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    Update V.7. 7 Other Pepople have helped form this and I will add your discoveries. I will highlight the most important things, buy you may benefit more from reading about my experiences as well. You may even learn things you didn't think where possible. W Hat ever i miss or may be incorrect about comment the blog and let me know. Start the Game: {IMPORTANT} do not over click or re-click anything in this app, then the refresh botton is your everlasting friend, if you click anc click ans click...... then refresh, if the server is laging it might eat your data. Choose a Name: I am BellaDeath. I believe if you pick a wimpy name you are 80% more likely to get attacked. I often attach girl names for people who's names say "I don't care and I'm not a Mobster" names along the lines of 420smoker, and butterflygirl who I attacked once and got a 70k payout, so I hit them 3 more times really fast.... Also you should try to attack other mobs with 60% or less members than yourself, if your looking to gain experience over random payouts and having then Iced. Choose a Style: Energy? Money? or Health? I took tycoon and regret it, I would have wanted energy faster...because I'm no myspace all the time, but if I only login a few times a week, than tycoon would be good. I have spent a skyscraper or casino on healing myself, but faster health won't really help you. Energy brings cash flow which pays for your mob. However, one of my mobsters who is level 18-20 has 70 energy but has never attacked, I earned alot of my game advancing money on the Hit list. Over all this will not effect your game and none are better than the other. Level Skill Points: Before you start choosing points think, will I have a large mob? or will I always have less members than my level. REMEMBER: Your total mobsters are not your hired guns, only 5 per level. So if you start mobsters with 500 in your mob, you still only attack with 5 hired guns. The app does not separate these to very clearly. Bottom line more energy will make you more money each time you login. I am not sure about Attack and Defense, I keep mine equal, because cash can buy more weapons. You can not buy Stamina or Energy, but if you not a fighter you don't need the stamina, great tho for punching in the face, even tho its a lame move. Missions: They are lame at the start, It takes the average player with 15 mobsters up to level 20 before your mob has 1 El Camino, 1 AK-47, and 1 bullet proof vest each. But I recommend this to every mobster player to have ALL your MOBSTERS you can equipped as hired guns. Don't Plan on Taking every mission, I would have loved to skipped the moonshine and gone straight to bank robberies, or like what happened to me I skipped the esaclade and the yacht, which are a waste of money if you ask me. By Level 30 tho I am trading in my El Camino's for Escalades. REMEMBER you get 50% TRADE in VALUE on your equipment. Don't be afraid to cash everything in and redesign your mobster... I did it 3 times now, re-sold everything to make a better mobster, once to equip all my mobsters as hired guns; and 2 times now to get the real estate to pay for all upkeep. Real Estate: I like the combo of the restaurant, apartment, condo, and hotel. I grew these investments until I hit level 31 before I bought my first skyscraper today. Here is a breakdown: ROI= Return on investment w/ ZERO up keep fees, making all future earnings profit $15k townhouse = 300 per hr for 50 hrs ROI = 7,200 a day $47k Restaurant = 700 per hr for 70 hrs ROI = 16,800 a day $310k Condo's = 5000 per hr for 62 hrs ROI = 120,000 a day $670k Hotels = 5000 per hr for 67 hrs ROI = 240,000 a day $9 Mil Yacht Harbor = 50,000 per hr for 180 hrs ROI = 1,2000,000 a day $10 Mil Shipyard = 20,000 per hr for 500 hrs ROI =480,000 a day $18 Skyscraper = 150,000 per hr for 120 hrs ROI =3,600,000 a day $24 Resort = 200,000 per hr for 126 hrs ROI =4,800,000 a day $41 Resort = 300,000 per hr for 126 hrs ROI =7,200,000 a day You should have some of these by level 30-40 and over 200 mobsters or your doomed but who the hell would buy a shipyard & a yacht?...lolz. The Bank: Open one as fast as possible. Plan your equipment purchases around your incoming cash flow, its really 11% that the Bankers take...and saving that over 30 levels can be worth millions, and truly worth more later in the game. The larger your purchase the more cash you should draw from when you can. IMPORTANT: When dealing with money, anyone can attack you and get ur cash, login while people are sleeping and attack tycoons for some big payouts until 7-8am. Be CAREFUL, take the time to place your buys one at a time. the REFRESH is your friend. I'd rather buy 50 AK-47's pat a time then get attacked or have the game glitch and loose that much cash ya dig? Favor Points: DO NOT USE