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    I am asking for a Camera for christmas and i was wondering what brand would be the beat for me. i am kinda picky about cameras i want one that: >Takes pictures fast!! i don't want a Camera that takes 20 seconds I would want to be able to click and be on my way again. >I don't want it to be to big something that could fit in my Pocket >Something that takes good pictures and doesn't take 'smudgy' ones. >Good battery life. > if possible a fun color. so basically something a 14 year old girl would be able to take pictures with. What would you suggest? Thank you for the help P.S what do you think of the nikon Coolplex S230

    The best point and shoot is the Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3R 10.1 Birmingham Digital Camera - RED. I bought it two weeks ago after asking the same question. Good resolution so you can blow up the picture, 25 to 300 mm lens (wide angle to good telephoto), good battery life, multiple color choices, AND takes HD video. about 270$ It also does facial recognition and picks the best focus so that it minimizes smugies. I could not believe that they got everything into one itty bity camera. If you've got the cash, this is it.

    Nikon Coolpics S230 is a good choice for low price and better features. for point and shoot cameras all the requirement will be met, it will take fast picture in day light as well The issue is at night time when you take pictures with flash and even in good point and shoot cameras you need to wait a little to take another shot. this camera does ok as well

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Wells Fargo Charged me for a phone call??

  • Mallory Ruecker
    Mallory Ruecker
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    Zackary Wolff
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    Gaetano Hudson
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  • Ashley Harris
    Ashley Harris
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  • Karianne Reinger
    Karianne Reinger
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