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    My PT job wasn't paying much, so I went ahead and started using payday loans to make ends meet. What kills me is, I'm like ususally the most responsible person you'd want to meet. No criminal background whatsoever. I use their services every 2 weeks. Meanwhile my checking account at the bank was stopped because I inadvertantly overdrew when the bank gave me w/o my knowledge an "extra" 500 to use. I paid back what I'd owed but refused to pay the 250 in fees. The lender's nevr asked to update my info so stupidly I thought, well, if I pay them back it'll be Ok. 3 weeks ago as usual I took out a payday loan. I owe them 400 dollars. Then disaster! I somehow misplaced my pay. My entire pay! I'm shaking with fear just thinking about it. My rent is due. I cannot get the lender to give me an extension tho they offerd this service when I started. I know I broke the law by writing that check but arent THEY breaking the law by refusing an extension? Im a Decatur res; the lender is OH.

    I have also tried to get a pt job, but my current job says I must be on call 24/7 and w/o a car I cannot travel to get a better one--I have put out about 75 resumes in the past 2 years. I dont live beyond my means, I already live in a homeless shelter that takes up to 60 percent of my pay. And yes I got my self in a terrible pickle by using this stupid service. Thank god the govenor of Ohio signed a bill that will put them out of business, they want to put it on the ballot but they wont be getting a good neighbor award from me, a courtesy for once would be a blessing after all they have NEVER HAD TO DEPOSIT ONE OF MY CHECKS ever and have got about 1000 in interest from me every year, I always learn from my lesson, and this one tell me these people were crooks out for my money and wasnt I dumb to ask anything nice from them.

    And how does paying 60 percent of my pay into a little room in a domesticv violence shelter's homeless resident floor make me "living above my means". I do have have a tv, or a cell phone. I sleep, go to work, and pay my rent. But I just spent 3 weeks in an ICU unit with a friend. And it's that sad little paycheck that got stolen alog wit hte remnants of my revious pay, and you know why I didn't pay back the lender when I had it too? BECASUE I WAS Decatur THE POST OFFICE GETTING A MONEY ORDER SO SHE'S HAVE SOME PLACE TO GO WHEN SHE GETS OUT OF THE HOSPITAL. AND SOMEBODY Decatur THE POST OFFICE PICKED UP THE ENVELOPE WITH MY MONEY, AND WALKED AWAY WITH IT. AND I DIDNT REALIZE THIS UNTIL 6 HOURS LATER, becasue sfter ZI got done all my friend's errands, it was after 3pm, so I went into WORK and put off going to the payday lender till the next day. I even got their permission to come in the next day! And that's how I realized my money was gone--when I went to put it all together.

    I think people should take responsibility for their actions, and would usually yell in this kind of situation. However this is what I see: a person who used a paylender and never has had problems until now. What would have made this different for you would have been for the company to have done their job--as defined by FEDERAL banking regulators, and requested you to show them proof of your account. In this instance I do believe that you are an usually honest person who got misled by a bunch of con artists....not the other way around. Shame on anyone who feels superior to your situation. Poverty is not a crime ,though charging 600% interest should be. It was the interest that put you in this spot because its the interest that kept you so poor; that's why you had to keep returning for loans. I think you should contact am attorney. And then, thank God Ohio is about to put these jerks out of a job!!

    No, they're not breaking the law by refusing an extension. And now you know that trying to blame someone else for your mistakes isn't going to cut it. Look, this is a life lesson you are always going to remember. Tomorrow morning go to your employer and say you lost your paycheck, they will simply put a stop pay on it and issue you a new paycheck. Then cash it and pay your bills as best you can, and for the next month, and I mean at least a month, make due with the money you have and only that money. You've fallen into a vicious cycle that is costing you hundreds of dollars in the long run. Break it now and be free. Move in with a parent, a friend, whatever, but do what you need to get back on your feet.

