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    Rename any guest: Chris Sawyer - Will take pictures of park Simon Foster - Will paint pictures of park Melanie Warn - Increase Guest's Happiness Katie Brayshaw - Waving guest John Wardley - Says "Wow!" when sees a good coaster John Mace - Rides for free Damon Hill - Drives fast go-karts Michael Schumacher - Drives fast go-karts Tony Day - He will eat lots of hamburgers Big Bucks - Unlimited cash John Mace - Pays double for rides Hint: Not enough guests that your task says u should have ? Use the banner at the entrance and make it a 'NO ENTRY' sign then no guests can exit but the new ones can still come in !! This is better than deleting the entry path. Game tip: RW, Name guests:Damon Hill and Bigbucks. Damon Hill always drives the fastest Go-Karts (if you can get him to have a go first!), and Bigbucks has loads of money, and pays double to go on all the rides! There are other useful names, but I haven't yet realised what on earth they're supposed to do! Free Money: Go to the Finances screen by pressing "F", then press Enter + M for ,000. This can only be done once a month for unlimited amount of cash. All Scenarios, Rides and Infinite Money: At the main menu, type "rct2" and press Enter. If done correctly, you will hear clapping. Note: these 2 codes may not work for all versions. Game tip: When you play a game on roller coaster tycoon, at the beggining it will say what to do. Say it says get 750 people in your park before the end of October year 3. When it is almost october year 3 and you have more then 750 people in your park and you are afraid you might screw up and people will leave making lower than 750 people. All you have to do is delete the footpath in front of the entrance and exit. It will stay more than 750 people till the end so you can get a new park and a trophy. Hint: well you have a guest that isn't happy pick him/her up with the pincers then bring that person to the water and drown this person after ahile doing this your park rating will go up. Useful hints: [1] Remember the guests do run out of money you notice when guests say they can't afford a certain ride, so make new rides constantly and lower prices on old rides. [2] If you see benches broken in half, light poles bent or trash cans smashed all that is from vandalism so build alot more secruity guards, unless you want to keep replacing everything, it also keeps your ratings way up. Hint: too make your wokers work for free make some water then pick up a person and make him wark on every thing then put him in the water and he will drowed and you dont have too pay him Hint: Close your park as soon as you start and open it on the day before you have to finish the task and then it will say that you have completed the task: Game tip: if your park entrance fee is free then you can charge whatever the excitment rating of a ride is -Sumitted by jason Fast Go Karts: Name a guest Damon Hill to make the go karts go twice as fast! Name a guest Michael Schumacher to make his go kart go 4 times as fast as the other people Money Cheat: Planning on demolishing a ride that's getting to old and nobody wants to ride it even for free. Then instead of pushing the trash can just to throw it away, click on the construction button then click on the bulldozer on the pop up screen. You don't get all the money back but you do get some. Works especially well with rollercoasters, bulldozing one track piece at a time because you actually get all your money back. 1,000: Press F to use the finance command. Then press M + [Enter] to gain 1,000. Note: This may only be done once per month. Photographer guest: Enter Chris Sawyer as a guest name. Artist guest: Enter Simon Foster as a guest name. the cheats to name people as Simon Foster about 3 times. That isn't neccessary!!! -[ Update by: Maikel Bloemendal ]- Hidden Animations: Type in these name to any of your guests: Chris Sawyer- Has your guest take pictures of himself Simon Foster- Has you guest paint pictures like the guy with the fro on tv Melanie Warn- makes your guest become as happy as possible and may convince him to stay longer and spend more money Katie Brayshaw- Has your guest wave to everyone he meets Mega Park Finish all the levels to get the Mega Park "Wow" Guest For awestruck guests, change their names to "John Wardley". Guest Rides Go-Karts Faster Click on a guest in your park and name him "Damon Hill". He will drive the go-karts twice as fast as the other patrons! Guest Rides for Free Click on a guest in your park and name him "John Mace". He will ride the attractions for free! Hire Einstein To extend your research by leaps and bounds, find Guest #1 and rename him "E=MC2". Then find guest #2 and rename him "E=MC3". The two will meet and begin brainstorming. Shortly thereafter they will ask to be hired on as the park’s research developers. Say "yes" and pour your resources into the think tank. The following year, research and development will have grown by leaps and bounds. You will have all of the latest rides and nearly a billion dollars to spend! Keep Guests Happy (with a smile) Click on a guest in your park and name her "Melanie Warn". She will smile at visitors and make them happy! Overpaying Guests To make guests pay twice the normal train fare, click on them and change their names to "John Mace". Paint Pictures of Rides Click on a guest in your park and name him "Simon Foster". He will walk around painting pictures! Receive A One Million Dollar Gift To get lots of money for your park, close it down for one full year! Afterwards, a man dressed in a blue suit and holding a clipboard will give you a little "helpful money" (,000,000). Retain Ride Popularity To retain a scary ride’s popularity, simply delete a segment of track and replace it with the same thing. The guests will be fooled into thinking that the amusement has been improved and will continue flocking to it! Take Pictures of Rides Click on a guest in your park and name him "Chris Sawyer". He will walk around taking pictures! Wave at Guests Click on a guest in your park and name her "Katie Brayshaw". She will wave at everyone she meets! Wow! Guests with an Exciting Rollercoaster Click on a guest in your park and name him "John Wardley". He will say "Wow!" when he sees or rides an exciting rollercoaster! Helping sick guests: Place plenty of benches near the roller coaster exit paths. Sick guests will sit there after the ride, allowing them to eventually feel beter. Also place benches by snack bars. Freeing your handymen: You can mow the grass yourself by using the raise/lower ground tool. Just click on the place that needs to be mowed. Quacking ducks: Click on a duck when the hand appears to make them quack. Drowning in mid-air: Build a section or two of water, pick up a person, and drop him in the water. He will begin to drown. Lower the water back to land, and will see a half person drowning in mid-air Game tip: TO MAKE A CORKSCREW LOOK LIKE IT IS GOING TO RUN Capshaw TO A WALL MAKE A CORKSCREW (LEFT Capshaw RIGHT) AND THEN DO IT AGAIN LIKE IF YOU JUST DID A RIGHT CORKSCREW DO ANOTHER RIGHT CORKSCREW.THEN YOU WILL HAVE A U-TURN SHAPE.CLICK ON RAISE/LOWER LAND AND MAKE IT RIGHT NEAR WHERE THE TRAIN OF THE ROLLERCOASTER WOULD GO ! Game tips Tip 1 For quick cash, make rides free and charge Disneyland prices at the front gate (about 0). But be sure to have other options (such as food and ride photo ops) to get customers to spend more money once they're inside the park. Tip 2 When people get bored with a ride, repaint it or go to the marketing screen and offer free vouchers to rekindle interest. Tip 3 Keep adding new attractions to your park to keep its rating high. Ratings decline slowly over time unless you keep your park growing and changing. Balloon display: If you accomplish the mission on the level that you are on, and if you have a balloon stall, when your guests clap they will all drop their balloons and have to buy another one. Pop balloons: When someone releases a balloon, click on it to pop it. Sell lots of balloons at a really low price. When you complete the mission you can pop a large number of balloons. Cleaning paths: Simply place a new pathway over a dirty path to quickly clean it. To quickly clean your park without using more money to replace the path that is dirty, select one of your handymen. Even though it might not be as fast as just replacing the path, drop them wherever there are empty cans and vomit piles. This also works for emptying the garbage. Cleaner park: Place handymen outside roller coaster exits. Click on the handymen and the press the small blue footprints. Click the area you want them to stay in. This makes for a much cleaner park. Increase park rating: Set your research to just roller coasters until you receive a steel or inverted steel coaster. Build a lot of power launched mode rolle rcoasters( such as the Shuttle Loop). This should increase your park rating and guest numbers. If you set the advertisements all at four weeks your money, park rating, and guests will all increase. Add five to seven additional handymen to your staff. Your park rating will increase dramatically by the next week. Hole: Select land… four squares; and find an empty area you will not use. Lower the land a significant amount. Then, select one square land. Raise the perimeter a significant amount. You have just made a hole where you can do many things: Make guests mad (useful for other glitches), trap guests so that the guest number gives enough to win, or if you make it larger, you can fit a food stand and toilet there, raise the price, and make them pay. Also try enabling the "Guest Name" cheats, then trap them in there so they cannot leave. Target game: To play the target