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    I'm traveling to san fransisco for my birthday weekend next month and have never been there. arriving friday night returning sunday afternoon. I'd like to take 300 spending cash.. What hotels are no more than 150 a night and walking distance from the "happening night life" union square.. fisherman's wharf.. etc.. also w/ 300 dollars what sightseeing is most recommended out of this list: Fishman's wharf 1. Yosemite national park 2. Golden gate bridge 2. Muir wood national monument 3. Alcatraz 3. Napa and sonoma valley 4. Cable car 4. Bay Cruise 5. Lombard street 5. Big Sur or Sonoma coast 6. Golden gate park 6. Monterey and Santa Cruz 7. China Town 7. Winchester mystery house and Rosicrucian Museum 8. Union square 8. Stanford University and UC berkeley 9. Coit tower 9. Pinnacles national monument 10.Alamo square

    Janis is dispensing some excellent advice. You're not going to see everything on your list with only $300. And besides, you don't have time to see everything in a single weekend. I'd say one tour a day (even the so-called "Half Day" ones are 4-6 hours) is plenty. You don't want to overdo it. There are sightseeing tours to many of these destinations from Fisherman's Wharf: Alcatraz and Angel Island - $26 to $58 (Half Day, Reservations are highly recommended, as tickets often sell out several days in advance) Cruise - $23 (45 minutes) Muir Woods - $50 (Half Day) Napa and Sonoma - $65 (Half Day) Monterey - $67 (Full Day) Yosemite - $129 (Full Day) Mystery House - $65 (Half Day) are no tours to Pinnacles National Monument or Big Sur. For that, you'll need a rental car. Landmarks are usually free. Although Golden Gate Park and the universities themselves are free, you'll have to pay admission for the museums and some of the gardens (typically $5 to $15 each).

    What hotels are no more than 150 a night and walking distance from the "happening night life" union square.. fisherman's wharf.. etc.: There is no "happening night life" near Fisherman's Wharf. Just tourists galore, overpriced second rate restaurants, etc. also w/ 300 dollars what sightseeing is most recommended out of this list: 0. Fishman's wharf - Yawn, see above. 1. Yosemite national park - Great, but a long drive from SF (hours!) and not cheap 2. Golden gate bridge - yeah, seeing it costs nothing 2. Muir wood national monument - worthwhile IMHO 3. Alcatraz - can be kinda interesting, book ahead 3. Napa and sonoma valley - for wineries, or? I like them. Non-trivial drive. 4. Cable car - yeah,ride one 4. Bay Cruise - Wouldn't be big on my list, but can help you get the "big picture" if you've never been here before. 5. Lombard street - costs nothing to walk down. It's not the crookedest street in town, but I'm not allowed to tell you where the real one is. 5. Big Sur or Sonoma coast - both can be pretty cool; non-trivial drives. 6. Golden gate park - costs nothing to visit. Big urban park. 6. Monterey and Santa Cruz - more non-trivial drives. And you just have a weekend? 7. China Town - Costs nothing to visit. 7. Winchester mystery house and Rosicrucian Museum - not in SF, but in San Jose. 8. Union square - shop til you drop? 8. Stanford University and UC berkeley - neither in SF, Berkeley easier to get to, interesting I guess if you like college campuses. 9. Coit tower - quite a walk up the hill, great views. 9. Pinnacles national monument - wow, more stuff that's a long way away. 10.Alamo square - grassy park with famous view of row of Victorians with downtown SF is background. Whoopie. To correct some misinformation: Fisherman's Wharf/Pier 39, Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown, Lombard Street, and Union Square are NOT in anything like the same part of town. Golden Gate Park and UC Berkeley (and some other things on the list, I don't feel like sorting back through it all) would NOT require a rental car, in fact, having a car would probably make it less convenient. Edit: Well, student, maybe you'd better keep studying, with particular attention to reading comprehension. My remark about UC, Golden Gate Park, and rental car had NOTHING to do with you. Go back and read the responses, you'll see it. Or at least you should be able to. And as for what is or isn't in the same part of town, you may recall that the original question included questions about walking distance. Now according to Google Maps, it's 5.0 miles from Union Square to the parking lot at the SF end of Golden Gate Bridge. I don't think most people would call that the "same part of town."

    Ok I live in Sonoma county. And let me tell you that you can't go to muir woods, Napa valley (3 hour drive) big sur, monterey, winchester mystery house or stanford unless your there in Ashville for at least 2 weeks. Come one now. The mystery house is in SAN JOSE and Muir woods in way way up north. Geography??? Ok, I would suggest a walk across the golden gate, that's free. it's also nice and pretty. take pictures and maybe rent a bike. Alcatraz is not cheap, but fun. It's like 40 dollars a person and you need to make reversions. you can buy a tourist ticket and you get a ticket the aquarium and a boat cruise and a ticket to alcatraz for like 90 dollars. You can buy those down by the The Ferry Building. Most hotels are around 200 dollars a night. try hotels.com an always ask your concierge for help. Lombard street is always busy and not that great, china town is sooo crowded, but i guess you could go for a couple of hours. you could drive to berekly about 40 minututes from sf and go berekly and walk down the avenue. pretty awesome down there. coit tower and alamo square are both boring. go to haight street it's crazy fun and the only place where you can really BUY things. have fun!

