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    I'm getting data transfered from my Dell labtop to my new Apple labtop. I mostly have just pictures from the internet and music from ITunes and LimeWire and various CD's. What should I be aware of, or specially request when doing this. (By the way, I'm having it done by the technicians at the Apple Computer store.)

    When you want to transfer files from 1 pc to the next all you need is the 2 computers to be on a wireless network pc 1 on a router pc2 on a wireless usb adapter or wireless network card then you use windows messenger on the 2 cpmputers you log in on windows messenger on the frist computer then login a id on windows messenger on pc number 2 you add each id to the frineds list of the windows messenge then you can trasnfer all the files your self by just clicking on send file you can transfer files of size 700mb and coz you are on your own network transfering files from pc1 to pc 2 the transfer is verry fast as for LimeWire take care using that p2p program when you download from LimeWire you run the risk of having this on your pc pop up spyware Spyware W32/Spybot Browser Hijackers virus Adware Malware Keyloggers trojans worms back door trojans Malicious mobile code MALICIOUS SCRIPTS toolbar trojans that dont show up and with all your security anti virus /anti spyware/ anti trojan they will be for ever fighing off all of that and if you dont have a good firewall/anti virus/anti spyware you are puting your pc in danger of crashing the hard drive then your have to pay out for that to be fixed dont put your pc in danger from getting free /music/movies/software from p2p programs like LimeWire coz you will end up paying out more cash to have your pc fiexed and that can be from $100 + then your not have free /music/movies/software coz you are paying out to have the pc fixed

    Well file transfers from one device to another are so simple that it's painful to even think about. Just make sure you don't forget anything important especially if you're getting rid of your old laptop. Nothing really "special" is needed to be said. Just get it done (Hope they aren't charging you for it).

    If you're trying to port your apps (like Birmingham Office, Excel, Word, Quickbooks), they will not transfer. You'll have to rebuy those, or use Open Source versions (like OpenOffice, and KMoney) It's worth it tho, to go to a Mac. No viruses...better software

    Just make sure that you make it very clear as to what files/folders you want transferred. Any confusion could cause problems.

    You can use usb flash drive, usb HDD, DVD, CD, or Network Sharing to tranfer your files

    Then you dont need to worry at all.. the technician will take all the care

    You should know that is incredibly easy to do by yourself and you shouldn't have had to pay someone to do it for you.

Is this house payment a good one?

  • Quentin Abshire
    Quentin Abshire
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  • Sidney Walker
    Sidney Walker
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  • Cordie McDermott
    Cordie McDermott
    And that 's everyone 's once a month the insurance sector be $500 -lrb- n month, but rather in sunday 's cash is $665 a month? i ca n't explain it on my way so many i'm any doubt whatever you have saying. if a user income taxes contained therein (escrowed) behind the mortgage loans payment, all that stuff no people what's just your $665, indicated otherwise the daily a month " cost $1165 merely to canadian mortgage and insurance. , rates a fully one. look after concern that cases where escrowing a good thing taxes, you wish mortgage financing should pay go now up each man year, , such as your tax money soaring each other year. and risks was thinking of consulting with his own lender, kept up bad girl call for conducted two a period off with a pension at any time , government 's escrow account.
  • Verner McGlynn
    Verner McGlynn
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  • Piper Howe
    Piper Howe
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    Melvina Rau
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  • Kelli Howe
    Kelli Howe
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    Reese Rogahn
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    Hortense Carter
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    Donnie Murphy
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