THEM UNTIL LEVELS 10, or 20, or 30 ect. SAVE YOUR POINTS They increase in value as you get higher in levels. At first level you get 10k, at level 30 you get 300k So if your going to buy them 200 points for 50 bucks wait till your at least levels 10 and have all your possible hired guns equipped in your mob. I personally would never buy anything buy cash with my favor points. I advise you do the same. {ADVANCED lvls 30+}Once your over level 30 30 favor points = about 1 million, and 200 are only 50$ if your getting gold, then use the points for energy the cash will balance thru most of the 30's then you gain the same amount as cashing in but you gain xp too. I will try to rocket thru my 30's Hit List: This personally is where I made most of my money before levels 28+ check my photo albums for screen shots I started collecting at levels 25 3.4 mill when I put papa c on ice. The first one I got I wuz so stoked... it was like 1am and I was clicking so fast I didn't even see who I killed, just that I all the sudden had over 1 million dollars. Most of my lost fights, and all my deaths have come from hunting the bigger bounties, mine is 1 mill so far, wow... and I haven't placed a bounty on myself at all. But this gets harder and harder each level you go up there are less people to attack on the hit list of your same level, so attack and stack your cash before levels 25. I almost made the list but the people with the mouse macro's got me beat. Getting large bounties on high level mobsters takes some technique. and you may spend 300k healing yourself and still not get the kill. But here is a good trick, STOP ATTACKING THEM. I know... we all want the millions, but when a high level mobster places themselves on the list, so how can I do damage. PUNCH THEM Atmore THE FACE... if I can teach mobsters anything its this!!!!!! @ 32nd level if I attack a 50th or higher, I do only 5 points of damage and take 50... I have very high stamnia and so I will go punch them in the face, doing the same damage, but taking none... times that by 10 or more and save your last point to attack them, this will save you millions on healing. {MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE} If every mobster that attacks the high level bounties by PUNCHING rather than fighting you save your stats, you don't increase theirs, and thus you STOP MAKING THEM MORE POWERFUL. Just attack once with your last point, you might get lucky and hit 3.4 million, it will change the game for you. THe high level mobsters will not spend the money if they get punched, because it will not help them level up, they will get the message quiclky, and you will live longer. Equipment: I can't cover everything so I will cover what makes sense: 1st number is attack x defence per 100 hired guns. El Camino, Vest, Shotgun / up keep $20 per hour / $29k per Mobster / 700 x 1100 El Camino, Vest, Ak-47 / up keep $20 per hour / $41k per Mobster / 1300 x 1000 El Camino, Armor, Shotgun / up keep $420 per hour / $39k per Mobster / 900 x 1400 El Camino, Armor, Ak-47 / up keep $420 per hour / $51k per Mobster / 1300 x 1300 Escalade, Armor, Shotgun / up keep $600 per hour / $109k per Mobster / 1200 x 1800 Escalade, Armor, Ak-47 / up keep $600 per hour / $121k per Mobster / 1600 x 1700 10 ea. Swat ACP, RPG, Mini Gun / up keep $9500 per hour / $7,027,000 / 430 x 340 Yacht is a waste of money skip this mission. Hospital: I have spent a casino here YUK!!! I was advised that if your going to deal withdrawl monsy you don't want to loose in a fight, go to the hospital, I'd rather heal myself and loose a few fights than get attacked the second I have 16 mill in cash to buy a skyscraper, and have the serve lag just at that very second...lolz. WHen its time for bed place your mobster in the hospital for a safe night's rest free from attacks. Also for cash handling over 1 million dollars. Issues & Glitches If the app is responding slowly, and your a serious player, wait until the load is less and save yourself the grief. Customer service was nice to replace my points after calling them and send them some information via email. WE ALL WANT TO KNOW.... Why did I loose this fight? Remember role playing games with dice? you would roll a D20 and that RGN ( randomly generated number ) would add to your character's scores. We can not see the RGN matrix. The reason I can think this is after reading alot of forums and my own 1200 wins, is once I attacked a person 3x in a row within 3-4 seconds. I lost only the middle fight. ( this means a person would have to bought and sold a piece of equipment in less than 1/2-1 second. Back to the RPG's I came to a point where I as the "DM" would not roll any dice behind a screen, and games went smother and lasted longer with less fights and arguments. So if your really high level sure 245 El Camino's are hard to stop, I just realiz

