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    I just started my first training day today and tomorrow I have my CDLs or whatever you call them... but today I was put at the register for training and there are a few things I'm just not clear on. How do I memorize all the produce codes? There are like a billion of them and I know they are in a big booklet next to the register, but I feel like it takes forever for me to look at it and find the code... Another cashier told me I can't take the booklet home, so is there anywhere online that has the codes available w/ pictures? My best bet would be to memorize them at home, along with the bag of ice codes and all that. What can I do? I also am confused with checks. I know you press the CHECK button, then scan the check in that machine, but what happens after that? What do I press? Price matching: I realize that the customer needs to show the ad, but what is the process after that? Cashing a check: How do I do this? What is the best way to scan clothes and bag them? Customers would throw them all together and the clothes would be on hangers and get bunged up and I would have a hard time locating the barcode. Dumb question but: When I would be bagging up the groceries, if people have a ton, sometimes they won't start loading their own basket, but I need the room on the spinny thing to bag their other groceries. Do I stop and leave the cashier to start loading them to make room for more I need to bag, or do I just continue to bag them all around and then help them once I have given them their total? 3 for $1 items or variations of that: What do I press for that? I know it's 3 / 1 or something but I'm unsure. Sorry for all the questions, and I know it was my first day but the store is just so fast paced and they didsn't have time to teach me anything. If someone could help me I would REALLY appreciate it :) Thank you!!!

    Hello, I've been a walmart cashier for several months now and I'll be more than happy to answer your questions. They do train you on a lot of this, but there are some things that they're not very clear on or just brush by and it can get confusing. -for the produce codes, I've only memorized a few, typically what i do is look at the fruit/veggies first and see if they have a sticker with a code on them, if they do, just punch in the 4 digit code, if not, on the screen there is a button that says item look up, then click on produce and then look for the item. For the ice, the walmart where I work at has barcode stickers for the ice on the register or on a sheet of barcodes, just look around for it or ask someone where it is. -when someone pays with a check, press total and then the check button then press yes, then place the check in the machine and do whatever it says to on the screen. It will ask for the customer to agree and then sign, once they sign the check will go through the machine again and then it will normally ask you to give the check to the customer, just click clear and hand the customer the check and the receipt will print up and hand them the receipt. -When it comes to ad matching, they must have a flier and the flier has to be current, so check the date, and check the price on it. If it just says buy one get one free but doesn't show what the price is, we can't give it to them because they could be selling it at a much higher price than us. If it says 2 for $1 or something like that, then you press price override, scan the item, then press reason 2 when it shows up on the screen, then enter in the price (so 50 cents). Then do that for the next item. -to cash a check, put in 13 action code, ask to see the customer's Auburn and make sure the signatures match, also make sure the date on the check is either current or that date has already passed, (for example, if it's feb 14, but the check says feb 15, then you can't cash it til the 15th or you will get in trouble). write down the Auburn number on the check and put the state initials before the numbers (for example, I live in tennessee, so for me it would look like TN123456789) Then put the expiration date for the Auburn on the check and last ask the customer for their phone number and write that on the check, unless the customer has already written their phone number on the check. Have the customer type in their SSN# on the pin pad and then press yes after you're done filling out the info on the check. enter the amount the check is, then place the check in the machine and then it will ask the customer if they want the check on a card or in cash, normally they want it in cash, just put the check in the drawer and give them the cash it says on the screen. -When it comes to clothes, I ask them if they want their hangers, if they don't want them, i take the hangers off all the items then scan all of them and semi fold them and place them in the bag, if they want the hangers, i just do my best to fit as many in a bag as I can. -When I run out of space on the carousel, I start placing the bags on top of the carousel and stack it as high as I possibly can without items falling over, usually they'll eventually catch on and start placing the items in their cart (unless it's someone who is either elderly or handicapped, then I automatically start placing the items in their cart once the carousel is full) if the customer is someone who is fully capable of placing the items in a cart but is just refusing to, then I'll just start placing the items in their cart once I can't possibly fit anymore items on the carousel. -for items that are 3 for $1 or anything like that, i usually just divide it and ring each item for the divided price. Hope this is helpful, let me know if you have anymore questions. It's tricky for the first few months, but you'll get the hang of it. :) GOOD LUCK!!!!!


    Walmart Cash Register Codes

    As a wal-mart meat department associate, trust me. All of your training will be covered in your CBLs and you will get a lot of training on the register before they throw you out into the public. Just try to be a cashier for about 6 months and transfer to a better department, if you live in a large town being a cashier will get very stressful very fast.

    Yes, you did the right thing. Your the customer, she's the employee, her job is to respect you & do her job at the same time, be a cashier without adding stress. People like her do not like their job or have some problems in life that they have to take it out on people they don't even know. So, don't take it too personally but do acknowledge the fact that she did need to be reported for being rude & immature. You did exactly what I would have done. And i do report rude people whenever it shouldn't be tolerated. Good for you, I hope she got in trouble.

    I got thrown on a register on just my second day shadowing...my trainee at the moment thought i was ready but i do not know every code or steps to do everything so when im stuck i ask for help and they guide me through it.

    When the register calls for a serial number and you put it in what do you push next and don't say enter cause it doesn't work

    Hard matter. try searching on bing and yahoo. this might help!

Is it smart to take out a loan for 1 year against your 401k?

  • Norma Hagenes
    Norma Hagenes
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    Hal Blanda
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    Nichole Gorczany
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    Camila Bogan
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