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    I'm an everyday runescape player that recently got 120 dungeoneering. I gop (great orb project, 50+rc), dice (how i used to make money), and those are pretty much it. RECENTLY I'VE BEEN HACKED Daleville KEYLOGGED Daleville WHATEVER THE F IT'S CALLED. my password has been changed before, ive lost 1 bill. and he keeps leaving stupid notes :\ I wrote down his I.P adress just in case, but i dont want to get even anymore... i just want my account to be safe :( please help me, please!!

    Pretty much common sense. I'd say 99.9% of kids are "hacked" for one of the following reasons....find the one that applies to you. 1. Botting. Most bots have hidden trojans that steal your password and bank pin. DON'T BOT!! These guys are in the business of helping kids cheat. You really trust them not to steal your account? 2. Gold sellers. Same story. These guys are helping you cheat for cash. They harvest passwords thru trojans or some just outright say they need your password to deliver the gold. Don't trust them. 3. Shady downloads. "Psst, kid. wanna make 10 million per hour? Just download this nifty RS hack!/pin generator/crack script/bot/party hat maker". If you fall for that lie then you've just painted a big giant SUCKER label on yourself and your account. 4. Phishing Scheme. You're asking questions on Yahoo Answers so this is probably the one that got you. This site is full of phishers. Every hour someone posts one of those stupid "Please vote for free trade" phishing links here. If you click the link, you're taken to a website that looks like the official Runescape Home Page but in reality it belongs to a thief. If you enter your password there, you've just given it to a thief. There are many phishing schemes in RS. Mod Applications. "Please join my awesome Pk Clan. You must sign up on this site". Never click a link that's posted here on Yahoo or given to you ingame by another player or player masquerading as a mod. It's almost always a phish site. 5. Don't give your password to ANYONE!!!! EVER!!! Players give out their passwords every day to people they shouldn't. Younger brother, best friend at school, cousin, cute girlfriend or even that really nice player that taught them a new woodcutting trick and loaned them 100k. If you don't know the person in real life, don't give out your password. No one should ever ask for your password ingame. Even if you think they're your friend, if they ask for a password, they aren't. 6. Ok, so then what if you do know the person? You trust your younger brother. You'd beat him up if he tried to steal your account and he knows it. You trust your best friend you've known since kindergarten. He'd never double cross you. That may be true and you may give your password to a totally trustworthy friend, but that friend might have viruses or trojans on their computer that steals the account. They may decide to bot on the account. They may decide to buy you some gold for your birthday. You may have a fight with your girlfriend (who knows the password) and she decides to trash the account for revenge. Or your little brother might just decide to act like a total moron and spam "poop poop poop poop poooooop!!!!!!" for an hour at the Grand Exchange. You find your account muted the next day. I don't know how you lost your account. Only you know what you've done with it or haven't done. If any of the above sounds familiar then start there. If you have trojans, bots, viruses, etc on your computer, get rid of them and secure the computer. Then recover the account.

    Did you give anybody your account information(password+login id)? If so, change your password and don't tell any of your friends your account information because it's probably someone you know that's hacking you. If you truly believe you've been keylogged then try doing a full scan on your computer and if that doesn't work and you're really desperate to get rid of the spyware/keylog then just backup your files and format your computer(final resort).

    The Steps that I used when I got hacked 4-5 years ago and haven't been hacked since: 1) change your username at least 3 times 2) change your password at least 3 times

    Dont go to any runescapes related sites and enter your same rs password or download changing your password will have like no effect ,cause the only people who can actually have a chance at guessing your password is your family/friends i got 230m-250m bank and i just bank all my items before i logg my RSN:rlpo987 o12(2 spaces in between) im lending santas for 50k an hr

    Its just like any other website. Don't tell anyone your password. Changing your password regularly can prevent people from guessing it as well. Making it difficult to guess by including letters, numbers and symbols. Be wary of suspicious websites and emails, especially of ones that ask for your password, its called phising. An admin will never ask for your password, they don't need it to investigate your account. Do not use the remember me/password if you are using a public/shared computer.

    Get a virus/spyware program Scan your whole computer FULL SYSTEM SCAN Change your recovery's change your pass and there you go. Hope this helps

    Read this guide on keeping your account safe:

I have spent my financial aid refund check of $1,500.00?

  • Melyssa Hermann
    Melyssa Hermann
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    Joanny Runolfsdottir
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