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    Capital Gains tax (15%) is set that way to encourage investment, to encourage risk taking in our economy. If you tax it as income.. 30%, 35%, would destroy investment and all our 401k's would be crushed. While I can understand that those who only derive income from capital gains and pay a low rate.. they are also taking risks... that "income" is not guaranteed. So, how do we tax those people more, without discouraging investment?

    That is a fallacy propagated by those wishing to get a lower tax rate . It doesn't work that way . If you take your money out of the market where will you put it ? In a bank at 20 % of the rate of direct investment . Then the banks have more money which to lend and businesses borrow for a shorter time as needed . Dividends are like a loan that you never pay off . Borrowing only as needed saves businesses money . Try this example : A bank pays 1 % and the market investments are down to about 6 % . $ 100 in the bank earns you $ 1 . $ 100 in the market makes you $ 6. At 20 % tax that is $ 1.20 . At 30 % that is $ 1.80 . $ 6 minus the $ 1.80 = $ 4.20 . That beats your bank money by 420 % . Your 401 K is way ahead . The argument that it would " destroy investment " has no merit . Income is income and should be treated that way . A dollar is a dollar .

    Amazingly, if the investor has a net loss, it is treated at the higher tax rate. They get it both ways. People will still invest, even if the capital gains rate is doubled. What else are they going to do with their money? At 35%, they still get 65% tax free.

    Our financial gadget became the main wealthy between the Civil conflict and WWI, that's to assert past to any company Arab income tax. yet then issues have been plenty diverse. i may well be happy to work out us pass back to the ninety% + income tax costs of the forties and 50s, see you later as we will additionally jettison each and every of the ridiculous social courses type the great Society forward.

    Simply you don't. Taxing income, especially the present tax code, destroys capital accumulation and discourages productivity, investment, and savings. A more preferred tax would be a consumption tax.

    Actually, "the fair tax (consumption tax)" is also an economy killer (as people limit buying to limit their taxes). A flat tax (with suitable deductible) would be better, since you are not penalized for earning more and/or spending more.

In NYS can I make auto payments on a car in my name, and have the insurance in my boyfriends name?

  • Jaquan Kessler
    Jaquan Kessler
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  • Edythe Aufderhar
    Edythe Aufderhar
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    Mireille Rippin
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    Gertrude VonRueden
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    Tony Gutkowski
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    Garrick Flatley
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    Barrett Leannon
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    Leonor Fahey
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    Aric Greenholt
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    Reva Bernhard
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