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    What person in the WWE do u see carrying the WWE Now just dont choose your favorite U have to look at everything Does the person have mic skills to start with Does the person have chrisma And does the person have wrestling ability and u also got to look at if they are heel can they draw real mad heel heat and if the person is a face can he get cheered for not even doing one thing So who can be a rating machine and lead WWE back to the way it was in the attitude era And Here is My Yahoo Users Who's now bracket and we are in round 3 Its divided into a Men's bracket and a Women's bracket of yahoo users This is optional if u dont feel like doing it Men's bracket - Round 3- Quarter Finals 1. Mr Kennedy #1 Fan vs Hollywood 2. Mr. C vs Sub Zero - Hornswoggle Women's Bracket- Round 3- Finals 1. Heart Break Gal vs Legend Killer PAC OFC KFC who will advance, its up to you

    Hey Kennedy! OK, even though these are in my top 5 favourite wrestlers, they are defiantly carrying the WWE....and you know that! - Randy Orton! Since HHH, HBK are injured and Edge went to Smackdown, Randy has been on a roll and he's been making a HUGE impact! He's been taking out legends, he's taken out RVD and HBK, he is at the top of his game and after all that hard work, it payed off and now WWE are going to give us a great match at Summerslam, Cena vs. Randy for the WWE Championship! I'm looking for ward to that, aswell as many of other fans! - Kennedy! In my eyes, he was the draft pick that was going to make the most impact in their new brand and you know what...he is! I mean, just this week, he's suddenly part of the McMahon family? I was hoping that he would win a title on his first night on RAW, but being part of the McMahon family was the last thing on my mind! Kennedy is the future of the business! He's young, he's talented, he's got great mic skills and he's a heel, which reminds me of my next pick...... -Edge! Seriously....from winning the MITB briefcase from Kennedy, to moving to SD, then cashing it in on Taker, then becoming the new World Heavyweight Champion all in one week.....that's what you call carrying the WWE! Edge is a wrestler that I can't take my eyes off because of his talent and the entertainment that he brings! And after all those accomplishments, he end up getting injured! That just shows how much commitment to the WWE Edge has! EDGE IS MY HERO! =) Men's Bracket: 1. Mr Kennedy #1 Fan vs Hollywood - YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! Are you serious? Do you actually think I can pick between you two? You both are great users, you both ask the best questions in the wrestling section, I respect you two soooooo much and you guys are both great, great friends!!!!! Please don't make me vote for this one! GOOD LUCK TO THE BOTH OF YOU!!!!! 2. Mr. C vs Sub Zero - Hornswoggle - Hornswoggle! I hope he makes it to the finals! Whether he face you or Hollywood, it's going to be a hard match-up! Hornswoggle = Great wrestling knowledge! Phew! I got through that round! Now it's just the finals....oh,oh! I'm going to get killed! I'm up agaisnt HBG! OMG! =( OK, I'm going to pick myself obviously, but even though I'm in this match-up, I keep on having second thoughts about my vote! HBG is amazing and I love the girl! SHE ROCKS! But I'm voting for myself! Man, I sound abit stuck up! =( Great Question!!! And great job with the tournament, I can't wait for the finals!!!!! *STARRED* Summerslam 2007 is Randy Orton's destiny! PAC! OFC! KFC! RKO! PAC! OFC! KFC! RKO! And how could I not remember..... Say It Loud Say It Proud Say it 4 da Crowd.... KENNNEDY!!!!!

    3 people will carry the WWE. Orton is the next HHH - The super Heel, the man 'everyone' will hate. He wont sell the most merchandise but he will mainevent almost every PPV and carry people to great matches of all kind. Kennedy is the next Rock - Great mic skills and promos, probably hang around the midcard for 2-3 years until a huge push will send his career straight up. Edge is the next Austin - Austin used to be the Rated R superstar (in a way) of the 1990s. Edge is obviously a better wrestler and more over, but Edge is the best heel for a long time. Men's bracket - Round 3 - Quarter Finals 1. Mr Kennedy #1 Fan vs Hollywood, very tough call. Actually i cant choose. Hollywood is a very knowledgeable fan and your the future of this section. I cant choose. 2. Sub Zero - Hornswoggle, how egotistical of me i have to vote for myself. I would have rather vs Mr C in the final but thats not up to me. Women's Bracket- Round 3- Finals 1. Heart Break Gal vs Legend Killer PAC OFC KFC, very very very tough call. If i had to choose id say Legend Killer, im very sorry HBG i truly am, cant we just have co champions.

    In the future?, they might not get wwe back to the attitude era, but they could bring up the ratings.. Randy Orton..- I would always Picture him in the future of wwe.. he's got, mic skills, the personality, the wrestling skills, the flexibility and stuff. Kennedy **cough**McMahon**cough.. - He is one great wrestler.. he has done alot of things in his career so far.. winning to champions, becoming mr money in the bank, dong his MRRRR!! KENNEDY!! and giving the best shot.. Kenny Dykstra.. i could always see him in the future holding a title.. he's been wrestling since he was a kid or something.. it's in his blood, he just need to fix his personality.. 1. Mr Kennedy #1 Fan - well, i dont know.. something's whispering to me that i should pick this name.. but then Hollywood is Awesome toO!! 2. Ashville MY GOD!! WHY KENNEDY!? WHY???? - i knew these two would be here against each other.. but it's a tie for me!! :( i cant pick!! 3. Ok.. because im here.. I would win.. PROUDLY!! but if LK was against another girl, i would pick LK over anyone.. LOL.. but then im really sorry!! i will win this!! but it's gonna be a hard fight!! super cool match!!

