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    I'm low on cash, but have been searching and searching for my ancestry. I have a one of a kind last name so I figured it wouldn't be hard but it has. I was wondering if there were any legitimate sites out there that are free. I just need to find a specific death certificate and dont want to have to pay 15 bucks to do it. Thanks in advance for the help!

    Thank you everyone for your help, my great grandparent's names were Pete Joseph Likehart and Velma Mae Cannon, althought my great grandpa's actual surname was Lakatos, and my great great grandpa, Pagaj Lakatos", died in Berlin in the early 1900's. Thats as far back as I've gotten, am also interested in my great grandmother Velma Mae Cannon, as i have no idea what nationality she is or other family members on her side. Any help at all is greatly appreciated. Thank you all.

    You should look at the resolved questions. Either browse them or use the advanced search at least three times, for the words Free family tree free family history free ancestry People ask the same basic question, "How can I find my family tree, for free?" 4 - 14 times a day here. All of us top 10 have stock answers. After 2 - 4 of us paste our stock answer, the rest don't bother. All the stock answers are well worth reading. All of us top 10 are warm, wise, witty, well-read and, above all, devilishly handsome. We have quite a bit of overlap on our favorite links, but we emphasize different aspects of the hunt in our advice. Here is my stock answer: There are over 400,000 free genealogy sites, but 1) They don't pay Google to come up in first place. You have to pay attention to those words, "Ads" in VERY small type, and ignore those results. 2) Some of the free ones have ads, which ask you for a name, then take you to a pay site. You have to pay attention to the form. In either case, if you don't pay attention, you'll end up on one of those sites where the search is free, but seeing the results costs you money. They are dishonest, in my opinion, but they didn't ask my opinion. 3) With very rare exception, all the free sites do is give you data to let you research your tree. They won't show you your tree. The exception is when someone, like your great-aunt, has done the work and uploaded it. Among those free sites (without www.cyndislist.com - 250,000 links, all categorized. www.familysearch.org - The Mormons. Gazillions of records. wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com - Roots Web World Connect - 700,000,000+ entries usgenweb.org - Sites for every county in every state in the USA vitals.rootsweb.ancestry.com/ca/death/ - California Death Index, 9,366,786 records www.findagrave.com - tens of millions of records genforum.genealogy.com - Query boards for every county in every state, and thousands of surnames. boards.ancestry.com - The other Query board site; counties and surnames too. archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com Roots Web Mailing List Archive - Over 30 million messages I have a page with real links to all of those, but you'll have to wade through some advice and warnings first. If you didn't mention a country, and you didn't go into Yahoo! by one of their international sub-sites, we can't tell if you are in the USA, UK, Canada or Australia. I'm in the USA and my links are for it. If you are in the USA, AND most of your ancestors were in the USA, AND you can get to a library or FHC with census access, AND you are white Then you can get most of your ancestors who were alive in 1850 with 100 - 300 hours of research. You can only get to 1870 if you are black, sadly. Many people stop reading here and pick another hobby. No web site is going to tell you how your great grandparents decorated the Christmas tree with ornaments cut from tin foil during the depression, how Great Uncle Elmer wooed his wife with a banjo, or how Uncle John paid his way through college in the 1960's by smuggling herbs. Talk to your living relatives before it is too late. You won't find living people on genealogy sites. You'll have to get back to people living in 1930 or so by talking to relatives, looking up obituaries and so forth. Finally, not everything you read on the internet is true. You have to be cautious and look at people's sources. Cross-check and verify. So much for the warnings. Here is the main link. page has links, plus tips and hints on how to use the sites, for a dozen huge free sites. Having one link here in the answer and a dozen links on my personal site gets around two problems. First, Y!A limits us to 10 links in an answer. Second, if one or more of the links are popular, I get "We're taking a breather" when I try to post the answer. This is a bug introduced sometime in August 2008 with the "new look". You will need the tips. Just for instance, most beginners either put too much data into the RWWC query page, or they mistake the Ancestry ads at the top for the query form. I used to teach a class on Internet Genealogy at the library. I watched the mistakes beginners made. The query forms on the sites are tricky. If you've read this far, And you are still interested And your ancestors were in the USA by 1930 And you know the names of at least two people (husband and wife, parent and child) who were living in the same house in 1930 I'll look for them in the 1930 census to give you a start. Write to me via my profile.

