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    "this usb device can perform faster if you connect it to a hi-speed 2.0 port" i always got this with my hard drive was turned on...neway, my hard drive was working just fine when i started using this ol' laptop...reinstalled my windows a few times and the hard drive still worked just fine...neway, bout a few weeks back, reinstalled my windows (XP btw) and plugged in my web cam usb and it installed just fine...i plug in my hard drive cause i wanted to listen to some of my songs and write and i got the stuff in the quotations so i just figured it was doing what it always does but this time i didn't get the hard drive to actually open up...was thinking i accidentally clicked on something when i deleted the previous version of my windows and might have turned off something to make the 2.0 not open up or something..any suggestions to open up my external hard drive so i can actually use what's inside?

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    It means the USB port you are using is not a USB ver 2.0 Childersburg are you using a USB hub? Mostly windows will select the default hardware for external HDD. In some cases the drivers in the HCL will be for ver 1.0 compatible.

Am i able to get any cash back from subsidized and un subsidized loans? If so how does that work?

  • Sally Johnson
    Sally Johnson
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  • Amy Wunsch
    Amy Wunsch
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  • Coleman Spencer
    Coleman Spencer
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  • Cesar McDermott
    Cesar McDermott
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  • Larissa Pagac
    Larissa Pagac
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