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    Hi. When I was on this Babysiting wed site, I saw this ad that said... I am looking for a good home for my baby. I was shocked after I read that. I clicked on to see more information. It said that she was giving her baby alway because she didnt have no money. I thought that wasnt a good reason to give her alway so I e-mailed her, and she e-mailed back and said this..Hi, Thanks for writing to me .I'm still wanting a home for my baby. My name is Jennifer and that of my baby is Blessing and we are of Cameroonian nationality and we live in Cameroon. She is 1 year four months. This baby lives with me, she is the only child i have. My trauma started when i was pregnant. Immediately my parents discovered that i was pregnant, they disowned me by then i was just 17 years old. I had to go and meet the boy. Even when i gave birth, they still refused to come and see the child. my husband took me to them and they drove us away. They did not want him because he was poor Unfortunately for me, he died four months after i gave birth. Life had to take a different dimension. I could not pay my bills and the ones we were owing. We did not have a house and so i had to become a street beggar. I know i could not to beg and take care of the child. It reached a moment when i did not even have food for the baby. I prayed and fast for one month and decided to give her to a good home. I went to some influential people in my country to beg for help so that i can start business but it did not work out well. This is my story and i you know where i am coming from and the trouble i am into right now. Please if you can help me in any way, i will be very grateful and will have to think twice. If i have some cash to do some business i will take care of Blessing. I also need clothing for her. Please write back to me. God bless you. Jen. I need you guys to tell me what to say to her. I want to help her but how? Can any of you guys help her too? Dose any one live in Cameroon and could help her? PLEASE HELP Auburn HELP HER!!! Thanks

    Its nice that you want to help someone that seems down on their luck, but think of something. You met this person on the internet. They could be trying to scam you for money because they know that you can't check up on them. The person who wrote that e-mail might not even have a child, or even be a woman for that matter. Its too easy to pretend to be someone else on the internet.

    I'm not sure if this is true because it's harsh. but I've heard that theres a lot of scams from Cameroon. like pet adoption scam, they'll ask u to send half of the money first & they'll send the puppy when they receive first half.. then you could send the rest later once you receive puppy, but it's all a scam and they don't send you anything. I don't know if this even helps but just wanted to warn you.

    Where's cameroon? personally, i think she's looking for a hand-out. how long did it take her to respond to the email? i ask that because if she was living on the streets like she said then how did she have easy access to the internet. this story was all " I, I, I". and very little mention of the baby. you can't trust everyone.

How do you get rid of a possum family??? PLEASE HELP!!!!?

  • Glenna Jacobson
    Glenna Jacobson
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  • Julie Dach
    Julie Dach
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    Alaina Nader
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    Zella Waters
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