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    CAUTION: FOR MEMBERS ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Now, you always ask youself, how should I make some money on Runescape. The answers right here... 1) A great way to make money is godwars dungeon. You can make at least 5m every 2 hours there with a 120-130+ team. The equiptment you take...very cheap but good. Neiztnot helm, black dhide body or lower according to range level, rune platelegs, any godsword (borrow if you have to...prefer AGS), climb boots, zamorak cape from mage place in wild, and holy symbol for a necklace. You get there only if you have finished the quest Troll Stronghold!!!!!!!!!! You always need a rope the first time, only the FIRST TIME you go there, no more after that. You are needed to take 1 prayer potion, 1 super attack, 1 super strength, and 1 super defence. You should take a teleport tab...any of them. Last but not least, fill rest with food. You should do bandos for more often drops. You need 40 kill counts there, so go north and kill the goblins 40 times. I almost forgot, YOU NEED A HAMMER EVERYTIME YOU GO TO GWD Birmingham BANDOS. So you bang the door, get it run east, get in chamber with team...pray proctect from ranged and attack graadorr!! A couple of trips will get you a hilt or maye some bandos items. Hilt is 16m, Chestplate is 12m, Tassets are 9-10m. Good luck!! UP TO 32M PROFIT AN HOUR IF YOU'RE LUCKY. 2) Another good way to make money is tabbing. You have to have the proper runes for the teleport you're willing to make. I suggest making house tabs (1 earth, 1 law, 1 air). Get an earth staff and rest with around 200 laws and airs, more when you get more money. Go to someone house with 57+ construction. Use the lectern and make the tabs. Approx 27k made with 1 inventory. Teleport to falador if they have a portal in the house and then go back to their house. Repeat. UP TO 400K PROFIT AN HOUR. 3) Another great way for money is mining pure essence at yanille. (70 mage needed). You get into the magic guild and right click the guy and click teleport. Go mine pure essence, Teleport out, then go out of mage guild, bank. Repeat. UP TO 450K PROFIT AN HOUR. 500K IF YOURE FAST AT CLICKING. Those are my ways of making great money. If you have many more ways that have reasonable amounts of profit an hour post it up and ill be glad to add it. Thank you guys, happy cashing!!

    Buy Flax at GE, spin them into bow strings, sell bow strings at GE for double. I made 13MIL in two weeks using this method. If u have any questions, my RS account is Bloodyshroud

    For a member yes god of war dugenes genral garrdor drops bandos all of it pretty much rare thogh i perfer slayer or wine of zammy 4k per each im iceman2323 add me to friends list itl say if im on if i am conntact me!

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  • Della Rosenbaum
    Della Rosenbaum
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  • Damion Friesen
    Damion Friesen
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