridal shows on TV. I've also gotten a lot of ideas just reading people's questions and answers on HERE. My cake... I actually was lucky enough to come across a girl on Myspace that lives in my town that does beautiful cakes out of her home for relatively inexpensive. BUT you must watch that, only cuz a lot of reception sites require a licensed baker or to use their own on-site baker, plus there might be a cutting fee which can range from $1-5 per slice (or even more!!! Make sure you read the fine print before you commit!) :) Also don't look past going to Walmart's bakery or your local grocery store's bakery... I've seen some great cakes come out of those places too, and you would have never known it!! Or check craigslist, too... I am making my own flowers. I actually hit Hobby Lobby when they were having a 50% off sale on all of their flowers, so I got $100 worth of flowers for $50! You and your bridesmaids could have a flower making party (or a favor making party as well!) As for my favors, I'm doing a couple different things. Of course I'm having bubbles! I got plain bubble bottles at Dollar Tree for $1/dozen (CHEAP!) and I actually found a girl on ebay that prints up labels for very cheap! this is a link to the seller for my other favors, I saw a cute one on a website for sale that was called a spoonful of kisses, and it's a plastic spoon with a few hershey kisses, wrapped in tulle and on the tag it says "A spoonful of kisses from the Mr. and Mrs." with our names and wedding date. I also am having programs which I am printing myself. Also printing up myself are the invites! I didn't need paper that was real fancy so I went to Office Max and got some fall themed paper (cuz I'm having a fall wedding) and some envelopes and some postcards for the reply/save the date cards. (I'm only sending save the date cards to people that live out of the area that will have to make travel arrangements) Cuz I couldn't see spending a fortune on invites that most people keep until the wedding and throw away! Also, here are some websites that I am using to curb my costs: <---AWESOME dresses at a fraction of the cost of traditional bridal shops, excellent customer service and the dresses are JUST beautiful, and are guaranteed for satisfaction!!! They also have bridesmaid dresses as well and other accessories (veils, headbands, hair clips, gloves, guest books, etc.... you get the idea!) :) <---sign up to receive their wedding ideas book in the mail (it's free!) and there is awesome ideas in it and on the website for favors, decor, etc. I'm having a fall wedding and I'm getting leaves to scatter on the tables from here (those are under the fall section rather than the wedding section though) everything is relatively cheap and if you order over a certain dollar amt you get free shipping. This is also a good site for relatively inexpensive bridal party gifts, as well! This is awesome for inexpensive tulle and they have such a wide variety of colors. My wedding colors are apricot and sage and they actually have my colors in tulle, which is great cuz I need tulle for one of my favors and for my centerpieces. another great one for confetti (hence the name lol) and other decor. very reasonable prices! yeah... awesome wedding stuff for not too much! I love going to Michael's! (Hobby Lobby and Dollar Tree are my friends too!) :) There ya go, that should get you started!!! :) Good luck!!!

    My husband and I got married about a month ago. We just graduated from high school so our budget was very very low. Of course, as a young girl you always dream of a huge elaborate wedding... but it isnt always realistic or worth it. We had a budget of.... probably still under $5000 including everything. We did everything ourselves. I bought flowers wholesale and made all the bouquets, centerpieces... everything involving flowers. We had a desserts only reception. We had a cheesecake bar that we bought at a wholesale company, a couple of small chocolate fountains with fruit, marshmallows, graham crackers and other things like that. Then, we made a small candy buffet with little paper bags which was a HUGE hit! We had a punch bar with all different flavors which tasted great and looked cool with the different colors. Then, we had a large cake. That alone cut down on a lot. Then, for music we had the ipod with big speakers. It went perfect! WAY better then some cheesy dj who cracks lame jokes. We got to pick all the music and it was great. Honestly, it was awesome and we got SO many compliments. It was really classy and we did creative things that were nice but not expensive. And in the end Im happy. I dont want to go into debt on a wedding that lasts one day... to me, it wouldn't be worth it. Good Luck and God Bless!!!

