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    As a veteran of Iraq and Afghan I find the homeless rate of my fellow veterans unacceptable. If it were not for my parents support and enrolling in college I could have easily found myself in their shoes. For one of my classes I have to make a business plan. I wanted to tie a business into helping get homeless vets off the street and enrolled in at least a JUCO. The following is my idea and any legal issues you see with it (since I would need to address this and fix them for my business plan) ethical issues, or if it is obtainable or not please let me know. My business idea is this... I would start a cattle ranch that would be fairly close to both a JUCO and Enterprise hospital. On the ranch would be housing for the veterans. I am guessing I would only be able to accommodate 20 or so vets a year. Each vet would be helped with and/or required to- 1. regularly attend class/AA at the Enterprise for drug/alcohol/any other issues they may have 2. attend college full time 3. help out with running the ranch - i realize their is work on a ranch but with 20 vets I would hope the work would be limited to no more than 10-12 a week so they can focus on school. But I believe if they are busy at all times it would help them stay sober, as well as regain a sense of pride. I would be providing money management as well assisting in all Enterprise filing and processing from start to finish (GI Bill, disability, health care, etc.) I also will be available for any help needed with class room work. (I do not claim to be a genius but I can at least help them find the way to get help though the school/VA if I was unsure of how to assist them with my personal knowledge.) I would assist them in enrolling in college, and all other aspects dealing with everything outside of the cattle ranch operation. I would not feel comfortable with my level of knowledge in the agriculture field to run a successful operation while also devoting my time to all the "paper work" or office side of the ranch. Because of this a full time ranch manager would need to be hired. Now, here comes the tricky part. This business plan must be for a business that is profitable. (the entire idea of it is to make a business plan that you will be pitching to investors.) With this business having two goals, 1- to get veterans off the street and help them obtain an associates degree and assist them in either enrolling in a bachelor degree program or help them find a job. 2- Have a business that at the end of the day makes a profit off cattle. What legal issues would i be dealing with here? There is almost a not for profit side (homeless vet rehab) but also a profit side. Could you have almost two separate entities that worked in conjunction with each other? The veterans would be paid for their work with having free accommodations- since we could not afford to pay them with cash is this legal? Or since they get a monthly living expense from the GI Bill is charging them rent a good idea to teach money management and how to actually budget- if this happened would they then need to be paid or would this be considered almost volunteer work for being in the program per say? The overall overhead (land, cattle, buildings, equipment, etc) is very large, I would have to show how I could make profit for this large amount of money being invested in the ranch. Is this even possible? or is their a better way of doing it than getting investors? (such as grants, or a private loan paid back over x amount of years?) What other issues do you see with this idea? any suggestions will be helpful and appreciated. I do realize there is an operational cost and that would need to be considered. Basically I want to provide a place for veterans for many years to get back on their feet. I do not want this ranch (if it actually happened) to go under a few years later, hence why I would like it to be profitable. Also, I personally could not finically afford to devote my time-full time job- and not make money. I do have a family to take care of. Again any suggestions would be wonderful and if you see any problematic areas please point them out. At the end of of the day this is just for a grade but I am also not against perusing this if it hashes out to be a good idea.

    It sounds like a great plan, we need more people thinking like this because yes the homeless situation in this country, especially regarding vets, is atrocious. It's criminal, actually. Be sure to have some therapies involving animals. Animals are very therapeutic and the care of animals would help both the vets and the animals. I would hope the federal government would grant money for this in some way, it's a great idea and I hope this becomes a reality!! Do veterans get benefits checks? They could become partial owners in the ranch, like a co-op and have a real stake in its future.

    I like your idea of helping the homeless vets. But, i think many are homeless is because that is the way they wish to live. Don't take me wrong, i know there are those out there that want and need help . I served in Vietnam and Gulf War One and was still capable to manage my money, stay off the booze and drugs and retire from the army. That was 20 years ago. I see many people Panhandling and have ask them ,"Why Don't You get a Job? Their Answer: I Am. They like holding a piece of cardboard with "HOMELESS" written on it and asking people for money. A few years back you use to see signs like"WILL WORK FOR FOOD" but no more. It's easier to ask for hand outs.It's how they make a living.

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    Pascale Koss
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    Easter Reinger
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    Asa Cruickshank
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