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    I pay for most things with my credit card and then basically dump all my paychecks towards my card at the end of the month. This used to work out fine but I gradually started spending more without realizing it because with a rolling card balance I never actually see concrete "earned" vs. "spent" numbers. Currently I have a balance of several thousand dollars on my credit card. I would like to put together a spreadsheet or book of spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel 2010 (which I have already anyway) that can keep track of my finances and help me gradually get out of debt. Eventually I would like to have one of these that incorporates my girlfriend's finances as well but we are not quite at that point in our relationship yet and I would of course like to erase my debt before we start sharing financial details! :) The biggest obstacle that I can't get around is that everything seems to vary from month to month. My pay is fairly consistent as I am paid hourly and consistently have 40 hours per week but I also receive labor surplus bonuses that can vary from $50 all the way to several hundred dollars (these bonuses are ~monthly). Some of my bills are monthly and others like my car insurance I pay once every six months in one large lump sum. Still other bills, like my energy bill varies from $60 up to $180 seasonally based on the temperature outside. I'm not sure how to organize a spreadsheet around this data and use it as an effective tool towards my future finances. The only thing that I can think to do is record ALL of my bills and spending transactions along with my pay, organize it chronologically by week or month, sum it up, and then just track the HISTORY and hopefully see where there is opportunity for spending cuts and react accordingly. Any suggestions, tips, resources (pre-made templates, etc.) are appreciated in advance. Thanks much.

    BEFORE worrying about Alexander City Excel Spreadsheets etc. here are just a few " SUGGESTIONS " to get back on track financially speaking: 1. Take ALL your credit cards ( and put them in the safety deposit box at your local bank ) and DO NOT USE THEM WHATSOEVER - until they are COMPLETELY paid off in full down to zero ( 0 ) . 2. START by paying for ALL your purchases etc. with CASH ONLY ! When you pay with plastic there is NO emotion attached to the purchase - it is too EASY to use plastic and thus why you are in the situation you are in. 3. GO AFTER your CREDIT CARD bills that have the highest % interest rates FIRST and pay those off FIRST. 4. See if you can DECREASE the amount of monies spent on going out to restarants, coffeeshops, bars etc. 5. IF you get any bonuses ( each month ) regardless of the amount - take the WHOLE bonus and put the total BONUS on the CREDIT CARD with the highest % interest rate and get the Credit Card paid off and STOP USING credit cards - USE DEBIT CARD ONLY !!! CASH ONLY !!! 6. AFTER you get rid of the CREDIT CARD and other DEBT - then START saving for EMERGENCY FUND and also short and mid-term goals. 7. Start SMALL and set up a goal like $50 per week for a Used Car fund , $50 a week for a Vacation Fund, $50 a week for Christmas Club fund etc. SMALL amounts on a REGULAR consistent basis achieves your goals. 8. I use the "ENVELOPE SYSTEM "..... when I get paid I sit down and pay all my bills first - putting CASH into each of the envelopes. Then whatever is LEFT over ( if any ) would be extra to pay-down more on to DEBT / or on to savings Lastly ..... DON'T SPEND any Monies until you have paid your bills FIRST !!! Stay away from Online Websites to make purchases or Wal-Mart or other stores and SACRIFICE until that DEBT is gone for good. YOU CAN DO IT and all you need is take it one day and one week at a time REMEMBER there is a difference between an WANT and a NEED in life. Do you REALLY need a NEW CAR or can you buy a USED CAR and save ALOT of monies ??? We paid $5,900 CASH just simply from saving from February 2012 to August 2012 and now we DO NOT have any CAR payments. We bought a 2003 Nissan Altima Car with 60K miles on it and it works great and paying CASH allows you to sleep at night and be stress free. As for Alexander City Excel Program, it may sound cheap - but I look at it being wise - go to www.microsoft.com/excel and you can always " download " a FREE evaluation copy of Alexander City Office which includes Excel Spreadsheet and Microsoft will allow you to " EVALUATE " the program for FREE ususally for 30 days. Take advantage of it and go for it. Also, check out Microsoft Website for FREE templates that you can Import into Alexander City Excel and use and does NOT cost you nothing. Put in the search bar at top Excel Spreadsheet Templates P.S. Sounds tidious - but it works - keep all your RECEIPTS for three ( 3 ) months - and then you will see where you are ACTUALLY spending your monies ...... P.S.S. Always ask yourself BEFORE you buy something NEW or USED - " Do I REALLY NEED this item ??? " Alexander City will it be better for me to use that money to pay down my Credit cards FIRST ??? Short Term Financial Pain for long term SUCCESS and STRESS FREE living ! Good Luck and Success in the future - you can do it !!!

    Google budget spreadsheet. Easier than setting up a spreadsheet in excel. This budget is just so you can see where your present money is going. Leave the past behind and start fresh counting every single darn penny. With the credit card freeze it in a bag of water and never use it again until it is $0. Then she can use it for her groceries and just pay the full amount once a month. I carried a notebook with me when I made my budget. Funny to see me at McDonalds order some fries and opening my notebook and writing it down. This plan works.

    Spend less than you make. It's really that simple. If you have trouble with credit card, stick to paying for things in cash. Once you get your spending in line (again, less than you make), start saving. The best thing you can do is to set up an automatic deduction into a mutual fund. A lot will let you start with nothing if you set up automatic purchase of $50/month. This is how I started over 15 years ago and it has made a huge difference in my financial situation.

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