    This could be Pete in the passenger lists. Both the 1930 and 1940 censuses state Australia as place of birth for him and his parents. Name: Josef Lakatos Departure Date: 8 Apr 1905 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1902 Age Year: 3 Gender: männlich (Male) Family: Household members Relationship: Kind (Child) Residence: Kenycze, Ethnicity/Nationality: Ungarn (Hungarian) Ship Name: Pennsylvania Shipping Line: Hamburg-Amerika Linie (Hamburg-Amerikanische Packetfahrt-Actien-Gesellschaft) Ship Type: Dampfschiff Accommodation: Zwischendeck Ship Flag: Deutschland Port of Departure: Hamburg Port of Arrival: Dover; Boulogne; New York Volume: 373-7 I, VIII A 1 Band 165 Page: 725 Microfilm Roll Number: K_1788

    FAMILYSEARCH.ORG (FREE SITE) and connected to the largest Genealogical Library in the world. You might ever find a photo of the certificate on the site. I have found several. Also $15.00 for a certified copy of a vital statistic record is on the low end, I have paid much more, especially when I have had to have some one look it up for me.

    Death certs are regulated by each state, and have laws about who can have them, WHEN they can be released, and they won't necessarily be online. In some cases, that is the only document that has your info..and you will have to pay. Or..find an alternate means to identify the information. Because you were vague, we really can't help on that. For the other part..there are thousands of free sites, and I use them daily. The trick is defining what info you need, where it can LIKELY be found then see if there is an online sources. You may be in error, if you are searching by your surname. The goal is your exact ancestors (and they very well might have spelled different...leading to the rarity of your name). Names were not spelled consistently in the 1800s (no one cared) because persons were illiterate. Or, the name got changed after immigration. If you know the person IS Anniston FACT dead..my advice is post the name/ locality/ estimated time frame. We may be able to solve that. Often, the biggest brick wall in genealogy is lack of experience. edit here is Velma in the Texas death index... Name: Velma Mae Likehart Titles and Terms: Gender: Female Marital Status: Event Date: 24 Dec 1982 County: Trinity Event Place: Trinity, Texas, United States and Pete... Name: Pete Joseph Likehart Titles and Terms: Gender: Male Marital Status: Event Date: 26 Nov 1994 County: Houston Event Place: Houston, Texas, United States HAD EITHER ONE OF THEM DIED BEFORE 1975, THE FULL COPY OF THE DEATH CERT IS AVAILABLE ON FAMILYSEARCH. CENSUS FOR THE FAMILY, SHOWS PETE BORN Anniston AUSTRALIA. Name: Velma M Cannon Residence: , Falls, Texas Estimated Birth Year: 1906 Age: 14 Birthplace: Texas Relationship to Head of Household: Daughter Gender: Female Race: White Marital Status: Single Father's Birthplace: Texas Mother's Birthplace: Texas Film Number: 1821802 Digital Folder Number: 4390891 Image Number: 00152 Sheet Number: 3 Household Gender Age Birthplace SELF Dan Cannon M 46y Texas WIFE Nattie Cannon F 40y Texas SON Clyde O Cannon M 16y Texas DAU Velma M Cannon F 14y Texas DAU Lila O Cannon F 12y Texas SON David D Cannon M 10y Texas DAU Mabel L Cannon F 8y Texas SON John H Cannon M 5y Texas DAU Java V Cannon F 5m Texas Citing this Record "United States Census, 1920," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 10 Mar 2013), Velma M Cannon in household of Dan Cannon, , Falls, Texas; citing enumeration district (ED) , sheet 3A, family 47, NARA microfilm publication T625, FHL microfilm 1821802. YOU NEED TO GO SEE THIS ENTRY, AND DETAILS FOR PARENTS... DAN'S PARENTS WERE BORN Anniston ALABAMA, NATTIES PARENTS BORN Anniston TENN. YOU NOW HAVE A GOOD LEAD ON VELMA'S LINEAGE. IT LOOKS LIKE NATTIE SHOULD BE MATTIE. IF PETE ACTUALLY WAS BORN Anniston AUSTRALIA (WHICH MAKES NO SENSE) THERE SHOULD BE AN IMMIGRATION DOCUMENT. EDIT there is more than one Dan Cannon..so the above cert may not be the right one. Another Dan and Mattie Cannon is buried here... death cert for Dan Cannon... for Mattie... her parents are not on her death certificate but are named on the findagrave site for her. Dan's parents are both buried in same cemetery.. note you can pull the full page of the 1940 census..this shows that Pete is NOT a citizen in 1940 (noted Anniston = alien). Check into alien registration which was generally required for non citizens. That may take digging.

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    Emerald Parisian
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    Beatrice Hickle
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    Orlando Boyle
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    Savanah Auer
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  • Madelynn Haag
    Madelynn Haag
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