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    Unless you crop the picture a lot (i.e. blow up a very small portion to the full size of the picture) you will not notice a difference between 3 and 5mp in a 4x6 or even 5x7 picture. Looking at pics on yoru screen is not a good way to judge because the best resolution of a flat panel display is only 1.7 mp. Many computer monitors are less. If you want to see them printed you can right click on the pic online (assuming it's posted at full resolution) download it to your hard drive and then take it to a place to have it printed. A lot of work to discover there is little or no difference. Rather than focus on megapixels look for these things: A glass lens (many inexpensive cameras have plastic lenses that scratch easily and aren't sharp) Fast focusing time and shot to shot recycle time. All the MP's in the world won't help you get that great pic if you're waiting for the camera to focus or write the last pic to the memory card--while the shot passes you by. Good performance under low light (ISO capability of at least 800--higher is better with this number) As long as you get at least 3mp--the pics you shoot will turn out good. The magic is in the photographer--not the camera.

    When I bought my last camera at Best Products they had a binder. I don't know if it was a company thing or one store manager's idea. They had pictures taken by most of the cameras they had for sale. The subject was the same, the size was the same, you get the idea. It really spelled out the differences for me. I have one suggestion for you. If you are down to two cameras select the one with the greatest optical zoom. The one I ended up with 10 or 12X optical and 3X digital. And get one with seamless zoom operation. Good luck.

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Credit Question about cash advances, transfer balance, interest fees?

  • Delaney Douglas
    Delaney Douglas
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  • Roxanne Cummings
    Roxanne Cummings
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  • Adella Nitzsche
    Adella Nitzsche
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  • Emie Graham
    Emie Graham
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  • Guido Heidenreich
    Guido Heidenreich
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