    I got married eight years ago just outside Chicago and the whole wedding was under $6000. We had a total head count of 72 including the bridal party, and I was very happy with how everything went. The biggest money saver was the fact we got married on a Thursday. It was a significant date for us, and kept the costs way down. We got a reception venue that's booked at least a year in advance on weekends without a problem and for about a quarter of the cost, flowers were cheaper, photographer and food were about the same. I actually got my dress from a tux store that had some bridal gowns as well, had it altered by their seamstress who did a wonderful job, and the entire thing cost $321-the dress was by Demetrios as well. I would say decide how much of your budget you want to go toward certain things and keep an open mind, then shop around. I had budgeted $500 for flowers, but wasn't dead set on having one certain type of flower for my bouquet or the bridesmaids. Most florists and other vendors will be more than willing to work with you, and once you find out what one will be able to do for your budget amount you can comparison shop. They want your business, so will be willing to work with you on this. And watch out for certain costs, like transporting the flowers from the church to the reception site-I'll bet you have family or friends who would be happy to do this for you, so don't pay someone $50-100 to do it.

    Start now-- sign up at a free wedding planning website there are many to choose from--I also downloaded this great excel document. second start recruiting people between both of your friends and families you should all know someone. We used colors that matched with the decorations at the church. the minister was my father in law. the videographer was a church member who did it as a wedding gift the photographer was a colleague of my mother in law who did it at a discounted price. we used decorations that the ladies of the church and the church had from other weddings of their children and things--such as universal things--white tulle, white lights, round mirrors, hurricane lamps, pillars, arches. We used tables and chairs from the church--we had our reception at the church to save money--no alcohol--have a cake and punch reception. I got my dress off the rack and contacted a local alterer and saved a lot. Our rehearsal dinner was catered by a woman from the church we just paid for the food. My aunt did my flowers we just used silk flowers some of the arrangements that were used as decorations were already there. My cake came from walmart and it was affordable. My sister and 2 of my friends (they are professionals) did all of the hair and make up for the bridal party and the mothers. Birdseed bags are a cheap favor--just use tulle, birdseed and ribbon. If you want you can put them in an empty birdbath and then take that home for your home. I order things online because it was cheaper--I found some good deals on ebay but you can also make things like flower baskets, ring pillow etc... If you have any other questions let me know by email. Definitely try to budget so you can take a honeymoon-attempt to do the wedding when you are on break from school and don't plan it so you are doing finals, invitations, and a lot of other school or wedding things in the same week. You need to enlist the help of everyone you know and hand out jobs. Maybe have an occasional meeting with everyone to go over things--it might help if you do it all at once if possible so you are not meeting with people every day. I've been there--just married 6/21/08 and am a college student.

    Congrats first of all. I wish you and your fiance all the best. That is great that both of you are in school and are pursuing your dreams. Education is important. I know what it is like to be on a budget. I too went back to school and will be graduating next year and could not afford an extravagant wedding plus afford a house. The first thing I would suggest is to make a wedding guest list. Have your fiance or his mom make a list of who she wants to invite as well. After you make your lists look and see if you have anyone on your list who has talents. Maybe Uncle Bob is a dj or just loves to burn music(this would save money), look into the local colleges maybe they have a photography and culinary arts departments see if they have any students who would be willing to take pictures and cater. This would give them experience and would help them build their portfolio. This would also help you cut expenses. Also, use silk flowers instead of real flowers. I ordered flowers at www.save-on-crafts.com. As for the cake I had a sheet cake that I had ordered from Sam's Club. My wedding consisted of 20 people and I had the ceremony in Smith Park. My husband took me up to his hometown one weekend and took me to the park where we had several family reunions. He and I stood at the gazebo and fantasized about our wedding being held there and decided that it is a great place to get married. We got married almost a year ago and it was the best day of my life.

    1 thing is to limit your guest list! To me, I'd rather have a fabulous wedding with 25 people, than a huge 200 person wedding filled with people I barely know. Secondly, skip the favors...if you have the $$ to spend on extras like that, great, if not, don't worry. No one will miss a cheesy plastic swan with stale mints. Instead of a country club/wedding hall type place, look around for restauraunts with private dining rooms and give guests a limited menu. Lots of restauraunts will do this. If you plan on dancing, skip the DJ or band and get someone to set up a playlist on an IPOD-THOUSANDS can be saved just in this department, Flowers: Artificial flowers are NOT cheaper than real per stem, plus they are usually ugly as sin. Pick one flower (be it roses, gerbera daisies, whatever) and buy them in bulk. This saves you lots at the florist, since it limits the complicated arranging time for the florist. I've been to several wedding where the bride chose a single flower and color and it looked so dramatic and expensive. Don't skimp on the food and drink...this is what people are going to remember. While I was planning my own wedding I heard loads of bad food/cash bar stories from guests at other weddings. Everyone remembers the weddings that served cheap or bad quality food, or that they found out it was a cash bar when they got to the wedding and had 5 bucks in their pockets. In my opinion either have just wine/beer or a champagne toast Alexander City keep it a dry reception. Never make your guests pay for drinks. If you are computer savy, you can make your own invitations. If yoru not, leave that part to the pros. My friend tried to make her own and wasted so much b/c she couldn't figure out how to line things up correctly. In the end she spent 200 on mistakes and ended up going to a pro anyway. Oh, and check the size of the envelopes. The post office can help you with the guidelines as far as how big an envelope can be before it goes up in price. Mine were over a dollar each to mail, multiply that by 250..and well..that was pretty expensive. My biggest tip: DO NOT go into debt for one day!