    I have just a few comments. It costs about $25 per person to take the boat to Alcatraz, and I doubt it's worth it unless you're really into Alcatraz. Winchester mystery house is in San Jose, which is about an hour drive from SF. Similarly, Stanford and Yosemite are not actually in SF and would probably require a car to get there. Actually, going to Napa and Big Sur would require a car too. Since you're only going to be in SF for a weekend, it would be best spent actually in the city. I would suggest Fisherman's Wharf/Pier 39, Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown, Lombard Street, and Union Square. They are all roughly in the same area of SF and accessible by the Muni bus system. Experiencing all these things is free for the most part. You will have a blast! Edit: To the person who attempted to debunk my information, nowhere is Golden Gate Park or UC Berkeley in my list of faraway places. Also, when I referred to the places to go, "roughly" indicates that they aren't exactly next door to each other, but they are in about the same part of SF, namely, the northern part.

    Union square is a nice spot but,I wouldnt consider it a "nightlife" spot. Fiahermans wharf will only cost you cash if you decide to have lunch. A walk away crab cocktail...umm 6-8 bucks. Cant leave the wharf with out having clam chowder in a bread bowl.. about 8 bucks. Golden gate bridge-toll (southbound) 5 bucks Alcatraz- 30-40 bucks depending on who you tour with Bay Cruise-22 Chinatown-free Coit tower-free All the other things will require a rental car. Gas is high out here! If you have a rental car then I suggest: Muir woods,Golden gate park. You wont have time to do much more. Without a rental car I suggest: Fishermans wharf Alcaatraz (this tour is long and has a lot of walking) Union square Bay cruise China town Lombard Street

    If you're only bringing $300 then forget about driving to Yosemite and all that. I would just stay in the city. Definately do the wharf, alcatraz, cable car, lombarad, ggpark, chinatown, coit tower. Maybe hit up some museums too like the MOMA. Go to like hotels.com to find a cheap hotel. Hotels I would recommend in Union square are the Westin, Hyatt, sir francis drake. Streets you wanna stay away from are Ellis and Eddy.

    No hotel except a seedy one will be that cheap unless you get lucky on expedia, or priceline. $300 will be tight!! Fishermans wharf & union square are not that close, a $8-10 cab ride apart. Also FW not safe at night, and no nightlife. Nightlife is in SOMA, again 8-10 cab from uniion square Fishman's wharf Free to walk around 1. Yosemite national park - a a three hour drive from SF 2. Golden gate bridge Free to walk or bike across $5 to drive across 2. Muir wood national monument: nice to walk around; also free butbus will be about $6 roundtrip 3. Alcatraz costly, kinda cool but not within your price range...you can see from wharf & bridge 3. Napa and sonoma valley-a 1 hour ride to each about 30 minutes apart 9one is due north; other is north east) free excpet for drive and bridge toll. most wineries wil lcharge to taste.$5-10 per winery 4. Cable car only a couple of bucks great way to get around as a tourist. 4. Bay Cruise expensive, better to take ferry ot larkspur and back. 5. Lombard street free to walk or drive 5. Big Sur or Sonoma coast again, about three hours. 6. Golden gate park Lots of free things to do, some cost $$ 6. Monterey and Santa Cruz about 2-3 hour drive sue south great beaches fun, not cheap. 7. China Town cheap to walk around; food cheap be wary of restaurant health ratings b/4 eating 7. Winchester mystery house and Rosicrucian Museum I lived in San jose for 25 years an never went to WMH over priced for what it is and about 1.5 hour drive from SF Museum cool if like stuff but again 1/5 hours 8. Union square lots of shopping not much else 8. Stanford University about 45 minutes south, not much to do but check out campus and art gallery; palo alto nice town but $$ and UC berkeley on BART about 25 minutes away from SF cost about $7 rt; fun to walk aorund. be careful at night 9. Coit tower free not safe at night great views 9. Pinnacles national monument again about 3 hours away 10.Alamo square painted ladies houses about 10 minutes great pics, will be cab or bus ride Things to definitely do, and not too pricey: Take a Cable Car ride North Beach - old Italian Section Walk/Bike across Golden Gate Bridge Golden Gate Park - De Young Museum and Conservatory of Flowers Fisherman's Wharf/Pier 39 Union Square Ferry Building (Located at the Embarcadero) The Metreon MOMA Lombard Street AT&T Park Tour A ferry ride to Sausalito or Tiburon Restaurants: Farmers Market (at the Ferry Building), Mission (La Cumbre, El Toro, or La Tacqueria), Swan Oyster Depot, Mitchell's Ice Cream. Other cheap eats would be the food court (not your normal food court in San Francisco Centre. BE WARY OF HOTEL PARKING CHARGES IF YOU BRING A CAR ($40 and up!!). Gas is also over $4/gallon in the City, and parking will cost you. Best to have no car. You can get multi-day MUNI pass at 511.org

    The hippy flow based in San Fransisco and the gay embraced the Hippy flow because of the loose love component. and the actuality the numerous Hippies did no longer choose the homosexuals, so San Fransisco grew to alter into the gay mecca by skill of default because of the fact the hippies moved directly to stay their lives and grew up the homosexuals stayed. because of the fact hippies the place a fad and Homosexuals are only the way that God made them.

    I could list everything that everybody else is listed on here. but it would be a lot easier to go to find everything you're looking for restaurants, nightclubs, transportation, must see sites and much much more. The Slow Food Nation festival is going on in San Francisco this weekend Slow Food USA is hosting its first-ever Slow Food Nation convention this weekend in San Francisco, It's too bad you can make that there is going to be about 50,000 people there.

    Many of those places aren't anywhere near san francisco from a local perspective. since your trip is so short, you should spend all your time in the city. bay area travel is expensive and time consuming. don't go to fisherman's wharf. it's a tourist trap. better: 2, 5, 6 i'm estranged from the city (tho i used to live there), so i'll count on others to give you more specific pro-recommendations.

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