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    What is a good first bike if I am 5' 7'. I am 16 and my parents said if I can pay for it and the insurence I can get it. I have a job making plenty of money to pay for both (my dad knows that cause I work for him) My dad wants me to get a dual sport and Is letting me pick which one. all I have to do is find a used one of the one I want. I don't want to hear that I'm to young, I don't want to hear I need to go to motorcycle training because I'm already signed up. If you have any more ideas about what bike to get let me know, but it needs to be a dual sport of some kind.

    Hey I clicked the link you put and it didnt' work? The answers below are all good but chewey above me, makes a VERY IMPORTANT statement. He says if you are not going to take freeways it should be ok. Here is why. The dual sport bikes are horrible, just terrible in 2 conditions. 1. Windy 2. Speeds of 60mph and around cars on the freeway The bike is designed more for ruggedness and being a dual bike its not sleek and aerodynamic so when you get on the freeway the first time you are going to say 3 words.. Atmore MY GOD The wind is going to shock you and it will feel like someone leaning against your chest the whole time. If I were never going to go over 50 or 60 mph and just go to school and work and back or cruise around for fun than the dual sport is great. I have put 2 links below you might find interesting. Now...I want to mention something to you that you need to know. If you are going to be paying payments on the bike and not buying it cash, then it will be very hard for you to afford it as the dealer and the insurance co. at your age will totally rake you over the coals. I have met 16 year olds with more maturity than 19 year olds so I'm not knocking your age but the insurance companies are going to charge you a lot of money per month for insurance if you finance a bike..here is why. When you finance and pay payments...on a bike, the insurance requirements are higher to protect the dealers bike, and if you miss one, even just one insurance payment or you are late 1 day, they will repo the bike so fast it will make your head spin around. Now..are you sitting down? There was a guy on yahoo answers here who was about your age and was financing a bike and his insurance was higher than his bike payment, it was $400 per month the insurance alone. Now the good news... If you buy a bike outright and dont pay payments, like a newer bike but used with a few miles on it, the price of the bike is much lower. Also if you can buy it outright cash, without having to finance it, the insurance is cheap! I have a zx10 which is a 1000cc engine and considered very expensive to insure as its a sport bike but I pay $200, not per month but per year! Why so cheap? Well, if you buy the bike cash like I did, the insurance requirements are less strict. I have the basic insurance, no medical or theft since I bought the bike used for cheap I don't have to insure it to the max. Also, you might not know this but even with basic insurance if someone hits you and they have insurance also (and its the law so almost everybody has insurance anyways) you still get your bike repaired by their insurance co. since they are at fault. So you can get basic insurance but the problem is if you finance it they wont give you the bike if you don't get the expensive kind. So you have a lot of decisions to make not just what bike to get...If you can come up with a decision on this list here then I think..you are good to go. 1. What bike to buy? 2. How much is insurance? (Get a free quote) 3. If I am financing it how much are the payments?? If it was me here is what I would do. If I had to finance the bike well..I would not buy the bike as there is no way I would pay $300 a month or so for a motorcycle payment and another $300 or $400 a month for insurance. Conservatively the monthly payment on bike and insurance can easily reach over $500 a month and my prediction it will be more. Mostly not because of your age but because of financing it. Even if I bought a bike and financed it through the dealer I would probably only have to pay about $100 difference in what you would pay but its highway robbery what they charge. My first bike was a Kawasaki Ninja 250 and it was a blast! It also goes freeways and you can get one cheap cash if its used for $1500-$2000 all day long. Go to craigslist below and ebay motors and look around.

    Best Answer - Chosen by Asker 3 weeks ago. First - Take the rider education class, and you are already sign-up for that. Great! :-) Buy Japanese starting with Honda, like a Honda Rebel 250 for the street. You need to think about how you want or intend to use your motorcycle (commuting only, short trips. long trips, "poser", etc.). If you are vertically challenged, then seat height may limit your choices to more of a cruiser style of bike for the street. I consider 250 cc as a realistic minimum engine size for an entry level "motorcycle" for a street bike. Alternatively, A dual sport is another option, especially if you have an interesting off-road riding, or dual sporting events. But they have a significantly taller seat hieght compared to a crusier style bike. If you think that motorcycling will become more than just a passing fancy, try thinking to do some thinking not just the first bike but the first 2 bikes. If you have at least average to above average aptitude, then you will out-grow a 250cc fairly quickly, and want to move "up". One question to ask is if you think that this dual sport will last you until you graduate high school? It really is good advice to build your experience in stages. This is the way most of us do it, and it is a good way to go. It is not too early to start thinking about waht the next bike might be. Lastly I would discourage the idea of a sport bike type of bike for your first bike. The street is not the place for "racing", and the development of your basic skills should be your focus. And something with a wider, longer handlebar is easier to ride. Good luck! :-)

    I had a Yamaha XT225 a couple of years ago and really liked it. I never should have sold it. Many dual sports have very tall seat heights, which might be a problem if you are 5'7". The XT sits a little lower. It is very light, top speed was about 75 even with my fat **** on it. Insurance was about $100 per year. It got 63 mpg if I rode it very hard. It doesn't look quite as tough as the Honda and suzuki dual-sports of similar size, but don't be fooled. It can easily keep up with them on the trail. It also has electric start, which is a nice feature if you are riding around town.

    Dual sport yamaha 225's (the only dual sport, yamaha had in stock) have a low seat height in my opinion, my old yamaha dirtbike was higher, but yamaha builds a pretty good bike, im 15 and will either get a dual sport or an atv in the spring

    If you're not planning on much highway or freeway riding, a Suzuki DR200 might be a good choice.

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