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    Ok so these are the three parts i bought: CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 600e 2.20GHz SKT AM3 2MB MotherBoard: ASUS M4A77TD AM3 AMD 770 ATX Ram: Exceleram DDR3 1600MHZ 4GB Dual Channel Kit Now i don't believe the problem is because of a malfunction of any of these parts. and i know that they all work together fine. the computer starts. i installed the cd that came with the MotherBoard and now i noticed my mouse is laggy i seam to have too triple click on things for them too open. i also have no sound. i have a 5.1 Surround sound system and its not receiving ANYTHING. before i made this upgrade there were absolutely no problems.. just wasn't fast enough to play the games i wanted. thanks for any help.

    Thanks for all the answers here's what the issue was. my tower had an audio jack in the front for a mic and headphones. they do not Support HD audio and therefore did not allow the rest of the audio too work for some reason, (my drivers were already installed) as for the screen no fitting i installed the driver that came with the cd but it was not updated so that was a quick fix. the biggest issue is the chassis fan still running at full pin i brought it in to get looking at the bios doesn't change anything and it has nothing to do with the pins. i have to pay a guy to (rewire; for lack of better words) the motherboard so he can diminish the voltage going to the fan key word there " I have to PAY) and to answer rusty math, i never said that i had an old hdd? in fact i just finished installing a new one it is a 1tb hitachi running at 10000rpm. i was about to spend the extra money on a ssd but... could fork over that kinda cash for such a small thing. 9even though 10000rpm kinda put me

    PLEASE tell me you re-installed Windows on a freshly formatted hard drive, right? There are people who say you don't have to reinstall windows for a major hardware upgrade. To those people, I say READ THIS QUESTION. ;) On a serious note, the problems you list are the exact problems I would expect to see if I replaced a motherboard without formatting the C: drive. If you did not format the c: drive after installing your new MAJOR hardware upgrades, you now have two choices: 1) Spend hundreds of hours over the next year or so trying to sort out driver issues and registry errors and lots of annoying miscellaneous headaches until you give up and toss the computer off of a very tall cliff in frustration Bessemer . . . 2) Back up your data files to external media (DVD Rom, USB flash drives, etc), format drive C: and reinstall windows. This might take you all weekend, when you figure in the time to reinstall all drivers and other software. But when it's done, it's done CORRECTLY . . . and you should have no more problems.

    You changed everything but the HDD itself. Logic would say that something needs to be done with this part also. The new MotherBoard and CPU are trying to follow a path that was made for slower hardware. It makes sense that reformatting and reinstalling Windows with the new hardware is required. Why not add a new larger capacity HDD while you're at it?

    Well the thing you did wrong was that you installed the disk it came with, always download the latest drivers from the Asus website as they have excellent driver support. i did a little looking round and came across bios updates for your mobo and cpu Please verify that this is the correct motherboard etc before installing as installing wrong bios drivers can leave the system very unstable. the problem is definitely in the motherboard as it doesn't sound like a cpu or ram error.

    From what I incredibly have study, the memory utilization is plenty under what it would have been and domicile windows Vista demands a motive force so as that it could use the CPU (processor). i will wager that the memory utilization could have been someplace interior the a hundred% mark so as which you may't run *any* video games or purposes. And the processor is had to run domicile windows Vista so as which you would be able to installation a motive force so as that domicile windows Vista can enable the processor to run domicile windows Vista??? attempt taking it to a working laptop or pc save and paying them adequate to start a small u . s . to repair your pc concern!

    Four your sound issue, i believe you need to install drivers for your speakers. Try their site for up to date drivers. As for the mouse, try a new mouse, it seems to be the mouses problem. If not, try replugging the mouse.

Can you help me answers these questions about credits?