    Congrats on your engagement. October is a beautiful month to get married. You could always have a long engagement to save some money. You should rent out a hall and have your reception catered. I mean like an Elk's Lodge or VFW. They usually have halls you can rent out. It doesn't matter what kind of wedding you have. What matters is your love for each other. Don't spend a lot on your gown. You will only wear it once. Get something simple. Don't get a limo. Don't go crazy with the flowers. Have a family member or friend take pictures and do a video. It is really easy to cut corners.

    First off... CONGRATS!! Also, my hubby and I are in the same position but everything seems to be working out (B.2.B. **03-21-09**) here's a few things we did **Reception hall: we our doing ours at a V.F.W. It may not be the fanciest or prettiest, but with the help from my bridal party and decorating it will be beautiful. The cost for the hall: $300.00!! Or since it's in October, have it outdoors and just rent tents for like the backyard. **Invitations/Wedding favors: I will be making my own invitations and for the favors go to OrientalTrading.com. They are so cheap! If you are into SAVE THE DATE CARDS (i bought the magnet ones on the website), i got 120 for about $80. **Flowers: Real flowers are of more expensive and die real quick. So i'm going with fake flowers. A memory you can keep with you forever. Or you can buy silk flowers... they still look real but won't die (LOL). Just search for them online. **Wedding Dress: that's the biggest expense. I got mine at David's Bridal in the clearance section. There are alot of pretty dresses in that section. Although mine was last season (that's what the lady told me but i didn't care), i got my dress for $230.00 and originally it was $600.00!! CAN'T BEAT THAT!! **Photographer: see if you have a family member who is talented with a camera and have them be your photographer. My fiancee's uncle is going to be our photographer at no charge. That will be our wedding gift from him. Or see if a college student studying photography will do it. **Food: We are getting ours 1/2 catered and the rest family will make. **Decorations: You can always make them yourself or have your bridal party help you. For example, take a fish bowl and fill it with fall color rocks, fill with water, and some floating hearts. **DJ: It's kinda hard to find a cheap D.J. but some will let you do payments. I hope this helped a little but just remember this. This is your wedding and noone else's. All that should matter is that you are going to marry the love of your life and you don't need a flashy wedding to show that to one another. You always have your big wedding anniversaries- 5th, 10th, 20th, etc. You two will be done with school by then and will have the money to have a fancy anniversary party. Don't let money get in the way of your love for him. God bless and hope all works out :]

    Hey that's funny i live in oklahoma & I'm 23 too. I'm on a pretty low budget also. I'm going away to get married but we are having a reception here. the reception will be at a restaurant banquet room. you don't get charged for the room as long as you go above the $ minimum. since we are having a reception in the afternoon instead of at night, its half the price! sunday wedding are cheaper than friday or saturday weddings. another idea is a vineyard. they can be really reasonable and you can do a lot with them. what about the casino you guys work in? is there a banquet room there? i bet you would get a discount or something. vegas is another cheapy. congrats!

    Hey I am getting married in October and I have some ideas for you. First thing START NOW!!! We made all of our favors with 4 packs of wine glasses, with blue ribbon and metal thank you tags on the stem. We put ice and blue gems in them. We are making our own centerpieces basically with the same concept except they are pillars with candles and gems. If we hadn't started back in February we would have never been able to afford to make such fancy favors and centerpieces. We got everything at Walmart, and so far everyone Ive shown thinks they look like a professional would do. Wow that was long, good luck.

    Some good choices are a nice home wedding, small chapel, or the justice of the peace. Then invite just close family, and friends. Have a nice cake and refreshments. I had an older cousin that was married at home, and it was nice. Just mainly family. They enjoyed it also! Just be sure the preacher is there on time!

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