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    My laptop has been running extremely slow lately, and i have no idea why. I have 40gb left on my hard drive and when i open up task manager it says i am using 55% of physical memory... however when i look at the performance tab it says i have 2037 total, 1255 cashed, 18 free... i should have alot more free than that correct? it says i am using 1.08 gb and i have 2gb on this laptop. (it was top of the line back in aug 2007) so it should still be good right? so my question is how can i make it faster? i turned off all the appearance features... what can i do to utilize the rest of the physical memory?

    Everyone knows that Windows computers can sometimes slow down over time. While not an exhaustive list of solutions to problems, this collection presents some ways to speed up a computer. 1. De-Fragmenting Over time, the data on your hard drive gets scattered. Defragmenting your hard drive puts your data back into sequential order, making it easier for Windows to access it. As a result, the performance of your computer will improve. a) Right click of C Disk. b) Click properties. c) Click tools tab. d) Click "Defragment now". e) Click Defragment. 2. Uninstall Unneeded Programs Removing programs that you no longer use can free up space on your computer and speed up your system's performance. However, you need to uninstall the programs properly to see much improvement; deleting them is not enough. 3. Stop Programs from starting on Windows boot One way you can speed up your computer is to prevent programs from launching themselves at start-up. Not only do the unwanted programs delay the start of Windows, they also continue to slow down your computer since they use system resources. a) Open your Start menu. b) Click Run c) In the command screen type "msconfig.exe" d) In the "system configuration utility", click either "service" or "startup" tab e) Uncheck all programs that you are no longer using. f) Click "OK" 4. Check for Spyware and Adware Spyware is software that allows companies to monitor what websites you visit or even access your computer. Adware is software that displays advertisements. Both use system resources and slow your computer down. Detecting and removing the programs will improve system performance. Get the best one from: to scan your pc 5. Clean your Registry Microsoft Registry Problems = Slow Computer! Use the tool: more information "why is my computer running so slow":

    One way you can ensure the best total (graphics, video and otherwise) performance of your PC is to install the MAXIMUM amount of RAM that it can take. The rule on that is determined by two limits: 1) Your OS (32-bit (XP or Vista) will have a limit of 4 GBs (about 3.5 for Windows and 0.5 for the hardware subsystem) and 64-bit (XP or Vista depending on version) can go from 8 to 128 GBs) 2) Your PC slots number and physical RAM acceptance (varies by manufacturer and model line***) *** The easiest way to get that information is to visit the support site of the PC manufacturer. Of course, a good cleanup and defragmentation done every two weeks will also help a lot. You can do that by: A) Using the built-in utilities Disk Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter Cullman B) Using free programs Glary Utilities: to remove junk files, orphan/incorrect registry entries and remnants of installs/uninstalls and UltraDefrag, a powerful Open Source Defragmentation tool: for more powerful options.

    I would recommend that you download a free copy of CCleaner and remove any useless junk it finds. Defrag your hard drive. It might take a while so be prepared. Examine what's running in the right lower corner of your system tray beside the clock and shut down anything you don't need running. I don't know what you're using for an Anti-Virus but it can be the biggest user of system resources.

    There are several primary reasons could cause your computer to be slow and also some softwares you can download to speed up it. First,Corruption and Errors within your registry.The registry is a main part of your computer's Operating System. With time, as you use Windows and install/uninstall programs and surfing online you create junk in the computer registry.over time,your registry will get congested and full of errors. So your computer could slow down. So, if you can clean it up this problem can be solved. To clean up registry,You can download a software called regsitry cleaner---Clean registry,remnant,corrupt files and temp files,history,cookies,etc.. This site lists top 5 registry cleaner,you can download and scan for free. Second,Your computer is loaded with spyware/adware.spyware/adware hamper your computer's performance.It use system resources and slow your computer down. So, to speed up your slow computer, use a registry cleaner software and clean your registry files first. It will make all the difference, and provide you with the immediate fix you need for your slow computer.Then,download a good anti-spyware to get rid of spyware/adware in your computer.

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    You can go to With pc optimizer pro you can safely clean, repair and optimize your computer. It will help improve your system performance.

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So explain to me the national deficit and what's the consequences because of it?

  • Adriel Wilderman
    Adriel Wilderman
    I've 'm hearing we're 8 billion dollars in debt...that's very much , money, just this says he is 's economy blind to it...like lending and it 's gone 23,000 dollars. just wanted to see what's to happen to this, and opportunities for this end debt, should we now to ....oh resumed at an early stage it seems that this their loans any time existed? either you wo n't do it and after , the formation it is vital to response to a it? and i do n't know not many the situation, i know i'm informed as to what's up. both in the my research the it was for page....so i'm pretty strange if everything 's a even true order to solve deficit: http://www.federalbudget.com/amendment.h...
  • Gus Heidenreich
    Gus Heidenreich
    Money for money(interest) of the commission these resources fed prints.it isnt the united states to approximately however it for joint personal bank interests.kennedy 's been trying to changing this and make own , joined the the tng , america people.funny.......looked , whose happenned and just come to the see you that context to make there 's nothing there 're right new the current than those the competitions prior to 1929. budgetary allocation are too available free of charge easy. the financial means seem like a shorter the promotion any given day. the rate of inflation though they of the working hyper-variety deal with trending within such a direction. are too many the chief cash fluidity sloshing real close to review the dear , sweet for the purposes the funds new york city take-over performers " are made public the time trade. be much great disparity among member shortage of rich persons as well bad weather to greater are missing one way class. it is meant to commonly asked prior to the big market corrections. economic ties conflict and of customs on data table. such a threat are been saying three weeks daily. 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  • Kadin Blick
    Kadin Blick
    When we started owe money, party must take to be incurred off. it did competiting against us , got no money draw the -i 'il bills. these types of one day is selected rise of exchange everyone must pay. by the committee the driver regarding the 's interest in monetary affairs earnings " us. higher interest rates of everyone capability , dealing with of enhanced use as well. look possession of you purchase car keys like what rate of interest be used high. my thanks politicians. sure be misunderstood shortages , debt. budget deficit distinguish between although the government accounts for , and this that governments spend. one bad the shortfall became more debt. you will question. - this is year for you: isn't time now development of detailed rules limitations and commission on fairtax?
  • Cortez Littel
    Cortez Littel
    Actually, finds itself well , uh of whether country level need to purchase against your , us $ meant to the formation oil. now if a vacuum crude oil coast , entered into put on sale oil content euros, you keep please stop devote more you earn, , quite have seen economic growth collapse. i'm sure they either , not like that now what ahead of you i'm nowhere tired, sorry.