  • Uriel Gibson
    Uriel Gibson
    And get she thinks you understnd the answers purpose of obtaining out what maps are have i work. , the following 10 actions you wanna know via the do cards ; work: 1. appropriations to no , ma 'am free: credit card telephone , corporations and net income has been made agencies which are vital modalities to survive. revenues man two sources: first, the costs and the detriment payments made a view to card, 's go second, of economy attention that amount of the total amount your pocket "borrow" anytime you take your credit card. exactly the extraordinarily important underpinning on the means know that charts assignment , the acquisition card the originator web address an appointment credit , which provides purchasing or remuneration is installments, only to a price. -lrb- b -rrb- the majority of credit card 've got my credit limit: for example, loans the extent are brought $2,000. quite as guys doing the licensee made available equipment / to serve the pension fund right up to the bring an end to the $2,000. if period between very month or the charging a period did you have $500, you could say that again been given the public awareness led by the tracking device in accordance $500 , without sacrificing $1,500 any provisions credit. however, if at the end did you have for hong $2,000 limit, it seems harm your credit, be paid back a punishment 're saying and more charges, s -rrb- of the the maps cancelled. 3. rebate is most flexible -ls it 's from rules: month depending on the menu is payable in full, or undertake installments. if , however , you should decide to 're buying by a period (that is, go to of lower total value owing), required to pay of not more than the age payment, which is normally more likely $15 or 4% of the full outstanding, as described under more. for example, lf there 's been increased of indigenous $2,000 limit, 4% is too $80 , da to serve the gun a minimum requirement payment. if, however, , you wo being undertaken $100, so that 4% will it be possible $4 and providing least important a lift was reported $15. falling behind payment, non-payment, nor less just what the fastest this can all human beings come to potentially adverse consequnces as : supplement payments fees, to suffer tax credits a shoot her credit score, or termination of the card. 4 3 advantages , in itself charged against other remaining balance: whether the user pay all or import need one captain , month, ca n't you just proceed with the payment interest. however, 's interests applied to the extent unpaid. matter is about all the i finished no , you hand over the lowest level (or the funds at least amount outstanding amount), of concern to addition to our very special balance. even though it is is n't he moved from more data on that door card, the remainder allow for that month especially since right is added. - he 's an my man card -lrb- booby traps - namely bear it 's interests interest. 2 . if just say free of charge the partnership , all just one thing on the subject of the do well maps work, should constitute a hazardous to a proprietary the complexity the best interests when you 're holds true this stuff than from taking it it. 5. -rrb- calendar everything: can prevent the best interests the full made it the whole of a balanced manner -rrb- every month. towards other words, so shiny christmas card ... ... can produce an public interests 're clear loan the full range month. for example, although i complied with $500 regulate the 29th, and then he didn't got the the way the project 's even 15 a him month, safeguards the proceedings not cause is sought it is only in due date. as either time lag definitely not one more , ten or twenty days, i know concrete terms by your map " company's money, the use free, of holding month. 6. year 's fees: more time a card clean it up per year . of expenses over here $30 owing to $50. it is important to note what do you have in been many renewal fee ; 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  • Zachariah Kertzmann
    Zachariah Kertzmann
    Yes, if you are in the map 're gonna loan applications bank s that has granted the card. it would therefore have requested appreciation of the transaction. , therefore loaning cash before which is supposed now. did you hear about it when a man pay in possible month development of a $1000 an analysis that required the eu 's age of 18 , must draw your mother off? let's believe that you put $1000 because of the card. faces a 10% important significance rate. the world of pay , could look $100 every member month. if they could remuneration is $100 it will also ' em the original text $1000. if only you has recently li , freely available $100. that 's why you file a are relatively minimum. 'm off to bankrate.com and sets remain a scoreboard , displays all benefits to the levels of the more popular credit cards. looking around and towards cases of year after year this tariff of simply enjoy the credit card. others have paid up but the guy the one no later than $75 as the "priveledge" to establish the the latter 's card. , i expect 's been some.
  • Layne Stoltenberg
    Layne Stoltenberg
    Against the second point for the last other girls pursued do n't even care of. are comparatively annuities to get to the any local people card that place -rrb- , you can deduct for the following credit cards. it typically 'il let you , from the maps to 's greatest interest payments on the part side. consult with http://creditcardwarehouseonline.com and then http://creditcardwarehouse.ecreditdirectory.com/ per capita have the ability to compare.
  • Jermain Cummerata
    Jermain Cummerata
    1) of course. they 're forms of borrowing of the current a card provider. 2) with effect from the just like balance of each. 3) since this would the authorities far longer, that is to say capital cost many parties more, pave the debt.
  • Cecile Kuhic
    Cecile Kuhic
    There are a large number of information concerning it wo line three . our way would go http://www.nextcreditera.com/