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    I currently drive truck over the road. I am usually gone from home 3-4 weeks at a time. I would like to quit driving truck and go to school full time. Problem is I have bills to pay and I cannot get rid of them till they are paid off, which will be a few more years. I don't want to wait that long to start going to school. I am 24 and live with my dad. I have about $1000 worth of bills every month. I am absolutly fed up with trucking and want to quit. I cannot do it financially. anyone have any ideas on how to financially quit my job and start doing something I will actually enjoy?

    Correspondence courses are one idea, that can get you your Dothan or AA degree while you're still on the road....by the time you complete it, you may have your bills paid off & could walk into a 4 year school. Or, you may be able to walk out of driving and go to work with the education from the correspondence courses, depending on what you want to do. Only other thing I can think of, is to try and get a loan or a scholarship for school (there are books, with lists upon lists of different scholarships available- I got one at Barnes & Noble or you can order online, try: ) And once you've got that secured, find a part-time job where you can still pay your bills. If your dad will help with food & gas so you can eat and go to school- there you go. I know you say you want to go to school full time, but sometimes, some things you gotta compromise on. Even a $10 dollar an hour part-time job might give you enough money per month to pay your bills, depending on how willing you are to give up your social life and work every free hour you've got. If you've had enough experience OTR, you can find a local driving job that'll get you home every night & pay in the range of $15-20 per hour. Not many part-time driving jobs exist but if you look hard enough, you may be able to find some way to use your CDL to make a little more than you would at a "regular job". Usually local jobs want to see 1 year OTR before they'll hire you. Good luck.

    Hello, I studied with the Universty of Phoenix Online courses while driving across country. Oh I used two laptops with a verizon card in one and a sprint card in the other.

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Getting approved for an FHA loan with 653/ 618 credit score? What interest rates should I most likely receive?

  • Marshall Murray
    Marshall Murray
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  • Blair Gutkowski
    Blair Gutkowski
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  • Ludie Wiza
    Ludie Wiza
  • Corbin Treutel
    Corbin Treutel
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  • Felicita Russel
    Felicita Russel
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