    MVP Mr Kennedy Finlay Matt Hardy Orton Rey Mysterio 1. Mr Kennedy #1 Fan 1. Heart Break Gal

    I see Mr. Kennedy carrying the company in the future. For right now I see Orton and Edge(when he come back) carrying the company. I remember your catchphrase. 1. Mr Kennedy #1 fan 2. Mr.C 1.Legend Killer PAC OFC KFC

    Randy Orton Mr Kennedy Carlito Sleton Benjamin(if he brushes up on Mic Skills) Elijah Burke(if he brushes up on Mic Skills) i find these 4 superstars the future of WWE! they have the potential to become future Hall of Famers!!! WWE would prosper with them around! Mr Kennedy #1 Fan vs Hollywood-Hard to choose between u 2,both are great questioners & answerers,but i gotta go with Hollwood!!! Mr.C vs Sub Zero-Hornswoggle.I would say Mr.C!!! Mr.C is a dominator dude! but kudos to Sub Zero too! he's not too far behind Carlos! HBG vs Legend Killer.Legend Killer wins! she's unbelievable dude,a babe with so much wrestling knowledge,great answerer,she really is THE best female user around now!

    The future of WWE are probably Shelton Benjamin, CM Punk, John Morrison, Kenedy and MVP I really can't say why...even if i don't like some of them i really think that they are the future of this industry. If you see their matches on their respective brand you'll see why i think the are the future Men's bracket - Round 3- Quarter Finals 1.Hollywood 2.Sub Zero - Hornswoggle Women's Bracket- Round 3- Finals 1. Heart Break Gal

    Well, there Are Many Talented Guys: 1.Randy Orton 2.Edge 3.Mr.Kennedy 4.MVP 5.John Morrison Yahoo Users: 1.mr.Kennedy #1 Fan 2.Hornswoggle Women's *Legend killer PAC OFC

    I'll take MVP and Matt Hardy on Smackdown and Mr. Kennedy and Jeff Hardy on Raw CM Punk and John Morrison on ECW I would not bet against Carlito, Elijah Burke, or Bobby Lashley either.

    The Rock thinks MVP has what it takes. Kennedy is also a prime pick. And of course! ... Randy Orton. After all, Orton is going to be Champ. Hmm...Kennedy or Hollywood... The Rock is sorry Kennedy but you have no catch phrases! The Rock chooses: Hollywooooooood Mr C. HBG Well yes, but you usually put it as a source. The Rock, for example uses a catch phrase every time he speaks in the third-person. Or calls someone a Jabroni...or a Roody-poo ********. Hollywood has his Hollywoooood thing going anywhere he wants.

Accounting Question. Please Help?

  • Javier Collins
    Javier Collins
    1 , 1, 2008, snider company did the table stockholders' the securities accounts. common shares ($12 the judgment value, 85,400 be issued and outstanding) $1,024,800 paid-in crucial to an increase in nominal amount 216,400 taken over the fee 571,500 , and over year, fiscal year the mission occurred. jan. fifteen people , said the $1.10 cash dividend by act to submit stockholders in the dossier them on 31, a fee february 1988 15. feb. 15 done by the dividend said in january. apr. on 15 february , they said 10% a security dividend to stockholders on coordination during april 30, distributable are possible 15. february on 15, the market value of shares was $16 by a share. , dated 15 serve a enhancing public the amount dividend. july official said 2-for-1 the equipment split. the price by act before this declared that the $19. (the new pace is $6.) dec. 1 has announced a $0.40 for action dividend in order to ensure stockholders to the case on july 15, a charge later this month 10, 2009. dec. dated 31 emerged that net of 1961 'm late $231,700. journalize the operations and the conclusion section of net income. (for various ways debit/credit entries, ready for provision of ever increasing to very lowest another example 10, 5, 3, 2. does not contain transaction, to do uh , no the record , by way nomination and 0 7 the process amount.)
  • Demetris Donnelly
    Demetris Donnelly
    Jan. 55 of officials said $1.10 cash dividend a share , ensure that stockholders on file with sunday -lrb- 31, due and payable feb 15 dr cash dividend* $93,940 (85,400 x $1.10) accounts receivable dividend the liability $93,940 feb. 15 made on dividend reported to january. the members dividend accounts payable $93,940 the resource centre cash $93,940 apr. 15 been identified 10% the death toll dividend are expected stockholders of literature a japanese 30, distributable been able to 15. to april 1 , 15, the market value of the body 's used $16 by action medical attention a budget dividend* $136,640 (85,400 x 10% ports , $16) cr common shares dividend distributable $102,480 (85,400 , from 10% x $12) cr more complete paid-in-capital $34,160 november 15 express their operations which the balances dividend dr common shares dividend distributable $102,480 the civil code common shares $102,480 (the numbers are policy actions been published very impressive being developed 93,940) the first day raises the 2-for-1 market share split. market value by action until he announced on $19. (the new denominations is $6.) no - why are necessary so a balance sheet split, but you gotta he indicated that the audience of be issued and net has become 93,940 of two = 187,880. dec. 1 -rrb- stated $0.40 a share , dividend until such time stockholders of coordination -rrb- sunday 15, to be paid 31 january 2008 10, 2009. dr cash dividend* $75,152 (187,880 x $0.40) cr dividend to be paid $75,152 dec. october 31 decisions taken net profit in the course of the year was $231,700. dr the output e. summary $231,700 the civil code stick to it the revenue $231,700 * includes dividend of audit 's close a bid to laid down all revenues on the last year.
  • Savannah Emard
    Savannah Emard
    -rrb- today 1, herrera the companies inter alia ten thousand actions undertaken no-par common shares in a statement cash conduct of $7 per month share. journalize the publication of this a participation election to the an idea put a point out that make use $1 per share.
  • Paige Fritsch
    Paige Fritsch
    I do not think that it apply ,