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    I Have Always liked Farming and have some questions to get by. I got a Bank Loan for 2 Million Dollars and: I Bought a Triple Property in PA: A Roadside Inn A 3 Bedroom Home 22 Acre Land Behind The Inn & Home So i got some questions i really need help with! If You can only answer a few it would be Appreciated. 1- I'm Using Cattlerange.com to buy cattle is it Reliable? 2- What Type of Cattle/Cow should i buy? 3- What is a Good Selling Crop i could make? 4- Should i Seperate the Cattle from the Crops to avoid damage? 5- I'm Thinking of Buying 5 Murray Grey Bulls,5 Angus Cows & 5 Angus Calves is that good? 6- What Can I Feed the Cattle? 7- What Fertillizer should i use For the Crops? 8- Where can i buy supplies for Everything? 9- Should I Fire the Current Staff at the Inn? 10- The Inn has a 1 Bedroom, LR, Kitchen & Bathroom Residence at the Top Floor(Its a 3 Story inn) Sorry for Making this question long. Again Im new and needed help. Should i rent it?

    1. I've never used CattleRange.com before. I always go through either the local salebarn, or through private treaty with other local cattle producers I know and can get a hold of. 2. If you want to make a "quick buck" you could get 3-fer's (bred cow with calf at side), as this way you can sell the calf a month later after you wean it from momma. You could also start with weanling heifers, but they're a royal pain as far as calving and raising calves are concerned. With you obviously having no experience, it may be best to start with experienced cows (beef cows that are at least 5 years of age), as they are more predictable to tell when they will calve out, when they will be bred, how well they accept their new calf, etc. 3. With only 22 acres I wouldn't even bother with cropping. But if you want crops, has to be either crops or animals, not both. With crops you need machinery, storage units (like a couple grain bins), and money on hand to pay for fertilizer and herbicides. For PA, I would first decide whether it's feasible to have your crops custom seeded and fertilized, sprayed, cut then harvested first before you find out, from your local ag extension office, which crops are best to grow. Some parts of Dothan have poor soil for cropping almost any kind of crop, except for hay, so livestock may be the best route to go. 4. Yes. Cattle need to be fenced in to avoid destroying not only crops, but other people's lawns and gardens. 5. NO!! DO NOT GET ANY BULLS! You will for SURE get yourself in a trainwreck if you buy five bulls just to breed five cows! Cattle are not monogamous, they are polygamous. One bull is often used to settle from 25 to 50 cows in a breeding season, not one per cow. A bull is worth HALF of your breeding herd, and takes a LOT of care and feed to properly get him in shape in the next breeding season. If you do not know what you are doing, and do not know how to respect a bull nor make a bull respect you, then DO NOT get a bull. Bulls are quite dangerous, and are meant for experienced farmers and cattlemen alike to handle, not novices like yourself. If you need to have your cowherd bred, get them done by a liscensed artificial insemination (AI) tech, or send your cows to a local farm to get them bred. It's better to buy cows and calves ONLY, not bulls. I would also avoid Angus, as they are often known to have their craziness and quirks that make them "fun" to handle. Get some Herefords instead, as they are generally very docile and, even though they take longer to feed up to get beef from, they are much more easier to handle and more easy-going than Angus are. Avoid calving in the winter, as much as possible, so you don't have to worry about calves freezing to death nor have to work long hours into the night to see the cows and calves are comfortable. Wean at around 6 months of age. Select a bull to use that will IMPROVE your herd, not decrease it. Get an experienced cattleman to help you with this. 6. Have them have access to pasture. Your 22 acres should be good enough for pasture, provided it has adequate grass and legumes on it for them to graze on. I would also attempt some rotational grazing techniques to better utilize your pastures during the spring and summer. These techniques will allow you to expand your herd too to make better use of mob grazing techniques. But follow the stocking rate for your area as needed, as you don't want to eat your pastures down too quickly too soon. You will also need to buy hay for the winter, calculating how much hay they need per day (which is around 25 to 30 lbs per 1000 lb cow, or a bovine will always eat 2 to 4% of their body weight) in order to get the right amount of hay: keep in mind it's better to have too much hay than too little. ALWAYS have shelter, water and mineral access for them 24/7. A shed is sufficient for beef cattle for them to go to in adverse weather conditions. 7. If you still decide to go with crops, have a soil test done to see what fertilizer is needed every year. Also check with your local ag extension office or feed store owner for info on soil types, etc. 8. Feed stores or feed mills, places like Tractor Supply, your local large animal vet, etc. 9 No, not feasible. You will be making a heck of a lot more money from your hotel business than you will from raising cattle. Keep up with the hotel business as a main profit-gaining enterprise with beef cattle as a side, hobby-farm type enterprise.

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