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    Thank you Kitty, she is Nigerian...Igbo. Her ex bf has stalked her ever since she dumped him and he finally got her. If she lives she might be a cripple, but it was a definite murder attempt. I'm talking with the Nigerian Police now. Prayers and good wishes much appreciated. Thank you again and know that I am in your debt.

    Kittysue, I had some friends check on the hospital and that building has been abandoned. I'm not sure of much but that Barrister is a scam and a lie. I suspect her ex bf might have kidnapped her and is holding her while they work on my friend to get his money. I have the Nigerian police working on it and have people there trying to find out what they can. I really would be there if I could be. I've been trying to find a way to do that, but I wouldn't know where to go if I do go there. She would have been here tomorrow, now I am back to square one. One woman has already been killed by that Cartel and if she is being held by them, she really needs prayer.

    Blue Cross Hospital Plot 27, Ijaiye Rd., Ogba, ikeja. : 01-4921154 dialling from overseas, you have to dial the country code 234 for Nigeria, then drop the first "0" before the 1 If your wife is not Nigerian, contact her country's embassy ASAP. They should have an emergency citizens' services number listed on the website. They will send an embassy representative to the hospital within 24 hours to get information about her condition, ensure she is receiving proper treatment, and make sure she is not being charged for any medical services as emergency care is free in Nigeria through the national health service - but that doesn't stop some unethical doctors from trying to solicit payment from foreigners which they will pocket. The embassy will make sure nothing like this happens. Also the embassy can arrange for transportation to get your wife out of Nigeria if her condition is serious and requires medical attention in your country EDIT - normally if dialling from the US you would dial 011-234-1-492xxxx I only found that number on a website, it might not be correct. If you are a US citizen, call the US Consulate in Lagos and ask them if they can help you get the correct phone number. Or call the Nigerian embassy in the US. Either would be able to help you get the correct number. Also the police should have given you the hospital's number. But honestly even if you don't have the money you should not leave your wife there alone. Borrow money and go see her - get a cash advance from your employer, ask your church, borrow from friends and family, get an increased limit on your credit card, etc. Or contact her family if she is Nigerian and make sure they are there with her. Being in a hospital is stressful enough without having family with you. EDIT 2 -- If she is your wife, contact the US Embassy right away and ask what sort of assistance they can offer you. You are a US citizen and they should help if one of your family members is in an emergency situation Also, are you SURE you are actually dealing with the Nigerian police?? If the hospital no longer exists and the barrister was a scam, what makes you think the police are real? That's why you need to call the US Embassy in Lagos. They will put you in touch with the right people in the police and try to assist your wife. Here is the head office of the Nigerian National Police -- call them directly and explain the situation as well as calling the US Embassy Best of luck

    Ok, it wouldn't let me add details but I did get a number, 234-806-794-0748 and I talked with her, but this is a cell number and her ex called and claimed he had taken her because she was keeping him from scamming a man in Anniston that we know. She was supposed to send me an email and I don't know if she is in a hospital and the doctor won't let her talk with me now, or if she is being held or what. Nor do I know what to do next if I can't get an address for that hospital. I had some one go to the address they got online and they said the building was abandoned, and they had moved, which my wife also said. She did say her ex ran her down with his car.

    Maybe you can try the Nigerian Embassy? Hope it works

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  • Maddison McKenzie
    Maddison McKenzie
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  • Keely Goodwin
    Keely Goodwin
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