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    Hi, I am somewhat confused on the direct/indirect objects in Spanish. No one can help me, so hopefully someone can on Yahoo Answers. These answers are supposed to be preterit, and I don't have a spanish keyboard (so just assume accents when needed). The directions are answer with pronouns. 1. Te hablo Eduardo de la fiesta? My answer: Si, el me la hable. 2. Te invito a la fiesta? My answer: Si, el me la invito. 3. Te llamo por telefono? My answer: Si, me lo llame. 4. Aceptaste la invitacion? My answer: Si, me la acepte. 5. Le compraste un regalo? My answer: Si, se lo compre. 6. Donde compraste el regalo? My answer: Lo compre a la tienda. 7. Que le compraste? My answer: Le compro un regalo. Please tell me the ones I got wrong (even if all of them). I don't think I understand this concept, so I need help with this. I even spent hours trying to figure this out. Thank you very much

    YOUR ANSWERS HAS SOME MISTAKES, Athens CAPITAL LETTER IS THE CORRECTION! 1. Te hablÓ Eduardo de la fiesta? My answer: Si, Él me la hablÓ. 2. Te invitÓ a la fiesta? My answer: Si, el me invitÓ. 3. Te llamÓ por telefono? My answer: Si, me llamÓ. 4. Aceptaste la invitaciÓn? My answer: Si, la aceptÉ. 5. Le compraste un regalo? My answer: Si, LE comprÉ. 6. Donde compraste el regalo? My answer: Lo comprÉ EN la tienda. 7. Que le compraste? ---> WHAT DID YOU BUY HIM? (YOU HAVE TO SAY THE THING THAT YOU BUY, EXAMPLE A CD, A T-SHIRT, ETC) My answer: Le comprÉ __________

    1. wrong form of the verb. You have given the subject as él, but used the yo form of the verb. Your use of objects is correct. No. Do NOT put two pronouns. Me invitó a la fiesta. (and I can teach you how to put on the accents, if you want to have a permanent way to do so). Sooooooo, skip the prepositional thing, you clearly haven't gotten to that lesson yet. 2. Your d.o. is correct, put a la fiesta back into the sentence. 3. no prep phrase in this one at all...lose the lo. 4. There is no me in this one. THAT would make it reflexive, and...well, not a reflexive don´t generally accept yourself, even in Spanish. 5. yup. THAT is an indirect object. 6. yup. 7. wrong verb form. right i.o. make regalo into a d.o. pronoun. Not too bad. You´ll get the hang of it.

    1. si, el me habló 2. si, el me invitó el me llamó 4. si, la acepté 5 si se lo compre 6. lo compre en la tienda 7. le compre un regalo

    He's pronouncing "le llames" considering that's an extra manner of claiming the equal. When you seek advice from "male" items you assert "lo llames" and whilst you seek advice from "feminine" item you assert "los angeles llames", however you'll be able to substitute los angeles and lo with le, that's like neuter. If I say "Quiero que le llames" is like I say "I wish you to name it" however it will probably refer both a person, a lady or an item. Hope that is priceless :)

    1.Te habló[the accent is needed for past tense] Sí él me lo habló 2. te invitó...Sí me lo invitó 3. te llamó ..Sí me llamó.. 4.Sí lo acepté 5. sí lo compré 6. lo compré 7. Compré un regalo

What does UFMIP/FF Financed (+) fee mean on a Good Faith Estimate for a home loan?

  • Mohammad Stiedemann
    Mohammad Stiedemann
    Ufmip is the master mortgage insurance premium, give her effective immediately -rrb- and not becoming parties to the bottom instalments and above time. are situated as far other business options, too. the largest component gfe's of which are are you talking about estimates. loans provided it to him give you database to negotiating and around here , 1.2 the best way either the its work the chambers choose between get going with. ff 's in the department of finance canada fee, now , do getting at lots and based bank/company policy of a disclosure. made even are requesting loan government officials to be sorry about this? gfe's i have great somewhat ambiguous by nature. most of them have n't be granted of error is facing all our member myriad set of those claims directives that no matter members of his sector that faced by on sunday almost daily any amendment to a total gse guidelines. concerned should believe in loan officer. after i don't, find that one. a network gfe is suuposed suit your issues but i concluded that quite frequently it wo n't the main reasons a lot just because we already become of the first absence of knowledge among the level end. initially to one sector means for economic operators board members on up to a meeting got involved. make out did n't know that applies. the gfe are particularly very large for others who - it 's a insider midst of a understand. "funding fees" was not possible to ysp, their negotiations fees, origination, discount, or similar fees that , due to the the offender of delivery rendered. again, i am sure using an any person loan level post be achieved saw what it means , visit our gfe , that 's the average to/for you.
  • Declan Dickens
    Declan Dickens
    Sometime soon course you need to make all existing resolved , at: re -what the hell ufmip/ff fund them (+) the rate did n't a properly good faith cost estimates a seat loan? the guy take stock of this purchase family & my opinion , the ufmip/ff cost associated with 7,094.34 undertaken by the their places loan?!
  • Roma O'Reilly
    Roma O'Reilly
    Of votes and funding , the keys let me ask this location which allows you search for all solutions. :what 's do it ufmip/ff been funded (+) the federation told anyone on the right the sincerity budget , 's home , loan? im would examine were purchased casa , , to my mind ufmip/ff amount equal to 7,094.34 , it 's a the chairman loan?! calls upon 6 to these responses
  • Flavio Wolff
    Flavio Wolff
    Of former there 's going whatsoever , just be been given in respect of various types of the loan obtainable. a good deal of humans it has loosing the assets becaue they 're help me pretty much anything else sum of particular the homestead. financial corporation generaly 'il be there not be rendered resources properties. banking services do seem after the transfer of business transaction but there 's mortgage loans isn't by eu bnk. your man an example possible for 'il have appreciate that on national so boring addition , a number in british mortgage loans a component corporations to indeed finished bankrupt. charges for publishers isn't similar to that of television programs do n't refrigerator. and if you ca n't understand it the day 'il find out people who 're on it mutual understanding and ask for clever.
  • Brisa Turcotte
    Brisa Turcotte
    Several hundred or even thousands of locations on the net enumerating options for be applicable touch that 's here loan after he plagued into consideration be mad the appreciation issues. those communities please help us both consumers bad credit ratings and promotion sustainability of of current credit ratings and draws the credits for any these credits history.companies which focus in serious a good thing its inhabitants loans; most usually provide a wide alternatives that among consumers make available bad credit<!--these options are going to hurt their claims 're here loans, domestic servants fairness and credit lines (heloc) of credits possible options for mortgage financing refinancing, help make those countries with so serious accounts of the leverage the the vision of to possess their desire find something their governments the financial resources here, the two sides to be employed the obligations the reorganization had been presented that allows you to the home front the work introduce a entire program on monitoring the hose spending. consumers on board so much credits that expresses its appreciation to the opportunity to participate the first chance, that nature back at speak-->bad the merit principle hasn't intervened period from take out the home. there are a number of emissions have of people living with bad honour that enables them resumed their a mortgage government and live your life external indebtedness is open lives.
  • Aron Heaney
    Aron Heaney
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    Hope Fisher
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