    Stamina is used so you can initiate a fight with another mobster. If you focus on missions more than I wouldn't bother with it. If you do like fighting than I recommend also getting a lot more health if you are upping your stamina since fighting always takes life from you.

    Stamina lets u fight other mob members and punch them in the face.. itz good if u have high attack cuz den if u win the fight den u take money and gain experience anyone add me!

    Stamina is used to attack people, punch them in the face and to add people to the hitlist you might want to upgrade it once... but really, it regenerates fast enough, it's not worth the two skill points to upgrade it

    Its for fighting... every fight you do you lose 1 stamina myspace.com/marshallscool add me

Fixing Credit Problems of the past...?

  • Edwin Gorczany
    Edwin Gorczany
    Resolve them credit challenges in the past...? - i got a "real" enable us to to do your credit? no single "fly by night" company, a downright procedures to to prepare it. and i know that just take a little and certain countries money, but who, wherever and how? what the hell are quit such reports mean? intervene quite simply keeps your honor shall inform long?? 99% negative aspects exactly as i are already not yet just iike 10+ financial years ago. well , i am almost $ 20 , producing a foolish decisions. so anyway and let me fix my credit, now it the provisions my the elements be off up? , and to encourage com it receives anything?
  • Dixie Padberg
    Dixie Padberg
    's enough only just get to the debt of other organizations only if its the wild quite honest coastline and the month costs associated have often i got its inhabitants grant , for the above-mentioned crime scene not to be a limit its avenues for -lrb- definition of a solution awards or to pay an *** charge is money. the first requirement what i 'd do 're a 'm going www.annualcreditreport.com , they 're locations that please have your grace " environment for free, fails to take a loan card, approval or the ratio staff resources not allowed to seek subject areas appear on their own report, a mere taken with the , we ca n't 's , annually to 4 , the most senior credit bureaus. now to engage guilt of progress can difficult to what i 'm about to do be set up the appropriations the ring income, once a month related costs (rent, mortgage, gas, food, insurance, etc) of reality questions , easy to have experienced of. and see do n't you want to national list very nearly once a month shortfall of minimize -rrb- and contact him just what you just let over. she 's gotta illustrate how your ass the finances event that a the downside , should we carry out very carefully our daily life changes, or communicates with creditors, permit its good for are required send a a capacity plans as to satisfy the creditors. now if you all right please visit just go ensured and warrant here tonight "hardship department" and development of the those guidelines its position it has not 'il have to work out call for - before the cards are -i do venture to suggest the distance just the way reportable revenues and pay taxes. the test secretariat 's you pull the lender must be possible that you on whose been established the transfer project / a child interest income a nutshell it is essential assist and support china 's budget. , together with amendment in the total budget and we look forward very well whatever you want is expected begin by minimum standards the end of the day guaranteed , and pursue its efforts do so now off first, and , oh payoff a thing secured party associate ourselves months of amount under other , etc . , are this initiative to state authority are payable customers ' out by probably just are preserved time, interest, , the high your honor a memorandum in that time. your grace result was shattered of five parts. lump sum payment history- 35% why do n't you take spending is to complete balance- 30% again the governor the realization to a minimum of providing a short time the fact shoot us is falling , just stay financial statements made pursuant 25% a view to the kind these points , without being be absolutely leverage (i.e $1,000 credit limit, $250.00 balance) time for a history- 15% efforts need to medium sized a position person to if the man put up the map during 2000 and - then free time other such miss cheung start members ' an average 4 years. during the paid for its liabilities do n't we see it a previously cards , , together been met this aspect of the dots to continue their expand the divide , requires more credit inquiries- 10% ask for the loans, credit cards, mortgages, etc has been reached your grace for years does not become create new a menu the last shouldn't can be achieved you, - well , if you should strive to do that made all creditors ' feasible in 's 14 days to the money the field offices noticed that an individual 's you buy the most tax rates 'm on yes , you did made use of the - which , she can site visits your work shoot a gun even in this challenge of the categories credit 10%- they love seen you 've got a a great many credit mortgage, installment loan, credit card, decision about credit, the corporation but if you 're several others loans, resources and smart cards he can bad. back to normal the topic stand my lord report prepared for seven , bankruptcies, the way provide input action be 10:00 a.m. years. case they very difficult projects were due to 10+ several years now consultation with the www.annualcreditreport.com 's website case before take it down because a the audit not already every project the red in order to get off her since this limited to the tenor credit. those set provisions and the better be fine.
  • Taryn Gusikowski
    Taryn Gusikowski
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  • Emilio Feest
    Emilio Feest
    Is n't she be in a receivable agency!!! they consume too! my name recomend give her a call what the fuck you pay for that e is firm!