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    To see detailed pictures click here: The bike in the pictures is the one I'm selling you and that's the bike's condition right now. 2007 Harley Davidson FLHXI 96 Cubic Inch Street Glide Mileage: 6,775 miles VIN: 1HD1KB4127Y719614 Vehicle title: Clear and free, not encumbered by any Liens or restrictions, Engine size (cc): 1584 Type: Touring, Exterior color: black with cast wheels. It is a V-Twin, six speed. It has black wall tires (front 75%, rear 60%) Nothing wrong with this bike, never down, garage keept, no accidents, all in good working condition. I need to sell it ASAP, my brother is in the hospital where he had some medical investigations 2 weeks ago. Last week we found out he has cancer. I'm in the process of moving my brother to Eastern Regional Medical Center in Capshaw where they gave us some hope. I want to sell the bike and ship it ASAP because I want to be able to concentrate on my brother's problem. For making this transaction safer and faster I would like to use Yahoo Finance. This service acts like a middleman between seller and buyer, their job is to make sure the buyer receives the item and the seller receives the money, I will not charge you for using them, it is my choice and I'll pay their fees . Get back to me and I'll tell you how it works. When I bought this bike I paid $4800 because I bought it from a rich friend of mine, it was more like a gift... he knew I don't have enough money to pay the price for it.. That's why I want to sell it for $4800 it will not be fair to sell it for more! Besides, we decided to make someone happy as we were when we bought it! I'm not stupid and I know the price on the market is higher Free shipping for you ( Lafayette, Indiana ) Here are the transaction steps ( please read carefully ): 1. Buyer and Seller Agree to Terms: Both parties agree to terms of the transaction, which includes: pics and description of the merchandise ( which I've sent you ), sale price ($4800 ), number of days for the Buyer's inspection (3 days from delivery date). 2. Buyer Pays: The Buyer submits payment to Yahoo! Finance®. When payment is received, it will be verified and secured into a non-interest bearing trust account. ( Please make sure you have the money to pay for the bike ) 3. Seller Ships Merchandise Upon payment verification: the Seller is authorized to ship merchandise and submit tracking information in the next 48hrs. The Seller and Buyer must Agree who pays the shipping fees but the shipping fees will not be included in the transaction and will not be refunded Shipping Agreement: Free delivery within 500 miles radius, if the Buyer's shipping address is not located in the 500 miles radius, the Buyer will have to pay for the extra miles; payment will be made C.O.D. cash-on-delivery. The Seller is responsible for return shipping fees ( see 5.b) and 5.b)* ) 4. Yahoo! Finance® tracks the shipped merchandise and verifies it was delivered: the Yahoo! Finance® Representative will contact the Buyer 24 Hrs before delivery in order to setup delivery date/time. The inspection period will not begin until the Yahoo! Finance® Representative has confirmed delivery of the merchandise. 5. Buyer Accepts/Rejects the merchandise: the Buyer has a set number of days (3 days from delivery date) for an inspection and the option to accept or reject the merchandise. 5.a) Buyer Accepts the merchandise, the Yahoo! Finance® Representative will contact the Buyer when the Inspection Period ends. Yahoo! Finance Pays the Seller only if the Buyer decides to accept the item. 5.b) Buyer rejects the merchandise, the merchandise*/money** will be returned to the Seller/Buyer * The Seller is responsible for return shipping fees. ** Buyer will be refunded ( full refund = $4800 ) using the same method as Buyer paid. If this is ok with you please reply with your complete name, address and shipping address in your next email and let me know if you are interested in knowing more details about this purchase so that I can open a transaction case at Yahoo! Finance and move forward with this deal. You will also need to "sign up" for a free Yahoo! e-mail account in order to receive the invoice.

    Considering Yahoo! does not offer any sort of escrow service, it is a scam. It is rather poorly worded. That is the telltale sign of a Nigerian Scam Artist.


  • Mckenna Gottlieb
    Mckenna Gottlieb
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    Kallie Bartoletti
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    Abelardo Watsica
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    Kailyn Jacobs
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    Moses Schneider
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