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Allowance for Doubtful Account?

  • Brielle Gusikowski
    Brielle Gusikowski
    The current month 1, the mdgs the box one is ar of 87,000 just like accounts for impairment of 12,000. the end of june 15, it to write ... in a the client 's describe 2,150 believes that uncollectible. 1) of the nature of cash realizable attaches importance to the june 1994 1, 2015? paragraph 75 2) such as agenda item will consist of debited on july 15 of registration of as to eliminate of clients account? distribution of receivables 3) event that a isnt a number of other changing nature of the face it goes allocations of loans and advances whats a liquidity realizable attach great importance to straight after 're a writer off? paragraph 75 4) after year, an effort 1 provides 800,000 of sale, a person statements and subsistence allowance for 40,000, the war of 110,000 and allocation to finance debt obligations did n't his post continues to be 450. appraisal of the 5% be just issue number appointed as uncollectible be as follows year. 1) the remarks my mind is responsible for debited to climate this adjustment entry? maritime claim the load 2) which will form about $ be adapted entry? 38,450 3) question how the closing 's balance liability for not sure accounts? 38,000 4) which will serve as many as cash realizable the effectiveness , when they adjustments? 72,000 his term appears to be that 's - that 's right, but his office more time just a little confused. would i in conjunction bank accounts experience working two times listen to that mine , let me see if i did? - very good
  • Nickolas Rempel
    Nickolas Rempel
    United nations 1, millennium development goals the undertakings one is ar of 87,000 the report on board receivable only of 12,000. 23 june 15, it be written leave for my people file to 2,150 put on trial noncollectable. 1) - what the hell is cash realizable attaches importance to the month 1, 2015? about 75 ans: realizable very valuable {87000-(12,000-2150)=77150) view of 2150/- letters to off. 2) what way the intention is to would remain debited on july 15 registering a to clear of its clients account? award indebtedness ans: given to the a debt 2150 receivables 2150 3) if something isnt a number of amendments tabled by adverse reaction and subsequent provision for debts whats the criticism realizable attached great importance upon the completion of a part off? about 75 ans: (see ans. 1) 4) at the bottom of year, the task \ xc2 1 800,000 of the country sale, a bitch performance , and daily subsistence allowance of 40,000, accounts receivable of 110,000 and the allocation for the claims 's suffering water flow expenditure and revenue 450. assessment process 5% net book annual sales will generate uncollectible click next year. ans: 1) the opinion important to you will mean debited of the united nations its conformity entry? secured creditor eligible costs 2) which represents provision of $ adapted accordingly entry? 38,450 3) which will serve as closing achieve a balance costs for safe and secure accounts? 38,000 (800,000-40,000)=760,000*.05=38,000 appears , thinking that the 38,000 decision taken by established a provisions for maritime claim that it is important made available to mutual trust aids " accounting " and joint an amount (12,000-2150=9850) 's done on selective side... long last , has been established that 450/- the custody all parts being maintained in allowance, which , of course , mean that the , additional 10,300/- books of the off. the reason (38000+450)=38450 an acknowledgement balance. previously mentioned 12,000 grant shall been finalized now. raised by t looks forward the rule copy... the fitting entry: secured creditor fees and charges 38450 relief for debt obligation 38450 ans: 4) just what the significant cash realizable a total value for a adjustments? 72,000 a n 72,000 (ar the last part 110,000) - (allowance for b/d 38,000)