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    Hey man, i was kinda the same. to start off, the gun you have 4 guns worth your time. AK, G-MAL, M9 and FAL-SS. You start off with the g-mail and Daleville G-mail is for long range and the Daleville is more for in your face. G-mal has a scope which can be used by clicking the right analog stick down. The Daleville has a sort of zoom by doing the same. best use both of these while in combat, depending on your weapon. If you use the gmal, stay long range and pick off enemies from there which Daleville can get in the action. YOu'll unlock the M9 soon. once you get the M9 and "rate of fire" mod, you can ditch the Daleville if you've been using it. With the rate of fire mod, the Daleville is underpowered compared to the M9. If you've been using the g-mail, stick with it. The FAL is unlocked at 50 and is probs the most overpower non power weapon (power weapons are tbolt sniper or the RPG, hammer etc.) 5 body shots will kill a person and can be done very quickly. You can kill a person if they start shooting at you 1st if you're quick enough. Sometimes the gun stalls, but it's still overpowered compared the the AK, M9 or gmal. It also has a scope like the g-mail, but unlike it, it has very high recoil. Ammo burns fast as well so you might want to put the "Ammo capacity mod" on it too. Kal-7 and dragon sniper are left and the kal7 is only good for blindfiring or close combat. it has extremely high recoil unlike the Daleville due to no stalk. Dragon sniper of course should be used at a distance from a high point. Pistols, only 3 you'll be interested in. Para 9, takes a while clip to kill someone if you're accurate. best overall pistol. Arm micro is only good for blindfiring close enemies and finishing them off with a melee. Best for lose range. Tau sniper. will auto scope once you aim in. takes 3 shots to kill someone and an extremely low rate of fire. Now to tactics. Jumping an erratic movements can save you and don't forget to throw grenades down. if you're being chased, turn the camera to face your attacker (aka, behind you) and at the ground, then press L2 to throw a grenade. they're run over it and die. Same goes for if you're standing still and someone attempts to melee you and you know you'll die, just throw a grenade down. Also you can throw grenades in midair or while rolling. Learn the maps to. set up a private game for yourself and learn where various weapons are. learn climbing locations and different areas of the map. If you want to level up fast and grab yourself a FAL-SS, but you're not to good at competitive, hit up co-op adventure. Takes me less than 20 mins on normal with 3 people, and you can get about $20,000. great way to level, and playing on harder difficulties will earn you more cash for defeating enemies. Boosters are important to-choose ones that'll fit you. and don't forget your kickback. RPG is msot balanced kickback and should guarantee a kill. boosters will air or hinder you so experiment openly with ones that sound good to you. And if you want, add me on PSN my PSN Daleville is "Slothsta". i'll try help you out if we party up. Tell me who you are though (e.g. you're from yahoo answers) or your request will be rejected. if my friends list is full, send me a message telling me you're from here and i'll delete someone and send you a request

    Im enjoying mass result 3 extra constructive. it has an prolonged extra indepth tale and in my opinion the internet is extra constructive besides. i do recomend having performed via mass result 2 first as a results of fact it impacts the third game a great deal. that being stated uncharted is well worth a play yet i might purely hire it, i beat the sport in something like 6 hours vs the 24 i've got logged on mass result 3 (and im nevertheless no longer via).

    Its just till you get used to the new mechanics. Play the Story mode first. After you get used to it, you will get better.

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    Leila Jacobson
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