    Where in Decatur are you that you are close to OH? I am orgininally from the Huntington area. But, thats beside the point. You signed a new contract when you got the last payday loan. In it, if you read, you will find that the new contract does not allow for extension, which means they are not breaking the law by refusing. You made a major mistake by going to the payday loans. They are fine for an emergency, but they charge upwards of 50-200% in in finance charges. Its one of those things that once you get started, it is incredably hard to get out from under neath it. Did you talk to the customer service about the finance fees on the bank? A lot of times if its the first time they will cut the fees in half, or if it was their fault they will remove the fees altogether. However, you have to fight for it. And by letting those fees just sit there, you are allowing the bank to get the better of you, jeopordizing whether you can get another account at another bank at all. What do you mean you lost your pay? If you lost the paper check, you should be able to report that to your company, they cancel the check, and give you a new one. You may have to pay like a 50$ fee for it, but they will do it. Did it direct deposit and pay the fees from the bank? Well, nothing you can do there. Was it in cash? Thats stupid... You should never carry around cash like that. If you cant put it in the bank, use your PayPal account or prepaid credit card. As far as paying back the pay day loans and your rent... Basically you are screwed until you can pay it. You might want to let your landlord know whats going on. You may get lucky and they may have sympathy and work out a deal. Times are hard everywhere, but I know its really hard there right now with no jobs and all the drugs... No one is making money there. What do you mean you broke the law when you wrote that check? Did you pay the payday loan with a bad check? Yeah, that is breaking the law. You are gonna get bit by both the payday loans and the bank. The bank will refuse to pay since you are already overdrawn.... I dont know if they will chrage you the amount of the check or not, but you will most certainly be in for some more fees. The payday loan people.... well, they can turn you in for a bad check, but they are never gonna get your money if you are in jail. Likely they will take you to court for a judgment and lein if they do anything. In the meantime, you are going to be racking up a ton of fees and interest. I take it you dont have a credit card since you went to payday loans instead of the credit card. Do you have family that can bail you out? Do you have collateral for a personal loan? Both of those options SUCK, but if it is what will get you out of a sinking boat, then.... Do you have a friend you can crash with if you loose your place?

    "I'm like ususally the most responsible person you'd want to meet." How do you figure that? You've been living well above your means for months now, if not years. You obviously cannot balance a checkbook. And now it's too late to snivel and beat yourself up about it. It's time to face the music. With your financial history, I can quite understand why they won't give you an extension. They're not obligated to do so. You're about to get a dose of reality. I think everyone has been in your position at one time or another, and they've had to learn to bite the bullet and face the problem head-on. Call the lender and arrange a payment plan NOW. Expect them to lecture you, but understand that you'll be in a much better frame of mind once the call is over and a workable payment plan has been established. Think of it as something unpleasant that has to be done, but will be over within a few minutes when you make that call. Then spend some quality time with an older person you trust by asking them to help you learn how to live within a budget. I guarantee you'll feel very proud of yourself if you do both these things. Good luck.

    What amuses me is that you are blaming the payday loan company for your situation. Should they have continued loaning out to you for so long? Nope, definitely not. But, had they turned you down, you'd be blaming them still. OH, by state law, does not offer extensions in the form of refinances...that's state law. Also, read your agreement and check their site for mention of a payment plan. If they are a member of the CFSA they HAVE to give you a payment plan if your loan is not already past due. I am sorry that you are living a homless shelter and that you are living paycheck to paycheck. I grew up poor...huge family...HUGE...13 of us including my parents. I never had a cell phone until I was 18 and could afford it only AFTER God blessed me with an awesome job and I was making sure that I was paying my own rent, buying my own car, and paying the insurance, utility bills, gas, and holding a full time job and being a full time student. My first cell phone was not impressive and my plan was basically minimal. My first car...I still have the junker, but thank God for it...it's so reliable. My apt could be mistaken for a homeless shelter lol. My school was online, that was a relief. I am very fortunate for that I have been blessed with. When I lost my job, there was no one to blame but myself. I made the immature decision not to get health insurance and could not come to work. Because of that, I was "let go". I had 4 bills that had gone delinquent and that required payment or else they'd bomb my credit report. I had no money, so I moved in with great friends and did everything I could to pay off my bills. Only now, have I started getting back on my feet. But, I don't blame them for my mistake, and that's what's helped me to get back on my feet. Try to stay with family if you can, it'll help out immensely :)

    For a small fee you might be able to get your HR to put a stop on the old check and issue a new one. And no they don't have to offer an extension, its a courtesy not a requirement. And you won't get the courtesy with outstanding debt in bank fees. You agreed to pay on time you have to pay on time or face the consequences. My suggestion would be to cut spending so you can live on less. Seriously eat ramen and tuna, I do it all the time. Either that or get another job. If you can't live within your means you need to increase your means, else you screw yourself up big time.

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