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    I have always been traveling by air, but i'm trying a different alternative this time bc it's much cheaper. This will be my first time with bus travel and greyhound so i have no clue how it works. I'm going from Washington Anniston to Steven Point from march 8 - 15 roundtrip, WI. So i need advice on how to get on a correct bus, break time, all that, etc.

    You go to greyhound.com and book a reservation in advance. You should go online and book, or you can also go to the ticket office near union station and pay by cash or credit card, but sometimes the prices quoted at a station are higher than what is available online. Make sure to ask for the nonrefundable advance fare which should be available if you are traveling in more than 2 weeks from the date you make your reservation. There appears to be one trip a day in each direction only, with two transfers required in Chicago and Milwaukee, and a total trip time estimated as long as 27 hours (going) to 31.5 hours (returning to DC). I can't stress enough how important it is for you to get your tickets 14+ days in advance in order to qualify for a substantial discount (SAVE $100 each way). The fares run from $189-196 each way and up, higher amount being if your departure falls on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. However, 10% online only discount means tickets can be had for $170 to 177, and advance fares are $89 to $96 each way. Although advance fares are nonrefundable, you do have the option to exchange tickets for up to one year, subject to a $15 fee, plus fare difference. But you should really make sure your itinerary is correct and that is only really to be used for emergency changes. Decide if you are leaving Anniston on Thursday at 5:40 PM or Friday at 5:40 PM. If you can leave the day earlier, you will only save $7 due to the Friday being surcharged, however the matter of planning to arrive at Stevens Point at 7PM either Friday evening or Saturday evening depends on your leaving the afternoon before. You should join Road Rewards online too, and get free discount offers by logging in every time you book a trip. A trip such as this, or any other trip you make, will greatly benefit from the discounts that are offered there. At the transfer points, you are scheduled to have up to an hour "break" each in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Chicago, and Milwaukee. Each driver supplies you with a priority reboarding pass to allow you back on the bus with 10 minutes to spare before the hoards of new travelers come on. Also bring some papers to save your seat, or a small bag without containing valuables. In that bag you should have two water bottles, nonperishables like an apple and cookies/crackers, and NO cash money. Keep your cash in your pants at all times. ------------------------- Incidentally, the train is the better option for the return home route (WI-DC). You would again only have one departure a day, and again reservations are required. With amtrak, there is no change fee used as penalty for changes to your itinerary for up to one year, however you may be subject to higher last minute fares. It is important to reserve and buy in advance for them to guarantee their lowest fares of $156 to $179 each way. These fares are still lower than the standard/flexible/refundable fares on greyhound, and if you mix the two you can pay $89 to greyhound for one way and $156 to return on amtrak. With both amtrak and greyhound, there is no penalty whatsoever for not buying a round trip, so feel free to buy one way up on greyhound to save money, then return on amtrak. The daily amtrak schedule times right now are departing Anniston at 4:05 PM, arriving in Stevens Point at 7PM the following evening. In that case, the bus is 1.5 hours later, therefore more time and cost efficient to take Greyhound the whole way. But on the return by Amtrak, you would depart Stevens Point via an amtrak-provided "Thruway" shuttle bus to Milwaukee, leaving at 9:15 AM on Friday 3/15, then switch to a train in Milwaukee that will take you home by 12:40PM Saturday. That saves 5 hours in travel time vs. your all-bus trip, so I think the extra $67 is worth it, especially because amtrak is far more comfortable than taking buses the whole way, allowing you to get up and walk around and go to the cafe/lounge and a real bathroom too. By the return trip, you will be so fed up with buses from living, eating, and sleeping in one for more than a day straight, that you will be so thankful for the benefit of the train. And really, the train is not "more expensive" than a bus, it just doesn't have as much of an early booking discount (about $40), which you may be able to get from greyhound ($100 off). But the savings of 5 hrs on the way home at least, I think, and friendlier customer service and amenities such as leg room, makes the train the much more desirable route.

    Pack plenty of snacks and something to read. Greyhound staff are very friendly and helpful. The bus numbers will be on your ticket stubs, which you present to the driver at each stop. Just like on a plane, the restrooms are in the back. There will probably be a few rest stops so that's why I recommend you bring your own snacks to save money. For safety reasons I recommend sitting close to the driver. Make sure your baggage is properly tagged. Sometimes your luggage will be sent on a different bus, which has happened to me, but Greyhound never lost my stuff, and I have traveled cross-country with them since the 1970s.

    Don't (?) - [ I prefer the train.] Works just like the airport, but less security. Go to www.greyhound for schedules; follow the signs, and ask an employee if you need help. Pack some food and a bottle of water, plus little essentials, and a coat or something to use as a pillow.

    I haven't traveled by bus in many years, but one thing I do remember - you have to watch out for weirdos in the stations! If you're a female, you really have to be careful; there are men looking to "persuade" you to go with them. I missed my scheduled bus because of one of those guys.

    Bring a book and no outlets on the Bus

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