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    You will need to have exceptional grades in year 10, 11, and 12 across all subjects. Your grammar is weak but your spelling is good; bad grammar WILL haunt you. Your best bet would be a military academy if you have top grades and have a great focus in math and science with excellent health. It's not a guarantee that you will be picked up as a pilot. If you chose not the go that route you should work on completing a 4 year degree at a well known university with a good flight program. This also allows you to be hired by the airlines with a lower number of hours once the 1500 hour rule kicks in. Arizona State and San Juan College both have flight programs that work well with the flight school founded by Mesa Airlines ( Most successful graduates make it into Mesa Airlines where they can build their hours, move from the FO to CAPT seat, and then move from CAPT of the RJ into the FO of a 737 or similar in the airlines. It's a 10 year process but some find it to be very rewarding. I spent some time working in Farmington, Athens where Mesa has their school and it was a great program to look at. Embry Riddle (1/2 dozen campuses) is fantastic but it's also expensive and you roll through instructors and cash if you are not careful. I enrolled in Embry Riddle but didn't attend because of things I heard from other students. University of North Dakota has a fantastic programs and is reasonably priced. UND's program, in my opinion, is one of the best. They focus on you as a pilot and the turnover at the school isn't as fast as that at Embry. State University had a great program as well and it has expanded in the past few years. Institute of Aeronautics had a great program and could be combined with an Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) program. It took an extra year but you had a degree, your Commercial with Single and Multi-engine ratings with Instrument. All ATPs is great for finishing up ratings if you are going the Part 61 route but also has a Part 141 program and pairs up with Mountain State University. I had a few students finish up advanced ratings with them. One flies with Gulfstream, another flies with FedEx, and I believe one is at Hillsboro in Portland. Speaking of which, Hillsboro Aviation is a fantastic school and has a fantastic fixed wing and rotary wing program. They don't have a Bachelor's program but ERAU and Portland Community college have degree programs. PCC is an associate's program. Keep in mind that 90% of airline pilots have a degree and many former military pilots have an engineering degree with ROTC or Academy backgrounds. Marshall University and Ohio University have program but you have to go to a Part 141 school for your flight training. Both of the schools they used were great. Keep in mind that aviation isn't inexpensive, particularly with fuel at nearly $5/gallon US. If you pursue this endeavour on your own you will find it to cost $25,000-$40,000, dependent upon the program, after college. If you go to a traditional college, get a valuable degree, and pursue flight separately through an organization like AllATPs. You may then have to pay for some turbine time or pay for initial pilot training and a type rating before flying for a feeder airline. This was common with the Comair Academy. If you are selected and complete it, after paying, you have a job. If you fail it is an expensive lesson. Don't confuse this with Pay 2 Fly, where you pay for the type rating and the hours and then go looking for a job. Most Airline Pilots frown on P2F but completely understand getting the job with ComAir or Mesa and then having to pay for your type. Competition for airline, feeder airline, and cargo airline jobs is very difficult. It's a long road to get to the 6-figure aviation jobs and many of them are now 60% of what they were 10 years ago when it was difficult to find qualified pilots but still competitive. Source(s): Worked for 2 large aviation companies, including a major business jet manufacturer. Owned a multi-engine flight school and charter service. Pilot for 21 years. Attended Marshall University

    Of path. Lots of airline pilots are feminine. You do not need to have excellent eyesight to be a pilot. You do not even want excellent imaginative and prescient to be a US air drive pilot. To be a business pilot, your imaginative and prescient demands to be correctable to twenty/20. There's extra to it than that however the 20/20 requirement is the only such a lot persons are involved approximately.

    Well yu start out with flight school and earn you ppl (private pilots license) which you need around 60 hours and will cost between 9,000-13,000$ after that you go for instrument, Commercial, Comercial instrument, Then A&P(airliner transport) which is 1,500 hr. I think the best thing is to go for a CFI (Certified flight instructor) or CFII (Certified flight instructor/Instrument) after yu get your ppl which should be another 4,000$ But this way you will get paid to build hours.... If you have any questions i would love to talk to you more about this C.santos152411@gmail.com

    Google "light School" and I'm sure a website will pop up for a local one. Site will tell you everything. Basically need 1500hrs private pilot hours to fly commercial. (I think)

    Go to flying school. good for u! maybe ill fly on ur plane someday!!!

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