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    Attn.Ashish Shakya Attn.Ashish Shakya, We have recieved your mail and the content are dully noted. You are to notify the attorney with the required scan copies of your document with the processing fee to enable him stand on your behalf in the British crown court to obtain the affidavit document for you and the processing fee is the only fee you are required to pay the legal attorney. Regards to the medical aspect,the management has already make provision for that both accomodation is for free check and read your offer letter once again. So i advice you to notify with the attorney ASAP.As soon as you obtain the document from the attorney,you have to send it to us to help us process your visa/work permit. Once you obtain the Affidavits of Guaranty and Trust Certificate with letter of attestation, you are required to send to us through e-mail the scanned copy of the following documents: 1. Affidavits of Guaranty and Trust Certificate with letter of attestation 2. Signed Job Offer Letter 3. Scanned Copy of International Passport (Data Page) 4. Scanned Copy of Passport Photograph (Colored) Upon receipt of the above mentioned documents from your side SHERATON PARK TOWER HOTELS LONDON. Will contact the British Consulate in your country and fax all your documents to them to facilitate your visa. Your benefit includes: 1. Visa 2.Work and Residence Permit papers 3. Flight Ticket 4. 2 Months Salary in Advance 5. Transportation And reimbursement of any expenses you made during procurement of your affidavit. Always update us with your proceedings with the Attorney so as to advise further and also note that we are already behind schedule with respect to time to enable us start due processes on time as we awaits your arrival to contribute positively to the growth of this firm. Mr RICHARD SMITH Chief Recruitment Manager. Sheraton Park tower Hotel London. E-mail:careers.sheratonhotel@yahoo.co.... E-mail:sheratontowershotel@live.com E-mail:humanresource@sheratonhotelandr... TEL: {(+44) 7024080571 TEL: [+44] 7024097894 Fax: 0044-91-741-93-23 In regards and acquisition to proceed with your affidavit of guaranty with letter of attestation,you are requested to remit the processing fee to our corresponding Indian account for fast receiving,as soon as you make the payment scan and send to us the payment receipt together with the filled affidavit application form and 4 scan copies of your recent passport as an e-mail attachment for confirmation for us to commence immediately on processing of your affidavit document. NOTE:YOU HAVE TO MAKE CASH DEPOSIT AND THE MONEY SHOULD BE MADE Alexander City YOUR LOCAL CURRENCY [48,500 INR) EQUIVILENT TO (GBP 650 POUNDS) Alexander City INTERNATIONAL CURRENCY RATES BELOW ARE THE ACCOUNT INFORMATION. ACC.NAME:A.S. TRADERS ACC.NO.:628105030412 PAN.NO.:BDPPP3069R BANK:ICICI BRANCH:HAZRATGANJ[PAY Alexander City ANY BRANCH] Once the payment charges are received,I shall use my good office/professional competence to secure the Affidavit of Guarantee certificate documents and letter of attestation for you within 48 hours from the time of receiving the payment. Thank you for choosing Adams and Reese Chambers [LLP].Your legal satisfaction and right is our top priority. Yours in legal services, Adams and Reese Chambers [LLP] Alder Castle 15 Noble Street London EC2V 7JU United Kingdom E-mail:baradams@lawyer.com E-mail:baradamschambers@googlemail.com E-mail:baradamschamber@sify.com TEL:+447011174578 TEL:+447024097854 TEL:+447024034866 Fax 44-20-7367-1

    This is a scam don't pay any money send a photo copy of this letter to the British Embassy in your Capital City

    We can't really tell based on this letter. Call the Sheraton main headquarters and make sure that the person signing the letter is, indeed, an employee who is authorized to recruit new hires. Ask them to verify if the offer is real. Seems pretty odd that they only included an email address without a phone number. I don't mean to make sweeping generalizations but if I see that an offer, whatever it may be, is from Nigeria, I toss it.

    This is a scam. Anyone that gets something like this asking for money is trying to rip you off. I would disregard completely unless you applied for a job with the hotel. If you did then I would contact the person you applied to and see what is up. My best bet though - after receiving many such letters with different premises is that this is 100% scam. Ignore, delete and throw in the garbage.

    It is really a fake.... don't believe... careful.. The same Hotel with different person and same account number.. is being displayed in mails....

    This is a fake. No company would ask to make a deposit.


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