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    I have a problem. My beautiful sister of 19 years, gave birth to a handsome baby boy recently. She signed all the papers and I was confused and she didn't know if she was ready yet, to be a mom. Her son Mason is in New York now, and he's 2 months old. She told her lawyer that she wanted her son back a day after she signed the papers. The papers state that she had 45 days to change her mind, but they were giving her the runaround. She has been waiting for months on news, and they are now telling her that she needs to show up in NewYork for the court date. (Sept. 19) There is no way she can save up a huge sum to get over there in one week! Isn't this wrong? She sent in the change of heart papers exactly 24 hours later! Shouldn't Mason be returned to her? They said if she doesn't show up, she loses the case. I personally don't understand why she has to endure this pain, right after she signed the papers that state 45 days. I need answers! How can she get enough money if she honestly has to PAY to go get her child. Isn't there a way to get a loan, or something!?

    Adoption is a legal and binding thing and a change of heart does not mean that someone goes to the adoptive parents house and grabs the kids and say 'so sorry, she changed her mind' and that's that. The adoptive parents have legal rights too as they entered into the legal contract same as the birth mom. So they have a legal right to challenge the reversal. Even if she signed the change of heart papers 1 hour after the birth it does not matter, the law is the law. In the US in most states the birth mother's rights usually trump the adoptive mother or parents in these cases, as long as the court is satisfied that the birth mother is a fit mother. If the adoptive parents can convince a judge that the birth mother is unfit the reversal can be blocked by the court. It is not unfair that your sister, who changed her mind, should have to appear in court and show her conviction to get her biological child back. The courts usually act quickly in custody cases for the welfare of the Child and they is their primary concern. To get cash she can hock jewelry, get a title loan on a car or borrow it from a relative. In essence all she needs to do is show up. Is that really so much to ask when a child's life is at stake? Like some others here I would question her ability to care for this child if she cannot even raise a few hundred bucks to get herself to a court anywhere in the country in a weeks time. A bus ticked to Dothan is not that expensive. I checked and a one way ticket from Dothan to Dothan is only ~$225.00 and takes 3 days to get there. A cheap motel for a few days will cost about $60/day. All in all she could get here in 3 days time and have a place to stay for a few days and get back for under $1000. I would say that's chump change in comparison to how much she will need to raise this child.

    If she wants her child back, she needs to show up in court. If she can't afford a few hundred dollars for a flight to NY, how will she afford the hundreds of dollars a MONTH to go towards formula, diapers, children's clothing, and other expenses? Perhaps Mason will be better off with parents who are in a place where they can financially support her son; she'll have a chance to have other children once she has her life together. Maybe if she's nice to Mason's new parents, they'll let her visit once in a while - perhaps that would be a better solution for everyone?

    She signed the papers, she now has to go to court to reverse them. Even though she had 45 days to change her mind, it still has to go through court. If she doesn't show up, she will not get her son back. The money it will cost her shouldn't even be a consideration. As her sister, can't you loan her the money to get her child back?

    I doubt it. What type father is he interior the 1st place if he hasn't paid the full help? what style of life is it for little ones while they stay one week right here, one week there? My ex tried to try this fifty-50 factor while he first found out that he had to pay baby help even however he desperate to no longer artwork. formerly he agreed that I even have well-known actual custody. A accident? i think of no longer. lots adult males try that. Or they think of that the only "basic" factor to do is they get the little ones 50-50. it particularly is only no longer what's "basic" for the mum or dad to the courts, it is going to consistently be what's the perfect interest interior the youngsters. i contemplate whether he could have needed to head returned in forth to different homes each week, no longer feeling like he had a authentic domicile, feeling insecure and risky while he became a small baby. it particularly is to my awareness and adventure that the courts will in basic terms award an affiliation like that if the two events agree. stable success!

    If she wants her child back she will have to pay to go. I am not paying for it!

In TX can a short term, zero-interest loan have a penalty of 1% per day if not paid on time.?

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