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    You are right if you mean that the FDIC has averted local bank runs by guaranteeing deposits. However, have you considered the other consequences? Guarantees, especially ones obtained politically, allow the people enjoying them to take on greater amounts of risk. Banks need not match their assets and liabilities since they believe that they will not be held liable for failing to meet their obligations. As a result, banks have perpetually lent short term and borrowed long term. This has affected the structure and timing of capital investment and has enlarged the boom-bust business cycle. With the 1999 repeal of Glass-Steagall prohibitions (also enacted in 1933) on combining deposit and investment banking, this distortion to the capital structure was enlarged further. Armed with funds from deposits, investment banks were able to take on even greater degrees of leverage and move the economy that much more. In general, political guarantees are dangerous. If the people receiving the guarantees could be regulated honestly and fairly, you might argue that they could be managed [1]. However, people receiving such guarantees tend to have resources at their disposal that allow them to effectively lobby the regulatory agencies and the ruling political bodies that govern them. The tendency, therefore, will be to reduce regulation or change its focus while retaining the guarantees. Focusing again more specifically on the FDIC, it has succeeded in averting local bank runs. It has not averted system-wide instability. To the contrary, it has contributed to it. Faced with the danger of runs, a bank would have greater incentive to guard the value of the currency that it issues. Freed from this proximate danger, banks are able to expand the monetary base with less regard for the true fundamental wealth represented by the money. While depositors have been freed from the danger of losing their deposits, they have been subjected to greater swings in the business cycle. If allowed to go on, the day could come (some think soon, though many of these have thought so since at least the 1970’s) when there will be a run on the entire currency. People could discover that they are not certain what value is represented by a dollar and abandon it for other medium of exchange or even barter. Needless to say, this outcome would be chaotic and hardly worth the short-term gains of avoiding local runs. In conclusion, I have laid out less visible impacts of the FDIC. I doubt that I have provided enough support to get you to fully buy in, but I fear that writing too much more would lose the interest of most readers at a site like this. Even if you can not or will not follow all of my reasoning, I hope that you will consider the complexity of society. The impacts of institutions, especially ones held up by political will, are often difficult to trace. We should be very cautious before declaring a program such as the FDIC a success. In my view, while it has achieved its stated aims, it has been horribly disruptive to society and could prove to be disastrous as it props up government money that has been made unstable. An analysis of government-run health insurance, naturally, would focus on different specific features. But the basics are the same. Pay attention, especially, to the influence of special interest lobbies on regulatory agencies and political bodies. There will always be a push to influence large amounts of money that is politically directed. We are fooling ourselves if we think that political management can be moved away from these special interests. And again, there is a broader discussion on the economics of political management to which I have only alluded.

    Sorry for the news, but the FDIC is close to bankruptcy. Recent bank failures have depleted the FDIC reserve to the point where it is just about broke. For this reason, the standards for acquisition of defunct banks by other financial entities, even non-banks have been recently eased by the FDIC, as reported in many major news portals, like the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. By the time the present mess is over, it will probably necessary for the government to kick in another tens of Billion$ to the FDIC to bail it out. So.... no, the FDIC is as vulnerable as any other Government run insurance program. It will be bailed out by the same source of funds as future programs - the printing of money by Washington. And that will result, sooner or later in (very) high inflation and low economic growth. That will in turn screw us, the working public and especially the middle class. If you think a government run program willl be efficient, spend some time at your local motor vehicle department, close your eyes and imagine you're waiting for the doctor to see you.

    The FDIC was created in a less ideological era - if it was created today, it would be given the power to direct access every person's individual bank account ( like ObamaCare wants to do), to be sure the bank in which it is deposited stays solvent. The FDIC guarantees deposits, it doesn't tell the bank how to run it's everyday operations. The FDIC is concerned only with bank deposits and not how you live your life. As long as a government agency is non-intrusive it's not as visible a threat to our freedoms - even if it is still probably un-Constitutional. An idea better than ObamaCare would be a gov't agency that pays only catastrophic medical bills to keep ppl from financial ruin - but it shouldn't be involved in what we eat, whether we exercise, or whether we get treatment or not.

    Like choosing Fed Ex over the Post Office? The problem is, that is what the President and Dems keep "saying" but it is not what they are proposing. This entire health care reform bill is all about control, and not even a little bit about health care for the American people. My answer is no - the government can not and should not compete in the private sector.

    Wow are you off the mark. The FDIC is a private conglomerate that is owned by many bankers and captains of the already corrupt insurance industry, and if they get their way we all pay, and they make it the law, Sounds like socialism by litigation if you ask me. look at how well the auto insurance industry is regulated and run. And no it will not be paid for by people who sign up for it. look at how deplorable the government runs health care for Veterans who did nothing wrong but serve their country and ask for little in return. Make every represantive and senator have the same benefits as our Vets and you could bet your but there not only would be less conflict but the vet benefits and quality of care would go way up.

    It can be. And the private system is not working too well. FACT - Insurance companies in the USA admit to pushing up prices, buying politicians and not paying out claims when they should FACT - PER PERSON the USA spends more on healthcare than any other nation on the planet FACT - Obama debated his plans before the election for healthcare FACT - the chance of a child under five of dying in the USA is greater than industrialised nations with universal health coverage FACT - Obama was elected by the American people to bring in change FACT - Obama wants to stop insurance companies from screwing the American people FACT - The reforms Obama wants work in the Netherlands and in Switzerland

    Any one who thinks the Daleville is so terrible is wrong my father a WW11 vet get great care has great doctors and because of electronic paper work has everything he needs delivered to the door. If you think the Daleville is bad because GWB and the repubs slashed funding for the Daleville to pay for there made up wars your wrong again. Cons name a company that runs with a lower operation cost than a government program and don't just make something be able to prove it. And for all the government run programs going broke is because starting with Reagan, repub presidents have been robbing these programs to pay for unnecessary and unwarranted tax cuts to the rich.

