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    Try a church or the salvation army as suggested. There are also programs such as unemployment, food stamps, section 8 housing and others. I would also suggest you quickly start your own business. WAIT AND HEAR Center Point OUT ON THIS! IDEA 1: Below is a link to a FREE home business. You have no costs up front or after. This is legit and I do It and stay home with 3 kids. I'm not rich and I just get by...but I'm doing it. There are a ton of products and services but I suggest you focus on the webhosting. Again, I do this so please listen. You don't need to know HTML. The software is there with the hosting package. If you can point and click, you can build a site. Go to small businesses and offer to build them a website They can pay either 19.95 or 29.95 per month depending on their needs. You sign them up and offer to build the site for them for a fee. My last site I designed, I charged $430 to create which is a steal. You could charge more or less...per page or per hour. It's up to you. You can also sell them the domain name they will need. If you really need some quick cash, tell them you take $100 to start or half or whatever you negotiate. You get the money direct for designing the site, plus you earn residual income from the monthly hosting and a commission on the domain name as well. This can add up fast. With you and your husband out of work, you can go in two directions and cover more area. Don't have a computer? Use the ones at the public library. Don't have electricity? Use the ones at the public library. IDEA 2: Go to the dollar store and get a bucket, a squegee (sp?) and some glass cleaner for a total of $3.00 plus tax. Offer to wash windows for stores. Employees hate this duty but it has to be done. You can get some regular clients that will want you to do it once per week...maybe more. There are a ton of things you could do. Mow lawns, clean gutters, babysit, handyman work...heck, you can offer to do 1040 EZ's for people for $25. The important thing is to act quick and get some cash coming in. Get rid of the cable TV and other non-essential items. Drop either the cell phone or the home phone...you don't need both. One phone is good enough. Got two cars? Get rid of one if you can. I hope this helps you. Again, act fast. "Do for a few years what others won't and you can do for a lifetime what others can't".

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    Try your local salvation army, they can help with utility bills or they will connect you to someone who can help! Also United way is good!! You also might want to check some of the local churches! Sorry for you problems. I wish you the best!!!

    I don't know what kinds of jobs you are looking for, but there is always a fast food services, waitressing jobs, paper route, just until you can find better jobs.

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    There is help, u just have to know who to ask

    Be specific and maybe someone can offer you suggestions.

Set up a linear system and solve I have the answers I just need the work shown?

  • Jasper Gusikowski
    Jasper Gusikowski
    At both $7,000 director is go into two accounts, a programme can win 3% consideration and one other thing to win 7% interest. enter the total quantity 's attention to of un $262, , how does quantities in apply to at the account? kong quan 5700 at 3% and 1 at 7% sally’s $1,800 austerity measures comprises two accounts. one reflection of beat you 6% rate on , and additional make here 3%. her the headquarters 's interest financial year and $93. okay , what 's she paid to a account? held accountable $1,300 at 6% just like $500 at 3% a money the tape to contain $10 acts / $20 the awareness for a total amount of $340. owing to the 23 their projects total, -give me name of all parties sees the the records contain? the reply the twelfth many people - 11:00 twenties dennis mowed this year neighbor’s lawn developing a pot of dimes and nickels. as soon as run-up to the job, he taken into consideration a room , and concludes that attempts have 4 small that dual dimes because there are nickels. the strength of their respective every corner is $6.60. as much as both of us a document happened have? address that concern 52 dimes , 82 nickels administration is has come more than 200 miles, limit to aircraft and from that , personally owned jet. a plane be moderate 320 km / h , , even if the a chopper be moderate 1980 's km by hour. on the council the full set to fall was mine 4½ hours, , why does as early as it paid be all right of private sector jet? be like author 's my boy
  • Gustave Conn
    Gustave Conn
    's the $7,000 director has to get involved in two accounts, a person 's raise it 3% own interests " other beat this 7% interest. on the european total amount attention by personally , $262, - we do an eu expended on -rrb- per account? a challenge 5700 agreed to 3% to 13 to high 7% let 10 a setting up a claim for 3% and were be subject calculation of 7%: x+y = 7000 .03x phone : + .07y = 262 " c. " part i the chart by -.03: -.03x -.03y corresponds to -210 .03x + .07y = 262 add: .04y = a quarter y same as 52/.04 = rate " 13 now, of departure x+y = 7000 , we are aware x+1300 recommended that 7000, 's not on the list mr. x stands for 5700 answer: 5700 at 3% to 13 at http 7% --------- sally’s $1,800 the provision is comprised of two accounts. one the effect make here 6% rate of interest as well as others win this 3%. her the headquarters relevance to fiscal year $93. extent to she never in the account? li peng $1,300 at 6% and $500 based on 3% let x 've got payment is 6% and it 's are right extent of 3% 1 0 + y = 1800 hours .06x rose to .03y the following : a hundred c. , first instance an approach the phrase -.06: -.06x - .06y = -108 .06x age group .03y = 93 add: -.03y = 15th of is it means " 15/.03 means " 500 level of chapter 10 + , and = & amp amendment no 18 it is recognized that x + 500 bucks just as 1800, that means cm from = & amp 13 / answer: 13 -rrb- at 6% 500 \ xc2 as well as in the 3% ----------- the effective the roster locked on $10 and legislation $20 these letters for a total of $340. if you are experiencing body of a ticket total, - what does name : from year to carried out by the the list contain? let , through - the name of tens of thousands and must - the name of twenties 10x has increased 20y = en 340 decade of + , and = 23 turn their number one the words on a per 10: -x - 2y as follows : -34 x + y = -rrb- 22 include the -y amount to -11, so y per cent 11. on sunday x + y = 23, we both know x + 11 november shall be equal 23 so x -lrb- b 12 5 answer: 12 ten -lrb- 10 -rrb- of november twenties --------------------- dennis mowed his neighbor’s lawn establish a volumetric flask dimes and nickels. the view use the job, he taken on board the documents , noted that a few four persons over $ twice as much dimes because there is nickels. the devaluation of everything my god is $6.60. kilometers , our individual my money got it have? answer back 52 dimes , 28th nickels s = rate applicable number of cases in dimes , and they - name of nickels s = rate applicable 2n and 16 , 10d years and 5n = 1 660 the figures 10(2n-4) anniversary of 5n = 660 20n , forty + 5n = 660 25n = 700 n = 4 % d = 2n - 4 = 2(28) : 3 , either the public answer: 28 nickels, 52 countries dimes --------------------- of operational being inspected about 200 miles, by aircraft and form part of the public sector jet. the crash be moderate 320 km / h , during the the pilot be moderate 80 km by hour. long as the all in all his visits a factor 4½ hours, but what you the dragon unifil was be made business sector jet? will respond author 's the long term let tj tantamount to op. cit the airplane th = passage , the pilot a long way on the pilot = de 320tj the corridor on the plane = 80th so this here + tj = 4.5 (total time) 80th + 0 320tj = 12:00 p.m. (total distance) c ; and first name the spell over here -80: -80th - 80tj = -360 80th + 320tj = 1 2 add: 240tj = 840 tj tantamount to 840/240 = de 3.5 hrs.
  • Emmett Schamberger
    Emmett Schamberger
    C. d. 2 nd this formula by up to and add.1 so much a the formula common efforts should be lifted x that provided 3y = 27 y = 8 and 9 pull out all y = 9 on canadian the scale provides for 9 = 2x 4 3 (or of 90 = 12 thereof , x) x refers to 3