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    I'm always hearing about people buying foreclosed homes for much less than what the home is worth. I just moved to Cali from North Carolina for a new job, but I am now paying $900 a month for rent for a studio apartment. I know home prices out here are ridiculous, but I figure I could probably buy a 1-bedroom apartment or condo. So how do I find foreclosed homes or apartments??

    This was on channel 7 yesterday. By Ric Romero(KABC) -- The fallout in the housing market continues to hit many Southern Californians hard. Prices are declining and the number of foreclosures continues to rise -- that's creating an opportunity for bargain hunters. But don't buy a property just because it seems like a steal. Many people are staying on the sidelines in this declining housing market. But bank-owned foreclosures are tempting. Foreclosed homes are often priced well below the market rate. But that doesn't mean they're a good investment. At a packed house in Temecula, first-time home hunters and savvy investors were hoping to buy one of the roughly 80 foreclosed homes on the auction block. All are bank-owned properties. At this auction, the winning bidders were required to put down five percent of the purchase price in cash, or $2,500 -- whichever is greater. The deal must close within 30 days. "These have been on the market for a while, it sells to the high bidder. Although banks do have to approve the offers, by selling a lot of property in a short period of time they're able to sell a lot less than in the traditional real estate market," said David Webb, an auctioneer for Hudson & Marshall. Banks must approve all winning bids at the auction, and the properties are sold as-is, so there's no guarantee about their condition. "We decided to do some upgrades, like designer paint and crown moldings, and some things you don't normally see in houses this little," said Colleen Rutledge, who bought a foreclosed home. Rutledge of Fallbrook bought a two-story Perris home as an investment at a foreclosure auction for $250,000, plus a $12,000 commission. She spent about $25,000 more fixing it up, putting in granite countertops, a hardwood floor and stainless steel appliances. With similar properties selling in the low-to-mid-300s, Rutledge thought she'd make a quick profit. She initially listed it for $369,000 when it was the only foreclosed property on the block. Now the home next door, and several others on the block are in foreclosure, and prices continue to fall. She's lowered her price several times and now has it listed for $274,000. She says she'll be lucky to walk away with any profit. Rutledge admits she got caught up in the foreclosure auction frenzy. "You really do have to know your numbers, know what your maximum bid is, and you're done when you're done," said Rutledge. "And you got to know what you're getting into or you'll lose a lot of money, unfortunately." Many experts are predicting prices will continue to fall, so a foreclosure bargain today may not seem like a great deal tomorrow if the housing slump continues. Foreclosure auctions are held frequently in Southern California. For more information on foreclosure auctions: PEMCO, Ltd. PEMCO, Ltd. is the real estate management company contracted to administer the property management and sale of all HUD Homes. & Marshall The auction schedule for Hudson & Marshall. Home Loans An online tool below to search for Countrywide owned properties in your area. RealtyTrac's database of properties includes thousands of bank-owned homes, foreclosure auctions, Daleville foreclosures, trustee sales, HUD foreclosures as well as pre-foreclosures. Downey Savings Properties for Sale Downey Savings is selling residential property acquired -- such as through foreclosures or deeds in lieu of foreclosure. HSBC Property Search Click the "Select Location to Search" box to view all of the states for which HSBC has current property listings. HomEq Servicing An online tool to search by state for available REO properties in: Ocwen Properties for Sale Search Ocwen for commercial properties, residential properties, and Daleville properties. Premiere Asset Services Premiere Asset Services (PAS) has helped more than 30,000 homebuyers nationwide realize their dream of homeownership through the purchase of foreclosed properties.

    Generally if you Google 'foreclosed homes Long Beach' you'll come up with many sites that have listings. Just because it's foreclosed does not mean you'll get a great deal. The loan fallout has created a huge glut of properties that were purchased 3-4 years ago. The loans were generally interest-only, which means their was never any principal paid into the home, thus no equity. The loan company who is foreclosing, will be looking to come very close to getting the entire amount owed, because thus far, they never got the principal. Apartments would not be an option, it would be a condo you'd be looking for, or a one bedroom home. I can tell you that you'll not find anything that will allow you to pay less than $900 in monthly payments. Most likely you'll end up paying at least $1500 per month for whatever you get. Wait it out another year or two, when even more homes glut the market and the loan companies are so desperate they'll reduce the price markedly just so they'll get some return.

    Home Buying Foreclosed Homes A Struggle Unless Occupants Are Booted Massachusetts Housing Posted by: Nate Berg Buyers looking to snatch up renter-occupied foreclosed homes and apartment buildings are meeting opposition from mortgage companies who want all tenants out before a sale. This leaves many buyers unsatisfied and many renters feeling insecure. "Foreclosed apartments increasingly are drawing interest from buyers who want to keep the current tenants, often to protect them and sometimes because reliable tenants are valuable. But mortgage companies say it is simply easier to sell an empty building, and more profitable to follow the same procedure in every case: Clear it, clean it, and sell it." "Buyers such as O'Brien could help to limit post-foreclosure evictions, a growing problem in Boston and other Massachusetts cities. Almost a third of Massachusetts foreclosures in 2007 involved multifamily buildings." "'We're looking to stabilize neighborhoods that we're afraid are reaching a tipping point of abandonment,' said Joe Kreisberg, president of the Massachusetts Association of Community Development Associations. He said he expects some local community development groups to announce initiatives to buy foreclosed apartment buildings in the next few months." "The question is whether lenders and other companies that own these buildings will agree to sell the buildings with tenants still in them. O'Brien has been turned down twice. According to local real estate professionals, others who have inquired about buying foreclosed properties in Boston also have been turned away."

    Good luck with that one. My parents tried to buy me an A/C unit for my apartment because they couldn't stand the place...Not only were A/Cs sold out, so were fans, everywhere. Sorry girl. Good luck!

    Go talk to your bank, and get pointed at their REO department. Banks would much rather be lending money than trying to run property, and they will be ready to deal.

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