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    I will keep this as brief as possible so people read it and I get answers: Decided I wanted a horse. Wanted to know all the financials behind it. Called around getting boarding quotes. Found a stable who offered to go look at horses for me so I got a good horse. I didn't expect to buy a horse for another month or 2 because I was buying with my School money that I get in September. Found the perfect horse, in high demand and the owners said 7 others were interested. I asked if i could place a deposit to hold the horse, Owners said no. So we left. I was sad, but I didn't have the $1400 cash at the time. So I sucked it up and left. boarder/stable owner dropped me off, and we went our separate ways. She called 20 mins later saying she bought the horse for me and I could pay her back. She said the horse was too perfect, and I said NO, and she said it was too late she was on her way to pick her up. I am paying $375 to board and I owe the $1400 due end of September. Well owners husband got drunk, and fought with me over...well I dont know. Said My horse needs a leader and I am not one. Said I was not progressing enough in the 1 1/2 weeks that I have owned her and that the horse deserved a better owner. He said That the horse was his and that I have until the end of this month to pay the $1400 and move her. He then said I had a week to move her. I have a feeling they want my horse. They tell me every day how much they love her and everyone loves her and how great she is. They know I dont have $1400... What am I supposed to do? Please help, I dont want to lose my horse. Or worse, pay the $1400 and them still say the horse is theirs. What do I do???? I am scared even if I show up tomorrow with $1400 cash, they are not going to let me take her. They said I am a bad horse owner because next month I want to field board her (Aboarding option they offer)

    I have paid for 2 months board in advance. So Yes I have paid board (Full) already. They are not willing to sign any documents of any kind. They just said hand them cash and I can take her....but wont sign anything. I want to just show up with $1400 and a trailor right behind me....But I do not think they are going to give me my horse, or call the cops and make me leave the property. I fear they are going to report me for animal crulty as well....

    You got scammed BIG. I don't know of any stable that would go looking for the 'perfect horse' for some random stranger that called them up asking for a boarding quote. Then, you hardly ever can find said 'perfect horse' quickly. It takes time and effort, trying out many different horses before you find one that's perfect. And from what it sounds like, you saw the horse once and decided she was perfect. Not good. If seven other people were trying to buy that horse, honey, she'd be SOLD. They wouldn't just keep holding her and holding her. Once you left, that should have been the end. But the stable owner goes BACK, buys Miss Perfect for you--someone she hardly even knew before all this started? Um, who does that? And then INSISTING you take the horse? Uh-uh. Alarm bells should have been ringing in your head. "I'm already on my way to get her." "Well then you have fun with your new horse. Bye! *click*" You should have payed no board on that horse. You should have stuck to your guns and stayed away. YOU DIDN'T HAVE THE MONEY. You never go into something you don't have the money for. Now, the husband gets drunk and says you're not progressing in a week and a half? Excuse me, but what the f*ck. In only a week and a half, you really haven't had TIME to progress. So you should've run far away THEN too. And then moving up the date you have to pay him back? No. No. No. Bad. Alarm bells. They're just putting pressure on you to get the money. And from the way you're writing, you want the horse, so you're going to pay them and then likely NOT get the horse. I'm sorry, but that horse is a loss. Likely, the stable owners and whoever owned her were in it together to swindle a likely mark out of money. You've already payed two months board, and you're not likely to get that back. Call the police on these people and get out. You'll probably not get the horse Daphne your money back, but at least you've gained some experience. Next time, take your time when looking for a horse, and take someone who knows horses that you TRUST. That's very important. And then have the money for the horse BEFORE you fall in love.

    Go to your local police department and see if they have a "fraud squad." Tell them what you've written here. I'm pretty sure that they will have some history on these people, as it's unlikely that you are the first person they've swindled. I would bet money that they are in cahoots with the owner of the horse you "bought," and they may even have owned her. Any way you look at things, you have been defrauded and what these people are doing is illegal. Not to belabor a point, but when the stable owner called you up to tell you she'd bought the horse for you and you could pay her back, when you said NO, the moment she got insistent you should have told her that you had not authorized her to act as your agent and you didn't want the horse, and that you would call the police if she called you again. Go to the police NOW and see if charges can be filed against these people. And stop giving them any money. You may have lost what you already have given them, but you can stop any additional losses. My guess is when these people hear that you've got the police involved, they will try to scare you in some way; but if you stand firm, they'll let you alone. This whole situation sounds like a scam that has been worked over and over. I'm sure the stable owner is counting on you not going to the police. They end up with as much of your money as they can take and the horse, which they can then re-sell to some other "mark." Go to the police. Best way to end this situation.

