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    Ok I have quite a few dollars in debt. 2 of my credit accounts are starting to become a little past due (maybe 1 of them 30days late) I just got an extra 2000 bonus from my job. I have 3 small 500 dollar limit credit cards. Most are over the credit limit but 1 of them is really close to just 500 bucks owed 1 department store credit card that has a high minimum payment($259) Dell Financial: Min $63 bucks- Balance 2000 dollars CitiCard- The Past Due amount is 345 and the next monthly Min is like 700 bucks - 4500 credit limit and balance is now 5,100 Car payment- $474 per month Line of Credit- $140 per month Sig Loan - 175 per month which Im now 30 days late Sig Loan- 211.98 per month- Current On overdraft loan- 25 bucks per month which im probably 30 days late now What would you do with that extra 2000 to start getting yourself out of debt? most of these are now high interest and the later I become the more they charge me higher interest. I need some help I dont wanna cancel my cards and such cause Im gonna need the credit so I can by a house soon. My wife and I just got married and she has an income just no real credit but I do. Now Im hurting my credit and she has like no debt. Im thinking of having her start taking care of one of these credit cards so it can be paid off earlier. Any advice?? We can afford a house as we pay already a 895 dollar rent. And that was just me myself paying on the rent before she moved in.

    Okay, my first thought is slow down... I'll address the house part right now. Yes, it's a great goal to buy a house, but is it really practical to buy a house right now with all of these debts already hanging over your heads? Plus, if you don't have an emergency fund set up, you're asking for a world of trouble. Home ownership costs a lot more than just the mortgage payment. Things break and need to be fixed or replaced, you need home owner's insurance, you'll have to pay property taxes, etc. That being said, in managing that extra $2000, I would set up a $1000 mini emergency fund for you right now. This way if something goes wrong, you have a buffer and you don't have to add to your current credit card debt. Remember, you are trying to get out of debt, not add to it. And if you ultimately want to buy a house, you must pay your bills and start paying them on time. If you're looking for a mortgage down the road, the banks will be looking at your FICO score and that is determined by whether you pay your bills, and whether they are late, in addition to several other factors. I would then take the additional $1000 and use it accordingly: A car loan is secured debt. That means if you don't make your car payment, the bank can take your car away and you are left without transportation. The loan is "secured" by the car (think of it in these terms: the bank can sleep securely at night knowing this loan is out there because if you default on the loan by not paying, they can repossess your car. Pay the $474 on the car. If you can't afford the car, you might want to sell it and buy a cheaper car. However, don't default on the loan if this is the case. You'll still have to pay impound fees and be responsible for the loan if they repossess it. Next, I would use the remainder of the money to make your minimum payments and then pay off the lowest balance(s) Decatur FULL (depending on how much you have left over). You want to stay current with your bills, and you want to pay off what you can. Then, if you don't want to close the cards because you want them to still show on your credit report for mortgage time, put them in plastic containers filled with water and stick those containers in your freezer. This way, you will not be tempted to charge on them. If you are, you will need to wait at least 24 hours to use them (you'll have to wait for them to thaw - credit cards and microwaves are not a pretty combination). Other people may tell you to pay off the highest interest rate card first. However, I think it's better to pay off what you can so it's off your plate and you don't have to worry about it next month. Then you're free to use whatever "extra money" you have next time on other bills. Once you're paid off on your cards, you can start saving for a larger emergency fund and a house downpayment. Just my thoughts. I hope this helps. With a little perseverence and financial restraint, you'll reach your goals.


    What u need to do is call each creditor to negotiate a repayment plan so they can lower ur monthly payments. Obviously u should start off by calling citicard and then to ur 1 dept store credit card. Use the $2000 bonus to pay off the higher interest rates credit cards first. Ur married now, so it be a good idea for ur wife to chip in. Since ur rent is split and u have an extra few hundreds to urself then use that to pay off ur credit cards as well. U can get out of debt in no time! Goodluck to u!

    If there is a Consumer Credit Counseling Service in your area, contact them. They will sit down with you and help you work out a plan to pay your debt down. Make sure they're a non-profit agency. If there's not one in your area, make a list of all the debts you owe, then put the minimum payments in the next column. Make the minimum payments on everything first, then pay as much as you can on the highest interest item. Keep track of your daily expenses, put everything you can towards paying down your debt. Also, your 2,000 bonus will be less taxes - which will be a larger chunk because it's a bonus. Ask your payroll dept. for the net amount. Good Luck

    Pay off as much as the stuff that is past due or over the limit ASAP. If there is money left put it in an emergency fund. You need to get a part time job in addition to your full time one for a while.

    Get out of debt as soon as possible. then start listening to Dave Ramsey either online or on your local radio station. he provides no-nonsense financial advice to get you and keep you out of debt for life. it's not get rich quick...it's learning how to use your head. your $2000 needs to go to an emergency fund, for whenever Murphy's Law hits you in the stomach...because it will

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  • Evelyn Terry
    Evelyn Terry
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    Mariam Schimmel
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    Zander Mitchell
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