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    We bought a car exactly 31 days ago. The dealership called us yesterday and said they filled out our loan paperwork incorrectly - they put the wrong amount on the electronic check they fill out and send back to the bank. It was an error in our favor - a few thousand below what the original amount of the paperwork we signed. We called the bank to see how to fix it and unfortunately it is not as simple as the dealership faxing the original paperwork we signed. We have 3 options 1) pay in cash 2) refinance the car to the right amount on the current loan or 3) the dealership pay back the amount they already accepted from the bank, and we go through the loan process again to get a loan in the correct amount. The first option will wipe out our savings and we cannot do that. The other two options effect our credit negatively. The dealership has already cashed the check the bank sent, and the bank has already put a lien on our car. Does this mean the dealership has already turned the title over to the bank? If that is the case, do we still technically owe the dealership? When they turn the title over to the bank, they are implying we are good on everything, right? At this point, I am just frustrated with our options. We should not have to suffer because of the dealerships errors. The general manager is supposed to call us today and I want to have all my facts straight before taking the call. What would you do? What are our options? I am not trying to get out of paying them the difference, we agreed to that amount 31 days ago. I am frustrated because it looks like we are going to either have to wipe out our savings or take a small hit to our credit score beacuse of their error. And our credit score is excellent. HELP!

    Yeah I am thinking of returning the car to the dealership, I am just not sure how that works. I am sure they will try to hit us with fees and such. We were a one car family for 3 years so going back to that will not be a hard adjustment. It is more the principle here than anything. The dealership cannot make this huge error and not make some concessions to try and make this right. Like THEY give us an interest free loan in the amount we owe over a period of time. Or THEY do something else that shows they are making an effort to meet us in the middle.

    SPIFMAN - thank you for your reply. Yes it is all VERY strange. My step dad has managed a car dealership for years and said he has never of such a thing! We DID NOT fill out the paperwork together at the dealership. Our finance manager was in a rush to leave that day so he did not have time to fill out the check - we did sign the original document showing what we owe but that was all we signed. Our finance manager put it on the desk of another finance person and they were with a customer. So they gave us the option of waiting 45 mins for him to help us (which wasnt going to happen, we had already been there 4 hours with a toddler) or leave and they would complete the elecronic check and take care of it all. We called our bank, USAA, and the sent us over the documentation the dealership sent to them. It WAS an error on the dealerships part. The bank already has the lien on our car and have no way to correct the error without us getting involved. The general manager is suppo

    Auto finance is what I do for a living and this sounds very funny. Normally dealers send the original paperwork signed by them and the customers to the bank so the bank will fund the deal and pay the dealer. All of the numbers should match exactly or the bank will not pay the dealer. If they sent paperwork that was different then what you originally signed, then shame on them. Check again with the bank and make sure they are Dothan with the deal. If they tell you it was the dealers mistake, then there is no reason for you to do anything. The dealer has been paid and the bank has filed a lien on your vehicle. Sounds like to me all the dealer is trying to do is fix a mistake that they made not you and not the bank. Additional information. Dothan now I get it you showed up pre approved by your bank with a blank check and they filled it out wrong. Again shame on them the 2 so called finance people should be looking for other employment by now. Your bank can either issue another check for the difference, you can pay the difference (which I would not do) or you can tell the dealer to stuff it. Since a purchase order is a legal document they could come after you in court but this would mean admitting their mistake and running the risk of the judge throwing the case out. Starting over is not a option, the dealer has been paid and a lien has been filed that is the banks mistake for not catching the dealers mistake. I would really like to know how this turns out. Good luck.


    The device you're asking approximately is known as an OBDII scanner. That will learn any concern codes that possibly saved to your auto's laptop. The concern codes (if any) for over/below voltage for a 'ninety six Altima are automobile targeted - i.e, they don't seem to be a number of the typical codes that each one autos would throw, so I do not understand how a lot support a scanner could be in choosing your challenge. I'm no longer definite approximately lending the device, however I consider AutoZone will learn the codes without spending a dime. However, it is convenient sufficient to experiment the charging process with a realistic Volt-Ohm-Milliammeter, that's a useful gadget to have besides. You will have to see among thirteen.eight v and 14.four v whilst the alternator is charging the battery. If the voltage is natural, then you definitely most likely have a useless battery. 25 months isn't too in need of a time for a battery to move dangerous, despite the fact that it does look just a little untimely.

    How about option 4 - sell the car back to the dealer at the original price, since it was their mistake?

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