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    Hello, I am glad to hear from you as regards the Business Assistant position. I would love to meet up with you to talk about this job but I am currently away on a business trip but there is a test which i will like you to go through because i need a capable Personal Assistant.I am in Australia so there will be no interview except for the form you will fill below. 1.Have you ever worked as a Personal Assistant ? 2.Can you communicate effective and efficiently? 3.Will you be able to run errands 2 hours per day for and will be needed 3 days per week? I will prepay you in advance to do my shopping. I will also have my mails and packages forwarded to your address. If you will be unable to stay at your house to get my mails, I can have it shipped to a post office near you and then you can pick it up at your convenience.When you get my mails/packages; you are required to mail them to where I want them mailed to. You don't have to put money out of you pocket, all you have to do is have packages shipped to your house and do my shopping. You are allowed to open the packages to know content. The content of the packages are computer and electronics, clothing's business and personal letters. I will pay $400 per week.I need your service because I am constantly out of town on business as I own a electronics and clothing store in Australia and Ireland but want to open another store in States. I will return to States in June so this process will be on going till then. I will email you the list and pictures of what to shop for when I am ready.No heavy packages are involved! You can do the shopping at any nearest stores. You will be shopping for Electronics and clothing's. If I were to mail you money to do my shopping plus upfront payment for your service, where would you want it mailed to? Your full info for money orders payment:- Full Name: Full Address: (NO P.O.BOX) City: State: Zip Code: Phone Number:(Cell): Home: Age: Email: Present Job: The address of the nearest Post Office to you for receiving packages:- Name: Address: City: State: Post Code: I Will be expecting to hear from you soon to let me know if you will be willing to handle my business on my behalf before I return.Note that this job is 100% legitimate.You can open all packages to confirm how legit they are.Thanks so much and have a nice day. Regards, James Miller

    100% scam. There is no job. There is only a scammer trying to steal your hard-earned money and maybe your freedom. The next email will be from another of the scammer's fake names and free email addresses pretending to be the "assistant" and will demand you accept packages purchased with stolen credit cards at YOUR home address. Then you are suppose to use a stolen UPS/FedEx billing account number to send the electronics, clothing and jewelry overseas. When the websites, credit card owners and UPS/FedEx discover the fraud, you get the real life job of paying back all of them. Then the local law enforcement comes knocking asking why are you fencing stolen merchandise for someone you never met, don't know their real life name and have no idea even what country they really live in. Another email will be from another of the scammer's fake names and free email addresses pretending to be the "secretary/assistant/accountant" and will demand you cash a large fake check sent on a stolen UPS/FedEx billing account number and send the money via Western Union or moneygram back to the scammer posing as the "personal shopper". When your bank realizes the check is fake and it bounces, you get the real life job of paying back the bank for the bounced check fees and all the bank's money you sent to an overseas criminal. Western Union and moneygram do not verify anything on the form the sender fills out, not the name, not the street address, not the country, not even the gender of the receiver, it all means absolutely nothing. The clerk will not bother to check Ashville and will simply hand off your cash to whomever walks in the door with the MTCN# and question/answer. Neither company will tell the sender who picked up the cash, at what store location or even in what country your money walked out the door. Neither company has any kind of refund policy, money sent is money gone forever. Now that you have responded to a scammer, you are on his 'potential sucker' list, he will try again to separate you from your cash. He will send you more emails from his other free email addresses using another of his fake names with all kinds of stories of great jobs, lottery winnings, millions in the bank and desperate, lonely, sexy singles. He will sell your email address to all his scamming buddies who will also send you dozens of fake emails all with the exact same goal, you sending them your cash via Western Union or moneygram. You could post up the email address that the scammer is using, it will help make your post more googlable for other suspicious potential victims to find when looking for information. Do you know how to check the header of a received email? If not, you could google for information. Being able to read the header to determine the geographic location an email originated from will help you weed out the most obvious scams and scammers. Then delete and block that scammer. Don't bother to tell him that you know he is a scammer, it isn't worth your effort. He has one job in life, convincing victims to send him their hard-earned cash. Whenever suspicious or just plain curious, google everything, website addresses, names used, companies mentioned, phone numbers given, all email addresses, even sentences from the emails as you might be unpleasantly surprised at what you find already posted online. You can also post/ask here and every scam-warner-anti-fraud-busting site you can find before taking a chance and losing money to a scammer. 6 "Rules to follow" to avoid most fake jobs: 1) Job asks you to use your personal bank account and/or open a new one. 2) Job asks you to print/mail/cash a check or money order. 3) Job asks you to use Western Union or moneygram in any capacity. 4) Job asks you to accept packages and re-ship them on to anyone. 5) Job asks you to pay visas, travel fees via Western Union or moneygram. 6) Job asks you to sign up for a credit reporting or identity verification site. Avoiding all jobs that mention any of the above listed 'red flags' and you will miss nearly all fake jobs. Only scammers ask you to do any of the above. No. Exceptions. Ever. For any reason. If you google "fake re-shipping job", "fraud Western Union check scam" or something similar you will find hundreds of posts from victims and near-victims of this type of scam.And in case you were wondering, any "paycheck" received would be fake, as well.

    Google Reshipping Scam - you will be arrested for this. A criminal is trying to use YOU to fence stolen goods. DO NOT send this person ANY information The way it works is that criminals buy items online with stolen credit cards, hacked paypal accounts and fake checks/money orders then have them shipped to YOUR home,then YOU ship them to the criminals who are usually overseas. But when the real credit card/paypal holder finds out their account has been hacked, they report the theft, the credit card company/paypal contacts the site the purchases were made from, and they confirm the items were sent to YOUR address - and within 24 hours the police will be at your door. A friend's credit card number was stolen and someone charged $3000 worth of electronics to her card. The investigation found the man whose home they were sent to and he claimed he was doing his "job" for an overseas employer and even had emails. But the judge and jury did not believe anyone could be stupid enough to a) accept a job with a person they had never met and b) know that they were doing something illegal and he is now in prison serving 18 months Delete it or report it to the FBIs IC3

    It is scam.put it in spam.Next time do not open anything else that is suspicious ,and if it shows blocked images in a yellow box.You never give out any important information to any-one or any-body,Next time you do not know who thet our,or you are not sure about just put it in spam without reading.Also blocked the sender this will stop getting more e-mails from the person. Good luck.

    Its definetly a scam mark it as spam and ignore it . My sister got scamed in a similar situation like that recently the end result was her haveing to pay fines and the scamer got away

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    Myron Pagac
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    Johnathon Williamson
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