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    This company called 1callloans claims that they can help you obtain a unsecured personal loan with some derogatory marks on your credit. Their web address is 1callloans.com Their website looks professional but of course I could be wrong. They say they will obtain the loan for free; that is a positive. The negatives are as follow: no phone number, no physical address, and they are not listed with the Better Business Bureau. I filled their application to the point where they asked for my banking information. I refused to give that. Today they sent me an email. Following is what was enclosed in the email: Hello samuel, This is Sabrina I am responding to your application, I apologize for the wait we are always swamped this time of year. The good news is based on the info on file a long term low interest installment option is available immediately. The option available to you provides upto $2,500. You can choose to accept as little as $1000. You will have upto 1 full year for repayment (52 weeks), you can pay it off earlier though if you so choose. The longer repayment term means more flexibility and very low interest. There are no application fee's or additional surcharges whatsoever for this option. You can finalize your application in seconds and most are funded in under 24 hours! First: Click here or Accept Now Then: Use the form on the left to validate the application and complete the process. Sincerely, Sabrina I am still refusing to enter any banking information. Yesterday I filled a form with the BBB asking them to check on that company. I am waiting on their response. Has anybody dealt with this company?

    Almost certainly a scam Decatur predatory lender that will end up hurting more than helping.

    Neither of their links work.

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