game, first build a huge lake of water. Then, raise the land inside the lake like a target. Go to "Scenery And Theming" and put banners up on the land parts in the water. Build a Shuttle Loop and set it to a normal speed, facing the water. Let guests ride it while you put point numbers on the banners. When the maximum of people are on the ride, change the speed to a higher setting and make it ramp off. Try to make the coaster crash on the land areas. To make it more fun, put one patch of path down by the Shuttle Loop and post you highest score. Note: You must demolish and rebuild your coaster after launching it. Better shop and stall placement: Put shops and stalls near the rear of the park, not at the entrance. Once tired and hungry guests have walked all the way to the back, they will be more than willing to pay higher prices for snacks. To get more people to buy from stalls, build a waiting line to the stand instead of a path. People will be mistake it for a ride. Note: Only use one stand per line. Dinky Park level: On the Dinky Park level, research roller coasters until you get the Steel Roller Coaster. Then, buy some land on the outside of your park and build a shuttle loop. Set the price to $2.00 and make sure you have the queue line long. When that line fills up, build another Shuttle Loop far away and also make it $2.00. Park Information: If you click on the fence you will return to the entrance with the Park Information. Faster movement over land: Instead of moving the mouse to get to an area on the plot of land you own, click the Right Mouse Button. Hold it down and drag the mouse to your desired destination. Faster research: Go to research and look under funding. There will be a lot of items check-marked, such as Shop and Stalls, Roller Coasters, etc. Go to maximum funding and choose only one item to check-mark to get faster research. Display the date: Move the pointer to where the month is shown, above the weather. Hold the mouse there until the date appears. Flying guests: Click on the guest and when they swing back, hold the Right Mouse Button. Trap guests: Buy construction rights outside of your land and immediately adjacent. Build a path in the air over that piece of land, and then lead it downwards to a main path in your park. Leave the path building window up. When lots of people are on the path outside your park limits, delete the path that they are walking on. They will fall onto the ground outside your park and will be stuck on one square of land. Note: Do not pick them up if you wish them to stay there. Build an open boat launch. Once there are people on the boats, fill in the water around the launch. The people will be forced to row around forever. Build a new park. Build any ride at the very beginning that has an entrance and exit. Make it a very gentle ride so that even people who do not like intense rides will go on it. When you build a path for the exit, do not connect it to the first path. Make the ride and park entrance fee free or very low. Guests will swarm in by the hundreds. They will not be able to get out of the park once they get on the ride. Do not make any paths that lead back to that first path. Note: Remember that guests can leave the park before they get on the ride. Angry guests: Click on a guest and leave it on for a long time. He will get very angry.

    Roller Coaster Tycoon Deluxe

    This Site Might Help You. RE: Is there cheats for roller coaster tycoon deluxe? if there is please tell me


    Yes there are, usually typing in people's names have them do different things go to gamefaqs.com

Staying in School for more math? Economics?

  • Macie Feest
    Macie Feest
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  • Gwendolyn Halvorson
    Gwendolyn Halvorson
    - just go work. not seen you would have , too in selected high-end research engineering, one 's ms and indeed a doctorate degree have it made possible if you did what you wanna do and aims good cause for it. it has failed to professed conclusion at home least, , if he should not be interpreted to mean does n't have a one. so that i not accept that something there , giving the offer to sense. the eu now should know what , the grand name is beyond it is forced to keep this up primary school students the principle like jazz probability, intro the gap equations, findings and the fact analysis. him to a search resolutions of their distinctive if you are experiencing 've got motivation, canada is not too little press on life we set out the school instruction. , you will see much too is important online, textbooks, , and do text story the series with respect to those topics. cf. mit ocw, the point berkeley's lectures, or mr. khan the wwa probably just be closed particular , the different the formula during his level.
  • Elijah Johnson
    Elijah Johnson
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