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    TVI Express in its true essence is an e-commerce based conglomerate which encompasses all aspects of business, using the Internet as its modality. Hence, we provide products and services from across the globe to the customer, wherever he or she may be. Boundaries -- geographical or political are merely part and parcel of the terrain we work on. The global village is actually the main dimension of our working environment in practice. From the very beginning, we have used the Internet to develop a sophisticated online system which allows our Distributors to manage their business from anywhere, at any time. From signing up and logging on, to purchasing products and accessing numerous exclusive training and development tools, our website is, simply, one of the best of its kind in the world. This Turnkey Business System is the finest in the Industry which has been acclaimed and validated by Experts from around the globe. FAQ 1. How much does it cost? The cost to join TVI Express is INR 15500/-if paid using prepaid vouchers and is INR 15500/- if paid by Liberty Reserve or Credit Card. It's a one time out of the pocket expense for a lifetime membership and does not include any recurring charges. 2. How fast can I get started after I sign up? Instantly. You immediately receive your membership backoffice and one click access to all various booking and search engines to start planning your next holiday. You also receive your very own Marketing Package and a self replicating website to start promoting the TVI Express Opportunity and build your way to the financial freedom. 3. Do I need to sell any products? No. You don’t need to sell any products. TVI Express is a unique e-commerce opportunity allowing you to build the Business around the globe sitting at your home. However, we do support leaders who take initiatives to promote the opportunity offline conducting seminars and workshops about the Opportunity. 4. Is there a recurring cost or monthly membership payment? No. There is no monthly payment. Your one-time payment to join TVI Express entitles you to have lifetime access to our upcoming promotional deals, programs and campaigns. 5. What do I need to do to cycle out of the boards? The first thing you need to do is sponsor two (2) people who join the TVI Express Opportunity. This will qualify you to cycle out of the boards as you progress ahead in the Compensation plan. Secondly, you need to encourage and teach those two downlines (people you sponsored) to sponsor more people and duplicate the process. Following these two simple steps will have you making money even while you sleep 6. Is there any limit on the times I can cycle out of the Express board and earn INR4,50,000 each time. No. There is no limit on cycles. You can earn as much as you want by cycling out multiple times, giving you an opportunity to create ongoing Residual income with each milestone you cross. 7. What is Residual Income? How is it different from Board payouts? Residual Income ensures that you earn money on every sale in your organization enabling you to earn thousands of dollars with growth of your network. It is different from the Board payouts and gets activated as soon as you cycle out of the Express (2nd) board. With growth of your network, not only you will cycle in boards and earn payouts but will also earn a certain percentage of amount on every person joining your worldwide team. The Compensation plan has been designed keeping in mind the long term growth opportunities, with fast income at every step. 8. Is there any capping limit on Residual Income? No capping, no ceiling and no time boundations. You can earn unlimited amount of income and the matrix structure pays till infinity allowing you to enhance your income every coming week. 9. Can I sponsor more than two people? To qualify and earn commissions, you need to sponsor two people. However, if you want to progress fast and create multiple legs to ensure faster cycles and enhanced residual income from multiple legs, we do urge you to sponsor as many people as you can and support them at the same time. 10. What do I receive when I cycle? You get the following commissions after you cycle out of the respective boards : 1) Traveller board : You receive INR 31000/- (INR 15500/- cash + an eVoucher worth INR 15500/-) 2) Express Board : You receive INR4,50,000 and a re-entry into the Express Board to know more about CALL Atmore SHIJO – 09886917124 tvibuz@gmail.com

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