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    I have which I dislike a LOT but I have a job so I'm happy. I was hired last August and was hired under the pretenses of getting a raise after 3 months, when it came time for the reveiw which I had to ask for, my boss let me know he was wrong. It was 6 months. Then a week before my 6 month review, HR sent out an email saying they were freezing raises and salaries til June and will reconsider in June. However, June is here, no raises til 2010, they are using this to their advanatge because I have more "deals" than ever coming into me to process, which means more money for the company. I know other people I work with are doing well and I work very hard, I hold the entire dept together, my boss says when I'm not there the dept falls apart. I only get paid 12 an hour making about $24,960 a year when other admins in the area's lowest salary is at LEAST 32,000. I also want to add that i live in Decatur and it is very expensive to live here, so with that in mind, I want to ask for a raise. I took this job hopign to only work there for a few months then the economy bombed out leaving me stuck here at this job I HATE. The ppl are so unprofessional, swearing punching walls etc. YEA ITS THAT BAD! I am a college grad and the position has no job description bc it was created new when I came basically so they can keep giving me responsibilities and I can't really object to them because I have no job description. They have been piling on work for me giving me things that I have no cares for yet I do a great job, I want to work in event planning at a non profit but work at a financial company that works in selling cc payment processors/atms etc. I want to ask for a 5-6 raise so that I am in the pay arena of my fellow peers in the industry. I think it will get shot down but I will settle with 3-4. I mean what if I had to live in the vacinity, rent is at least 900-1000 for a sh*tty place. I still don't have a car cuz I graduated last year from college but I am almost ready to buy a decent used car, but as some may know insurance is redic in Decatur so I'm not sure if I can afford to have a car while save some money, which is why I want to ask for a raise. I get positive feedback all the time and my boss is constantly impressed with me, of course there have been a few hiccups but I have taken action to resolve issues and not had anything happen since at work. I have 97K in student loans and I just want to move on with my life. I don't go out, hardly go to the store to buy anything unless its tolietries i need, and spend hardly any money on food. I have been saving adamately for almost a year for a car. I've been looking for other jobs but being like 7-8 g's underpaid is p*ssing me off and I am not having much success with other jobs considering the ecnomic status. PS i understand people are losing their houses, I've heard it from family members and even some of my family are facing that situation. So I am thankful I am just not satisfied because I know I deserve more. So please give me advice on how to approach my boss and if I'm being rediculous asking for a $5-6 raise. In all honestly a 3-4 raise would put me up with the minimum lowest average wage / salary of people in the area with the same postion as me, so I honestly think I deserve 5-6 because I DO so much within the dept. I am the Director's assistant, the admin assistant for the office and I also process all the new orders and SOOOO many other things I can't list because this post has gone on way too long already. thank u for ur help and patience reading this whole thing ur input is appreciated. Also maybe take into consideration that i also have 16 months of exp all together plus extensive customer service exp. lastly, i am not intellectually stimlulated whatsoever at this job, another reason why i want to get a new one.

    I don't suppose you have anything in writing about a rise after 3 months? Life Lesson No 1, get it in writing! I can only suggest one tactic. Instead of asking for a raise, ask for a promotion, that way they can pay you more because you have a higher position. You have no job description, so write one for the job you took on last August and write another one for the job you are currently doing. Prepare it so it clearly demonstrates the extra skills you have acquired and the extra responsibility you have taken on. Add to that suggestions for greater efficiencies, ideas to improve processes, tighten up procedures. Volunteer to effect some of these if you get the promotion. Take some time out to work out what your strengths and weaknesses are and how you can sell the strengths in terms of the work you do. Prepare examples to illustrate this. You have about six weeks until your one year anniversary. So set yourself some targets during these next six weeks. Smarten up - dress to look like a manager. Watch your timekeeping - don't be last in - first out. Workspace - remove anything that's not professional and work related, (mascots, photos, etc) make it a manager's space. Colleagues - stay away from gossip and office politics. Book an appointment with your boss around the date of your first year anniversary and sell sell, sell, yourself. It may not work and if it doesn't, then you have to start looking really hard for another job, but it's worth a try.

    HR has already frozen raises and salaries, because of this any request you make for a raise will likely be declined. Your employer doesn't care about your degree, $97k in student loans, not having a car, etc. All they care about is the bottom line. As far as having the work piled on...well, that's the way it is for any admin/secretarial type position. btw...$12/hr is typical pay for the position for someone with your experience level. I was an Admin Asst for 4 years, but was laid off in March 09. I'm lucky to have had a boss who initially saw the value I brought to the office. The owner wanted to pay only $8/hr but my boss demanded no less than $14/hr because of my degree and extensive computer experience. When I started out I was only answering phones, filing, and studying software development. Later on I was the permit clerk, scheduler, IT Manager, PC technician, software support specialist, and software developer.

    I can definitely feel for you with the problems that you're going through with the fact that it is hard everywhere with a lot of the similar problems as to what you're experiencing at the moemtn. I have been going through a similar problem where I am not getting paid what I should be paid at either. There are a lot of people out there that are paying very good. I suggest that you should probably look around for another job, and then see Hasta la Viesta when you do get one from your current job.

    Start applying for other jobs , When you get a better $$$$ offer , Go to your current boss and ask for a raise , Letting them know that you have another offer and see if they want to match it . Then choose which job you like better . >


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