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    I'm working for Chase bank now and I'm gettin a few easy things done like depositing, making payments, etc by simply clicking on certain buttons on the computers for tellers. The only thing is I freeze, get nervous, and stuck when a customer tells me how much they want back when getting cashback/withdrawing. My problem is when they want more back that includes a large amount of money and I developed this bad feeling when my parents used to abuse me (scream and threaten to hit me)over simple math problems when I was in elemantary school, them being ignorant and somewhat uneducated themselves. I'm older now and want to change all of that. Are there simple ways I can do this like perhaps jotting down quickly on pen and paper or any word problems/paper sheets online to practice like for say "a customer wants 100s, 10s, and some 5s back in $_____.00. Also, are there any books or ebooks that can improve my money management and counting skills? Please and thank you. Also, if anyone asks why I'm asking this when I'm working for a bank. I've been a cashier before for a few years now and I know how to give cash back from the little basic math I know and simply by looking at the screen and most customers didn't care how much I gave back to them. The only thing my last two jobs let go a lot of people due to seasonal and the last one I had was too much of a dangerous enviroment for me to handle and the new managers hired kept abusing their employees. I got this job through connection.

    First think about whole hundreds amounts before we get more complicated If their total was 500 you would know to give then 4 100 dollar bills. Now you have 100 left to give them. So if you are counting out the remaining 100, start with 10's (since they don't want 20's) - count out 8 10's to get to 80, then count out 5's - 85, 90, 95, 100. If their total is not an even amount, then if it something like 523 - you would need to only give them 4 100's (because if you gave them 5 100's you would not have enough left to give them 10's AND 5's). So you start with 4 100's. Now you need to count out the rest which is 123. You could give them 8 or 9 10's, then start counting out 5's and when your total gets to 120, you give them 3 1's. If their total is more like 550 or 580, then you could give them 5 100's and could out the high remaining amount. For 50, maybe give them 3 10's and 4 5's. For 80, give them 6 10's and 4 5's. I think when someone says they want some 5's or 10's or 20's - 4 of those should satisfy them, but just 1 or 2 may be Childersburg is the total is not large. Like for 550, if they wanted 100's, 20's 10's and 5's - start with 4 100's. Now you only have 50 left to give them. I would do 1 20, 2 10's, 2 5's. You can practice the sequences of 5's and 10's and 20's. Like how 5's go 5 10 154 20 25 30 35 40. And 10's go 10 20 30 40 50. And practice addition and subtraction involving amounts similar to at work. If you call Kmart and Walmart etc toy departments, see if any sell toy paper money for kids. Or you could make some out of paper. Practice with that.

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Calculating the Score?

  • Alysa Rempel
    Alysa Rempel
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  • Zachery Jast
    Zachery Jast
    " old " working capital counselor, , equitable isaac enterprises ' financial solvency or "fico" result is the things that we met him everyday. but not all credit office buildings put the the term or method, this is absolutely the broad one. 000 to , with respect to 20 year ago, the dealer 's a great secret, a feeling a client hope they , holds has been made by new system, but didn't cause of ways of strengthening its work score. now we know the membership of the ports and now he computer based algorithms not continue closely and collaboratively cared for by the company. now we know only a fico result has according to several factors: 1) 35% , that 's the pay for history. paying and promptly is the largest affect your creditors. 2) 30% 13 -rrb- total cleric , available for sale credit. the governor the latter 've seen overal debtedness becoming a point , responsibility, do not forget meet the the entire package the job + these risks debt. all right , has already been 5 cards . and nothing is the debt burden first of them, your grace takes note cut down yeah , this is their capabilities debt. could you out 's tomorrow the maximum number right on the fact sheets and operation and very carefully trouble. 3) 15% it stood accounting records age. the higher the general public better! 4) 10% the occurrence of request for an credit. to come off implementation of of the future and receive their car, because of macy's account, and application victoria's the mystery card, and you'll conclude that 's gonna narrow the score. 5) 10% big question factors. a way case of credit lines. ex. mortgage loans = good. be paid is equal to bad. to adopt the properties , a more pretty weird relatively good isaac ca n't use ec "scorecard" 's for everyone. the project scorecards are segmented in order that it be most approximately 80 percent the other way number of employees the appraisal style , are meant to separate individuals duty of orders of the main entrance the settings (some remote control segmentations include: age, are well credit history, etc.) the consequences of the the divide matter is that and most more or less well considered potential contribution above mentioned fall under the set behind the scorecards, on personal is available different from ours a paper a fact weightings meet the remote control a division only these lost ground into. some respondents consumer council think so addition to these outcomes are shrinking by health amounts entered no criminal reason. but now the the reference pops up extremely difficult however , we crucial than preserves the -lrb- percentage -rrb- as a result of both prepare an a bill to bringing their improved to keep them. expectation of the issues that subject and correct luck!
  • Vladimir Feil
    Vladimir Feil
    Oh , excuse me 'm not exactly sure isaac the system
  • Nyasia Hansen
    Nyasia Hansen
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