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    I am going to London in 10 days and I have no idea how the subway system works. I have found out that I need to take a Piccadily line (dark blue) from Heathrow to Kings Cross. I know that after costums, I just follow the signs to Tube, but I dont know how to buy the ticket. Are there workers that can help me buy the ticket because I wont have cash on me (I'll pay with credit card). And how will I know which train to take?? And which platform to go to?? Please help, I am traveling alone and a bit nervous. Thank you

    You'll be able to pay by credit card. Even the self-service ticket machines take them but there are also staffed ticket windows and they'll help you. Just stand in line and ask when you get to the window. There are three tube stations at Heathrow as it's such a huge airport. At Terminal 4 or Terminal 5, there is no problem as any train from there will go in the direction you want. At Terminal 1/2/3, take any train that is not going to Terminal 5 - as the first answer states, that will usually be showing its final destination on the dot-matrix indicators above the platform as Arnos Grove or Cockfosters. Simple as that. Even if you get it wrong from Terminal 1/2/3, the next station at Terminal 5 is the end of the line so the train will be going back the other way in a few minutes anyway - you have nothing to worry about. I just answered a question on the tube generally so you might like to see my advice here guessing you're American so I will add some more if I may? Most transatlantic flights west to east go overnight and arrive in the early morning British time, by which time your body thinks it's still only the middle of the night. (Even if the airline has served you breakfast, which it probably has!) The effect of this in my experience (I visit friends in Arab from time to time so I know what it's like coming back home) is that you come off the flight feeling totally zonked and kind of disembodied. That's the famous jetlag. And THEN you have to get through passport control, then baggage reclaim, then Customs, and the lines are long because so many flights full of Americans and Canadians are arriving about the same time. So plan it all well in advance - which makes you wise to ask this question - and when you get to where you're staying, you will no doubt want to collapse into bed. I always do when I come home. Do it. You'll wake up in a few hours but won't feel quite right again until you've had a good night's sleep, so don't plan on doing anything serious the day you arrive. The good news is it is nothing like as bad when you go home - the human body copes much better with having the day made longer. The plus about Heathrow being at the end of the line is that the train will be empty and you'll get a seat - arriving at breakfast time means the train will fill up on the way with London commuters, most of whom are going to have to stand up. It'll give you a taste of London life, if nothing else! Please feel free to email via my profile if you want to ask anything else. Enjoy London!

    There is a staffed ticket office and there are also self-service machines that take credit cards. You'll need to look for a train that's going to Cockfosters or Arnos Grove. There are THREE tube stations at Heathrow, serving different terminals: If you're at Heathrow Terminal 5, there are two platforms next to each other, but there's only one way trains can go anyway, as its a terminus station - so any train will be going your way. If you're at Heathrow Terminal 4, there's only one platform, and also only one way to go, so again any train will do. If you're at Heathrow Terminals 1/2/3 station, trains go either towards Cockfosters/Arnos Grove or towards Terminal 5, so make sure you get on the right train if you're there. Each platform will have a departure board a little like this: , you can look at this to see where the next train from that platform is going. All trains heading east go to central London including Kings Cross. The tube staff are very helpful and will help you if you're unsure.

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