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    ...I'll cut right to the chase. I am absolutely horrible at paying my bills on time and cannot seem to get more than $50 in my savings b4 spending it. I am a 23 year old single mother of a 3 year old boy. I NEED HELP Daphne GETTING ALL THIS STRAIGHTENED OUT! I receive no money (child support) from the father as he has fallen off the face of the earth. Can anyone please share stories on what worked for you? I am very willing at this point, I have hit rock bottom. I make about $1800/month AFTER taxes. I pay for my car (260/month), car insurance (175/month), daycare (360/month), medical insurance (99/month), a school loan (88/month), a cell phone (50/month), rent (200/month), gas for car (60/month)...but I can't seem to get out of the gutter. PLEASE HELP!

    I am a huge fan of the Dave Ramsey 7 Baby Step Plan. You can see it at www.daveramsey.com; go to "useful tools" and then click Baby Steps. In order to save - I'd first go to www.bankrate.com. There are legitimate online banks there where you can open a savings acct w/ as little as $1 (but I'd start w/ more). What I did was to have money automatically drafted from my checking acct into the savings acct (or, you can have it automatically split from your paycheck w/ some into savings and some into checking) Even $5 or $10 a paycheck is a great way to start. When it's done automatically, you don't think about it and don't have to go to another bank and make another deposit. The first goal on Dave's plan is to save $1000, which is your beginner emergency fund, so that if something breaks down (like an expensive car repair), you have cash to pay for it. Goal #2 is to pay off the debts, smallest to larges, and his site explains the details. If your car will not be paid off in 18 months or less, Dave would tell you to sell it and get a $1,000- $2,000 car that will get you to work & back. Wiping out the car payment would really help you out. Pls also look at Dave's advice on buying cars on his site. Do not even think about getting rid of your medical insurance. You have to have that. If you need some temporary help, I advise you to find a well established church that can inform you of faith based ministries that can help you either w/ one time help on a bill or two (utilities or rent, for example). Later, you can return the favor by helping someone else or giving the agency that helped you a donation. This plan did work for me. I'm debt free now. I'm looking at a story on his site now about a 25 year old single mom and student who paid off $23,000 in debt. Dave's plan is not easy and it takes a while, but it does work. You sound determined and I'm sure you can do it. You can get his books for free from the library, read his website for free, and listen to his radio show for free. You could go thru his class for probably less than $100 - probably for free if you call in to his radio show and get through. I hope at some point that the dad can be tracked down. His wages need to be garnisheed to help raise his child. What a shame.

    You didn't say how much you spend on food? You are spending over $500 on things other than the ones you listed. The trick to savings is to decide how much to save then put it away first, before you go looking for things to spend it on. You ought to try putting $150 each month into a Roth IRA. That's a good place to put money you aren't going to spend any time soon. Get a Trac Phone and pre pay $9 a month instead of the $50 cell. Other than that you are probably just squandering $500 a mo. on restaurants and entertainment stuff. Good Luck!

    Looks like your car insurance is way to high unless you have driving record. Shop for better rates. As far as your bills, get on budget. Try to pay off any unsecured debt & then pay off other debt, then make sure you save what you use to pay in debt payments. Dave Ramsey's plan is good & well respected. For quick tips & good info try this site. www.masteryourmoney.com Good Luck & take one day at a time.

    My mother had the same problem with debt. She was up to $60,000 dollars before she finally decided to get help. Not paying off your debt will destroy your credit and FICO score. I understand that we all have obligations, but you just need to pay the basics. If you have cable TV and are paying for that, SHUT IT OFF. If you have the internet and you don't use it for your work. SHUT IT OFF If you can find someone you know, like a family member to watch your child, than you are better off doing that than to pay a stranger to look after your child. You can also refinance your car, although it will take you longer to pay off. If you don't have that much left that might be your best option there. I know that debt can be overwhelming but there are organizations out there that can help you out of debt. Some banks will give you a small loan, where they pay off all of your debt and you pay them a smaller monthly payment then what all your debt would be all together. I watch the Suze Orman show here and there, and one of her most important pieces of advice is pay off your debt more then anything you want. Buying clothes for yourself is far less meaningful then getting all of your debt paid off. Even if it's only $200 dollars, it will keep growing.

    Before you do anything make sure you have 3 to 6 months salary in a savings account for emergency purposes. In case you lose your job. If Obama gets elected, companies will be taxed at a higher rate = layoffs. Get ready for a depression. Keep your student loans until you save an emergency fund.

    When i was 23 i had nothing like you , it takes years to get into good financial shape , just hang in there , work hard , try to save 1 dollar and start from there , in 12 years you could be like me , nice house , money in the bank , car paid off, time is on your side.

    Spend less then you earn.

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