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    I'm planning a trip soon. The places I would absolutely love to visit would be... Ireland, England, Denmark, Oslo, Poland and Germany. Is it possible to plan a huge trip to all of them? ( and if so, then how many weeks?) If not, then which ones would be the best to travel to? And where would the best places to visit be? I'm 18 and I'll probably be 19 by the time I save up enough money. I want to visit places that have quite a bit of population but still have lots of beautiful scenery.

    The easy way to spoil a vacation is to cram too much into it. You've got six countries listed. That's a three month trip if you want to see much of them. You can't travel every day. It's too much. You need a few days in one place and rest, actually have time to see the place you're in, relax, enjoy being free and know you're on vacation instead of on a business trip with schedules to keep to. When you get here, only one date matters. That's the fly-home date. All the rest of it you fill as you wish so try overfilling it and wreck it or have an easy time seeing fewer places and enjoy it. Here's a crazy one... all in trains with a few breaks to see stuff outside the trains but they doubtless never thought of it like that.. The cost quoted is now out of date...minimum subsistance level is $60 a day . At $90 a day average you'll be OK. 10 days...$900 for a comfortable time. 100 days, a bit over three months, $9000. That's being there, not with the long flight included which will be another $1000 -$1500 depending where you're starting from. Soon adds up eh? You can be Athens on a lot less but then you have to be frugal and well disciplined with money.. Who wants to worry about every cent on a long vacation and going hungry when the last few wads of available cash are being used and the ticket home isn't valid till two weeks from now? Pay a change of flight fee for the ticket and go home miserable. That isn't an enjoyable time at all. Neither is rushing around cramming more stuff into the time. Go easy....that's livin' then instead of existing. See from...There's only one problem to do it from scratch is on the next link, but destinations are your choice. It's an update of the one in the link on the Q above, so see the new one below. It's got more on it. You'll have a couple of months at least and maybe three or four months after booking the airline ticket so you get the best price. Prices start high then dip then rise again so look for the dip by putting trial dates in up to four months in advance. There's plenty of time after booking the ticket to do all the research on destinations but don't over-do the planning. It's a complete waste of time planning all the days of a long trip as you'll find out when you get here...that's on the link, in the long one from me. One thing stands out easy though. Denmark and Oslo are out of the way of the others for travelling so your travel plans are not so good that way and those places are mighty mighty expensive. Ireland is on a limb too but people commute that from London to Dublin every day. 1-hour flight and lots of them. There are cheap flights with Ryanair Easyjet and Flybe and a couple of other airlines from London and Manchester and a dozen other airports around the UK. I go to Ireland a lot but not as much as a few years ago because Ireland, especially Dublin, is very expensive now. Read this for what it's like for expense and some places to see.....it's for a potential student. of Scandinavia is very big time huge big time...expensive!! Denmark and Oslo are in Scandinavia. Scan de lottery win if you want a decent amount of time in those unless you're from a rich family or are prepared to trade a week there for at least two weeks of somewhere else.. New Link...travel in a nutshell you travel remember that fortune favours the brave but not the just plain daft. Normal street sense, you'll be fine. When things go wrong...transport problems, rotten weather that closes airports or floods roads, hostel fully booked when you turned up out of the blue and then spent a lot more on a hotel instead, all sorts happen....... .....keep smiling. A philosophical attitude gets you through the hard times much better than being miserable. Bad times don't last for ever. Enjoy Europe. Have a great trip...best of luck

How much of a line of credit can I take out at the bank?

  • Arnulfo McLaughlin
    Arnulfo McLaughlin
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  • Laurine Wiegand
    Laurine Wiegand
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  • Talon Ullrich
    Talon Ullrich
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  • Harmony Wilkinson
    Harmony Wilkinson
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