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    I am creating an LLC with 2 other partners to buy and renovate a house. I want to know how I can lessen capital gains. Are LLCs treated equal as if I were to renovate it and sell it outright by myself. What would capital gains be if my LLC sold it before a year, after a year? Thanks in advance im having trouble finding my answers online elsewhere!

    Unless you plan to live in it for 2 years, you will have capital gains tax on it whether you own under your name or under an LLC. Now if you put it in a self-directed IRA, your profits will be tax free. Course you can't touch them, till retirement. If you take the money and invest it in more real estate, you may be elligible to do an 1031 exchange tax free. Otherwise, you will need to use your business expense tax deductions to decrease the amount of capital gains tax.

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Am I right for standing my ground against this group of liars?

  • Skylar McGlynn
    Skylar McGlynn
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  • Marc Runte
    Marc Runte
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  • Maximilian Mueller
    Maximilian Mueller
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  • Dee Zieme
    Dee Zieme
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  • Bertrand Sporer
    Bertrand Sporer
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  • Columbus Bradtke
    Columbus Bradtke
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