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    I'm moving to a town that has NO Latin cuisine. None at all... shoot not even (what some consider Latin.... a Taco Bell) Would it be a bad idea TO START by cooking for friends, church activities, town meets and community events, then, eventually open a small delivery/takeout shop depending on how it goes? Maybe even just catering until business picks up and then open a shop? Here are the demographics for that town... Males: 3,309 (46.7%) Females: 3,783 (53.3%) White alone - 6,646 (93.7%) Black alone - 131 (1.8%) Asian alone - 106 (1.5%) Hispanic - 106 (1.5%) Two or more races - 91 (1.3%) Other race alone - 8 (0.1%) American Indian alone - 5 (0.07%) What do you guys think? Thanks for your in-put. I appreciate the time you invested reading this post. Diaddy F.

    What I do like is that it's a college town (Juniata College & Penn State University). I've talk to people in town and they are open to the idea. You would think that older white people would be closed minded to it but I encounter several older white folks that have visited Latin American, even have visited Puerto Rico and love it and loved the food. Statistics say that the majority of people that visit Latin American that are not Latinos are white and they go for the beauty and food.

    Also, I wanted to add that this is going to be a hobby for me. Just some extra cash. I just want to bring something to the community. I have an online business so this is not my main source of income and I don't need a bank loan because fortunately, I know how to save money. One of my friends who lives there pointed out that there are two Chinese restaurants in town. There are about 15 Asians and they work at these establishments. The town was open to them and they are so successful that they opened a second one.

    Its population was 7,093 at the 2010 census, In 2010, the county population was 45,913. It's a college town, it's surrounded by other towns with colleges and it's a vacation destination Raystown Lake is nearby. The place is double seasonal. It's a college inhabited town in the fall/winter and in the spring/summer it's a lake and camping grounds. There are a couple of Mexican joints in State College, Decatur close by but nothing in the town that moving to just a drive away. :)

    Here is a more detailed demographic chart. College Stats This is the website to the Lake which it's a tourist attraction.

    No it is not a bad idea.

    You need to ask yourself... and others... a few questions. Is there a need for a restaurant of this kind? If you get a yes ask why there isn't one already. Something is keeping out the one that should be there. A town of 6,000 will not attract a chain of any kind. You need to find out if another restaurant is needed, wanted or even acceptable. 6,000 mostly white people may not want a Hispanic eatery and all the related ( in their minds) gang problems that come too. And will it sustain itself and yourself.? Two months after you open will you be hiring more help or letting help go? Looking to expand or looking to get out from under debt. Any bank loan officer will tell you that the fastest way to lose money is to open a restaurant. A lot of banks wont even loan money on start-ups. Look into this. And then there is the location, location, location problem. Can people get there easily and quickly? Can they park easily and quickly? And there is one other un-named thing that no one will talk about. 1/4 mile from my place is a restaurant. It has good access good parking, is close in. And in the last 20 years it has been at least 50 different restaurants. NO ONE has ever been able to make it fly. And no one knows why.

    Whether you're opening a restaurant or just a take-out/catering business you have to consider what percentage of the population would be interested in your service. Since your target area is primarily "white" you should NOT locate the business in the Hispanic area but rather in a non-Hispanic area close to it. The reason being that many of your potential "white" customers would worry about encountering Hispanic "toughs" hanging out near the establishment and so would stay away. Using my recommendation would eliminate this problem while still insuring that Hispanics wouldn't have too far to go to use your service. Also, you must advertise your service, a LOT. And don't forget to place your ads in both "white" and Hispanic publications. If you plan on placing ads in Spanish you'd better be sure that you have workers in your establishment that can speak it.

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