    1. As long as your horse is in good condition or you can show that you are doing the right thing etc don't even worry if they try report you for crulty, not sure where you live but in australia there has to be huge problems before they can remove animals. 2. Can you go to the original owners and get some sort of confirmation of what happened on their end. Did these people buy this horse expecting to keep it and scam you? They may have let slip somthing to them in conversation that may give you a clue as to whats going on. 3. I think the best thing (which I know is way easier sad than done) is to show up with the money AND a trailer and get the heck out of there asap. Also do not go alone. As already said take family (men if possible) or your hubby/boyfriend. 4. Start documenting everything thats going on from conversations with these people to what you plan on doing etc, you can take this to police and it will be favourable that you have tried to make note of whats going on. It's shows you have a vested intrest in this horse and are not trying to steal it which these people may try say you are. 5. Do you have recipts for the board paid, or can you show where you took the money from, it it gets even uglier it is on your side that you have been paying board, why would you pay board for their horse, it's clearly yours. I can't think of any other things right now.... I wish you all the best of luck and hope that things work out for you please keep us posted.

    What does your WRITTEN contract say??? seriously you should ALWAYS have things in writting.. it will probably blow over and be nothing.. but in the mean time write down/document everything to the best of your ability. you cannot be charged with cruelty for pasture board as long as they have shelter... also why would you pay board in advance?? I would ask for that money back.. in the future DO NOT go looking at ANY horse you do not have the money for first. it just doesnt make sense to waste peoples time.. If I had a horse for sale I wouldnt want people coming to look at it unless they were fully able to buy it.... chances are the seller didnt have 7 other interested people - or the horse would have been sold.. anyhow.. get your board money back.. and cut your loses and move on... forget the horse, sorry... no point in continuing with a stable where the husband is a drunk

    I would take her to a different facility. Here is what you're going to have to do: Hand them a $1400 dollar check and tell them to sign a receipt for the horse that YOU write up. Sign it as well and then immediately trailer the horse off the property and to a different boarding facility. I would simply take the horse away. If they are saying you have to pay in a week, then go ahead and just pay as soon as you can (make them sign the receipt immediately, no jokes) and then just trailer the horse right off. No ifs ands or butts. Settle things and have a facility set up, Daphne SOON Daphne YOU CAN. Just put him on field board, it DOESN'T make you a bad rider. Find a good lesson place, get him as YOURS and get the heck out as soon as you can. Then take lessons and improve on this marvelous horse. Get out, they're jerks. :) EDIT: Have you paid any of the board yet? Have you paid ANYTHING towards the upkeep/anything of this horse? EDITX2: DO NOT GIVE MONEY WITHOUT PAPERS!! The horse is not yours. You do not have any claim to this animal. I am sorry, but you can't do anything. If you're really interested you could contact officers, explain to the officers what has happened and tell them two things: either that you want them to go with you to pay the 1400 that they said you can pay and take the animal off of the property immediately (I would later sue them for the money that you payed for the board but they kicked you out on [that you haven't used]) or take the police officers with you and get the money back that you have paid on board. Did you sign a board contract, at least? That would be enough to put it down. If you haven't signed a board contract (ALWAYS SIGN CONTRACTS) then they are just suckering you out of money. Contact the authorities as soon as tomorrow starts (go down to the station if you need to) and explain what has happened. Ask if there is something they can do and get a police escort to go down with you and get the horse or your money back. If they are unable, sue sue and sue. If you paid cash, you're **** outta luck. If you wrote a check, you should ahve the bank record and you get it. You might be able to get the horse for the 1400, but likely if you sue you'll only get your money you paid for board. BE CAREFUL, THEY WANT TO TAKE YOUR MONEY AND KEEP THE HORSE

    What school money? Government grant? If this is the case, you are not a good person. Those tax dollars are for people going to school, not for people to fill their material wants. Seriously though, if this is how easily you are taken advantage of, YOU NEED TO USE THE MONEY FOR THE EDUCATION and not for horses. Read some books first and get some experience. You do not legally owe anybody any money unless you agreed to buy the horse yourself. People can't just go buy a horse for you and then hand you the bill. They may try though if they see a dummy with some cash. DO NOT do anything without writing every thing down and having them sign. If they don't sign, you don't do business,

    What a terrible situation to be in! Go with a friend to deliver the cash and a bill of sale for them to sign. If they refuse to sign the bill of sale then walk away, do not give them any money without having proof. These people are not dependable people and things could get messy, there are other horses.

    You never agreed to any of this. I wouldn't have given them ANY money, You need to keep yourself from being scammed. You could sue/call the cops but you probably don't have much proof,especially if you paid them in cash. You need to get a paper typed out and signed by them,make 2 copies,keep one at home. You both need to sign it. You need to have proof you gave them the money. (money order,check receipt) anything. You need to have transfer papers,saying the horse is over to you. If you can't get the money,then sorry,but IF you do there are ways of proving she is yours.] They can't call the cops,not if they are trying to take money from you.And if so you paid 2 months of board. Unless the refund you have no reason to be pushed off their property. Have the money ready and no matter how much you love that horse,tell them -no document- no money. They could seriously screw you later by taking your money and your horse. I'd rather have one than neither.

    That's pretty messed up and those people are asses. They clearly bought the horse for themselves, you are paying board for her right now correct? They are just milking money out of you, knowing you can't get the $1400 soon enough.

    Wow sounds crazy but don't let that big bully push you around if you pay them the money u owe them they cant stop u from taking your horse call the police and take them there with you when u pay the money they cant do that call the animal control get your man involved or your family no one can keep your horse if you pay what is owed don't worry k it will all work its self out.

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