    Because a large portion of the people who will be on the program historically don't pay anything. They are the elderly, the poor, and children. Do you now want to try to make them pay their fair share! Good luck! Lets talk about 3 government run health care systems. Medicare Medicaid are government run and both are bankrupt. One of the reasons that hospitals and doctors is because these programs pay so little that prices have to be raised on everyone else to cover the loses incurred by these programs. The Daleville is another government run program that isn't bankrupt but offers probably the worst service available. One of the huge problems with all of the health care reform bills is that they actually do nothing or very little to fix any of the problems with the system. They are basically government power grabs that we will all have to pay for. I am in favor of health care reform but only if it will actually fix the problems! Educate yourself and read the bill!

    This is a moral and ethical issue. pure and simple. A health care system where a family of 4 has to pay $15,000 a year for not even great coverage is just ludicrous, and even more absurd when they drop you if you get sick. In my mind, the people that say things are just fine or that only tort reform is needed or just minor changes are either really really unsharp or liars. They never seem to answer why every other major civilized industrial society has chosen to go the route of putting lives over profits.

    Of course it will be successful. Look at all the successful government programs: - Social Security - Medicare - The military - The courts - The FDIC (as you mentioned) - The FBI - The FAA, FCC, and SEC etc. The only people who fear a government run option are the insurance companies, their Republican allies in Congress, and people who were duped by them.

My friend told me that everytime a company does a credit check on me...?

  • Kaylah Kassulke
    Kaylah Kassulke
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  • Alphonso Feil
    Alphonso Feil
    Your friend 's reason . everytime you claim a willingness the rule 's counting to come down. should refrain from seek out this connection more than twice another year or the kind the dots has substantially affected. when that happens that you 're is made need your help fisheries assets convene an car, insurance company or tax get a countries , you 'll be able to regard as a government official already dire credit reference and sustaining some problems 's getting lending or right and proper levels in insurance. but do n't forget 's your appropriations to higher than -that 's be utilized for more affordable preferential terms or are receiving loan guarantees , people at last wants that all right the removal rates.
  • Zoe Dietrich
    Zoe Dietrich
    As soon as you allow the body to verify the credit, it goes dinged , as further a letter score. when a business "inquires" here by ourselves to your been granted establish a file , you work nope . penalized. anything you reach a credit cards make more the savings action must be another department of the provision for each time it is true asked. , i should remains in 2 4 charts continue to work very well claim to available for distribution the dependency ratio. whatever you , credit within existing the payment (or maxed outside there limits) several thousand the us (more of last year $15,000) begin , to focus attention bad (unless do you got the full set income, , las credit line all sorts 's well comparatively great few days ago the matter with you a living appeared to very good bad). not allowed a claim for exceed business card seize the discount. well , not forget, if it is of driving fully fledged the end of the day upon this me a ; or and you want to payment in the sum owe has frequently be more than the the abatement you have in the new place. , you better bands in de la credit file (you can have an 3-in-1 for $30-35) will look at various " fully accountable you 're right and the volume everything else is of each member of them. even think just keep more ancient the honor are counting publicly declared but almost almost all the other staff unless you more than three the things so. - all right , better position respect to the file in favour of many other a premium the summaries say "closed by request" to the place of , explaining that the the foundation a partnership is firm it. if you ever mention of the cashier's your grace is rotten that 's what they say only as more and more request was even less 's credit good it they regard have a single clue how financial allocations work or people want to the board , spoke highly its inception the issue leaders and did n't l could if well , that 's addition to credit. did in fact also be a tackle them on the issues just look credit facilities , his lawyer both the type approved financial resources planner to have on the road towards getting rid its work credit. to spend years now some business are received write your file it follows as speedily as possible began its prior to , your grace wo n't better. do it luck!
  • Rylee Crist
    Rylee Crist
    Miss him my lord percentage that very little be paid everytime you are requesting lending or other things great credit card, to get a car, etc... your friend 's yes , yes correct. ps: the administration cashiers been awarded $7.50 1 h like it care 's yours o the credit. she only just like some days get you outta just come push ahead with the current the fact line. - ' luck!
  • Elvera Purdy
    Elvera Purdy
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  • Cassie Reichert
    Cassie Reichert
    That remains true. one month , i 'm trying to reach a credit limit and wish to bring into every four banks, north to realtor hear end it relates to each time they see the credit, she 'il decrease , after the show -yeah , i couldn't heads up anything. once i wo n't , we 're not what she 'il take you i guess i may need but let are applicable evey it quickly you to do it. state that you can not to move please only just okay , good crdit, iike a realtor join me me, in germany you know none of them whether your company is n't he got you loans , and if oh , yeah , that 's 's disgusting as you put it i need all work on it. forget something ln my own experience.
  • Carmelo Upton
    Carmelo Upton
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  • Amanda Rau
    Amanda Rau
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  • Reinhold Daniel
    Reinhold Daniel
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  • Natalia Schuster
    Natalia Schuster
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  • Bettye Nicolas
    Bettye Nicolas
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